Last Updated on August 30, 2020

With the summer of 2020 coming to an end, we are getting closer and closer to election day. Without a doubt, 2020 has been one of the crazier election cycles in US history with unprecedented times amidst the coronavirus pandemic along with protests and more across the country. One of the most popular betting markets in the entire world is betting on the US Election, so following the odds has been a way for those all over to follow the story throughout election years. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the overwhelming favorite but lost to Donald Trump. In 2020, election odds movements have shown a plethora of trends, but of late Donald Trump seems to have positive movement. Let’s dive into it.


Trump on the Rise, Joe Biden’s Odds Fall

Those who remember the 2016 election odds will definitely remember how the end of the summer translated into the fall, with Donald Trump being a huge underdog, even up to the night before the election. As of mid-August, the odds are changing again, as Donald Trump’s odds are up to +125 with Joe Biden leading at -145. We have seen quite a trend when it comes to odds movement between the two candidates in 2020. It started off with Joe Biden at +1700 in late February, then a monumental rise through March amongst the coronavirus pandemic of summer 2020 caused Trump’s odds to fall as far as +160 in some places while Biden’s odds have increased.

In the last week or so, movement is going Trump’s way however. Since August began, here is the movement for the 2020 US Election:

Candidate Current Odds August 13 August 9 August 6 August 2
Joe Biden -145 -165 -155 -175 -180
Donald Trump +125 +135 +125 +145 +150




Joe Biden 2020 Election Odds

Joe Biden’s odds to win the 2020 election peaked at around -180, and have come to -145 as of August 18th, dropping from -165 on August 13th. Even after the announcement of Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate for the election, the odds continued to drop to -145, which is much lower than Biden has been since July 20th, as seen above. His odds have fallen, but he is still the favorite and has been since June 7th. Here is a look at Biden’s odds over the last month:

Joe Biden Election Odds
Current Odds -145
August 13 -165
August 9 -155
August 6 -175
August 2 -180
July 31 -160
July 27 -170
July 25 -165
July 20 -180
July 16 -165

As the 2020 election gets closer, this trend does not bode well for Joe Biden. Look for the next two months to be quite ugly on the campaign trail, as it always is leading up the election.


Donald Trump 2020 Election Odds

Donald Trump’s odds to win the 2020 election have been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. During the coronavirus pandemic, Trump has seen his odds range from -167 all the way to +160 in some places. Looking back at the 2016 election, Donald Trump is way ahead of where he was in the late summer. Of course, this time is different as a sitting President, but with his odds being just under even money at +125, there is a chance (especially with the latest trends), he could win as an underdog again in 2020.

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