Last Updated on September 1, 2020

On Tuesday morning, the post positions for the 2020 Kentucky Derby were announced. Saturday’s crowded field will include 18 horses with the winner of the Belmont Stakes and odds-on favorite, Tiz The Law, taking the No. 17 post position.

The Kentucky Derby representing the second leg of the Triple Crown is outside the norm, but COVID-19 has forced the sport of horse racing to adapt to the times. This year will mark the first time that the historic race at Churchill Downs will not be the first leg of the Triple Crown. With that said, the race will still have the sports world’s attention for one Saturday.

Tiz The Law is currently a 3-5 favorite to win the Kentucky Derby and is looking to take the next step towards the Triple Crown. His post position is troublesome though. In such a crowded field, getting out of the gates without issue can present a major obstacle. Starting from the No. 17 post position is historically bad news for horses in the Kentucky Derby. No horse has ever won the race from that post position.



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The most successful post position in the Kentucky Derby is No. 5 with 10 all-time winners from that spot. Thousand Words is going off at 15-1 from the coveted post position.

But how much should we be reading into the post positions? Is it just a coincidence that no horse has ever won from the 17th post or is it part of a trend? What should we put more stock into, Tiz The Law’s post position, or the fact that he won the Belmont Stakes by almost four lengths? Only time will tell, but this news will cause some to hesitate on pulling the trigger on Tiz The Law.


Kentucky Derby Post Positions & Odds

Post position Horse Morning line odds
1 Finnick The Fierce 50-1
2 Max Player 30-1
3 Enforceable 30-1
4 Storm The Court 50-1
5 Major Fed 50-1
6 King Guillermo 20-1
7 Money Moves 30-1
8 South Bend 50-1
9 Mr. Big News 50-1
10 Thousand Words 15-1
11 Necker Island 50-1
12 Sole Volante 30-1
13 Attachment Rate 50-1
14 Winning Impression 50-1
15 NY Traffic 20-1
16 Honor A.P. 5-1
17 Tiz The Law 3-5
18 Authentic 8-1


Past Kentucky Derby Winners By Post Position

Post position Kentucky Derby winners
1 8
2 7
3 5
4 5
5 10
6 2
7 7
8 8
9 4
10 9
11 2
12 3
13 5
14 2
15 5
16 4
17 0
18 2



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