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After the NFL Draft, legal sportsbooks rush to release props for some of the rookies that were drafted as NFL fans are looking for their futures props for the upcoming season. With a wealth of offensive talent in this year’s class, PointsBet has already released a few betting props for many of the top draft picks.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest odds and our picks for the futures that were released by PointsBet for the 2021 NFL rookie class. From Trevor Lawrence to Najee Harris, there are some betting markets that have plenty of value.


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NFL Rookies Player Props at PointsBet

For the upcoming NFL season, PointsBet has already released futures for quite a few rookies. After the NFL Draft, the first props that are posted for the offseason are always the rookies and stats for their first year in the pros. With the buzz surrounding the draft, these props are quite popular. Here is a look at some of the players whose props are offered at PointsBet.

  • Trevor Lawrence Passing Props
  • Zach Wilson Passing Props
  • Travis Etienne Rushing Props
  • Najee Harris Rushing Props
  • DeVonta Smith Receiving Props
  • Kyle Pitts Receiving Props
  • Jaylen Waddle Receiving Props
  • more to come!

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite props and their odds to take advantage of at PointsBet.


Trevor Lawrence Jags Props Bets

The first overall pick in the NFL Draft was Trevor Lawrence to the Jaguars, and he will become the instant starter in Urban Meyer and Darren Bevell’s offense that caters to the quarterbacks strengths. While Lawrence is considered a generational prospect, will his numbers in year one be off the charts? You can bet on that at PointsBet. Here’s a look at some of Lawrence’s props offered at PointsBet.

Passing Yards

The first prop available at PointsBet is Trevor Lawrence’s passing yards, which is set at a high number for a rookie at 4150.5.

Passing Yards Price
o4150.5 -115
u4150.5 -115


Take the Under

Despite Lawrence’s projected prowess, we lean under here at 4150.5. Only two quarterbacks in NFL history have thrown for more than 4150.5 yards in a season: Andrew Luck and Justin Herbert. Both threw 595 times or more, and averaged nearly 40 passing attempts per game. With the Jaguars likely focusing on the ground more than the 2012 Colts and 2020 Chargers, this is a solid under choice for Lawrence’s first season, despite the extra game.



Passing Touchdowns

Another Lawrence prop available is passing touchdowns, which is set at 24.5.

Passing TD Price
o24.5 -115
u24.5 -115


We Like The Over

The over is a solid bet here for Lawrence, as this is just over 1.5 TD passes per game over a 16-game season. With 17 games on the docket for the 2021 season, 1.5 TD passes per game would take Lawrence on the over. Despite the Jaguars’ poor passing attack last season with mediocre QB play, they still threw for 25 touchdowns in 16 games.


Najee Harris Steelers Props for 2021

Without a doubt, the most popular running back for this year’s draft and prop betting will be Najee Harris. Given that he was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers as the likely featured back, his props were expected to be a high number. PointsBet did not disappoint, as Harris’ rushing yards prop opened at 900.5.

Rushing Yards Price
o900.5 -115
u900.5 -115


Take The Over

While there has been a massive history of running backs rushing for over 900 yards in their rookie season, running back production is quite different now with the way the game has moved. With that said, the 17th game may give Harris a boost in total rushing yards. In order to hit 901 yards, Harris would need to average 53 rushing yards per game over an entire season.


Given that James Conner ran for 721 yards in just 13 games while receiving only 169 carries, the over is a safe bet for Harris in 2021. If Harris is the true workhorse the Steelers are rumored to be using him as, 900 rushing yards will be an easy wager assuming he stays healthy.

You can also wager on which team you think will win the Super Bowl, and win totals at PointsBet.



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