Last Updated on February 9, 2021


How does 5x your money sound? Too good to be true in many instances, but not at FOX Bet Sportsbook where they are offering many ways to turn $10 into $50 with their latest promotion in various states. For new users, you can wager up to $10 at +500 odds on a basketball team to score a single point.

In Michigan, FOX Bet is offering these odds as long as Michigan scores one point against Wisconsin. The last time a team was shut out in college basketball was apparently in 1907, so we’re safe there.

Other states are also offering this promotion for NBA teams. Keep in mind, a basketball team has not been shut out in the history of the NBA. This promotion at +500 has nearly 100% odds of happening, so let’s find out how to take advantage and which states you can do so in.



Turn $10 into $50 at FOX Bet if Michigan Scores

One of the more popular promotions available at FOX Bet over the last few months has been the multipliers. Betting $10 on an easy wager to win $50 is a win for all bettors, every time. That is what FOX Bet is providing this week for all new players in various states. The promotion is focused around basketball, as the states that FOX Bet is offering the promotion in all have a local basketball team to wager on. The easiest wager to possibly think of in basketball is whether a not a team will score. There is no way you can bet on that, right?

Wrong. You can wager on Michigan to score against Wisconsin and turn $10 into $50.

FOX Bet is offering a $10 wager on a team to score a point, which results in +500 odds should that team score. Bet on Michigan basketball to score at +500, and turn $10 into $50. Here’s how to take advantage.


How to 5x Your Money at FOX Bet Sportsbook

Even though the Super Bowl is over and football season has come to a close, there are still promotions to take advantage of at FOX Bet Sportsbook. For this week, FOX Bet is offering 5x your money in various states to wager on local professional and college teams. Here is how to take advantage.

  • Sign up at FOX Bet Sportsbook
  • Verify your account
  • Deposit to fund your account
  • Place a wager on your first day at FOX Bet
  • New customers only
  • Max bet is $10
  • No opt-in is required

Once the team you wager on scores a single point, you will win your 5x bet. The free $50 in free bets will be credited to your account within 24 hours after the game ends.


Available In Michigan, PA, NJ, Colorado

FOX Bet Sportsbook is available in a handful of states, which allows this promotion to reach plenty of users. For bettors in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Colorado, you can all take advantage of this promotion and turn $10 into $50 while betting on your favorite basketball teams. Here’s a look at the promotions in each state.

Fox Bet MI

  • 5x your money if Michigan scores against Wisconsin

Betting on Big Ten basketball is a huge target for Michigan bettors, and you can turn $10 into $50 after the first basket for Michigan basketball.


  • 5x your money if the Sixers score against the Suns

Every single NBA team has scored at least one point, so once the Sixers score against Phoenix you will 5x your $10 wager.


  • 5x your money if the Nets score against the Kings

How good are the Brooklyn Nets? This wager will likely cash within 15 seconds of the Nets game against Sacramento.


  • 5x your money if the Nuggets score against the Lakers

The Nuggets are one of the deepest teams in the NBA, and have scored a ton of points. This easy bet allows your $10 to multiply by five quickly at FOX Bet Colorado.


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