Last Updated on July 22, 2021

2021 has certainly come with its ups and downs, but the fact it’s flying by like this is eye-opening. Football season and the holiday season are closer than you may believe.

What that means, however, is that we are nearing that time of the year when Time Magazine decides who graces its famed “Person of the Year” cover. In 2020, amid a calendar year that included a worldwide pandemic and an election, the magazine awarded the annual cover to 46th U.S. President Joe Biden as well as U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris.

It won’t be long until we see who’s featured on this year’s cover, and thanks to the latest 2021 Time Person of the Year odds, we have an idea of the eventual choice.

Odds to win with the American money line at BetFair UK:

Doctors, Nurses, First Responders, and Health Care Workers +150
World Health Organization +300
Anthony Fauci +600
Joe Biden +800
Kamala Harris +800
Journalists +1000
Epidemiologists +1400
Black Lives Matter +1400
Climate Activists +1400
Alexei Navalny +1800
Jeff Bezos +1800
Elon Musk +2400
Jacinta Ardern +2400
Medecins San Frontieres +2400
Teachers and Educators +2600
Bill Gates +3000
Greta Thunberg +3000
Nancy Pelosi +3000
Boris Johnson +4000



While we currently have a vaccine in place, there is still a pandemic going on in this country. One could argue that doctors, nurses, first responders, and health care workers could’ve graced the cover last year, but they would still be a phenomenal choice for 2021’s version. That group comes in at +150 odds.

Could there be a repeat for the Time Magazine Person of the Year? Could Joe Biden and/or Kamala Harris become the first repeat on the cover since 37th U.S. President Richard Nixon was featured in both 1971 and 1972?

The President and Vice President are both +800 to grace this year’s cover. These odds may be attractive to some bettors, as they provide more value than the 2024 Election odds for Biden or Harris.

Elon Musk is also an option…not sure if it’s an intriguing one though. The CEO of Tesla, Dogecoin supporter (that’s a meme cryptocurrency if you weren’t aware), and Saturday Night Live host comes in at +2400. I’m not sure he’ll earn this prestigious honor, but we still have over five months left in the year, so who knows?