Last Updated on December 16, 2020

The NFL season is winding down and the playoff picture grows clearer every week. Four teams — the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and New Orleans Saints — have already clinched the playoffs. Those four teams are still battling for seeding. Remember, only one team gets a bye in each conference this year so those No. 1 seeds are even more valuable than usual.

However, there are still plenty of teams that are scratching and clawing to secure a playoff spot. There are five teams that can clinch a playoff spot this weekend. In the AFC, the Bills (10-3) are one win away from clinching a division title. The Titans (9-4) need a win and a few other games to break their way.

When it comes to the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams (9-4), Seattle Seahawks (9-4), and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5) are all on the verge of clinching a playoff berth. The Rams and Seahawks are still battling for the NFC West crown, but both teams are going to be in the playoffs, barring a late-season collapse. The Buccaneers likely won’t clinch until Week 16 or 17, but there is a specific scenario they can seal their fate this week.

Here are some of the playoff-clinching scenarios that will be in play in Week 15.


Buffalo Bills

Division Title

  • BUF win, OR
  • MIA loss, OR
  • BUF tie + MIA tie


  • BUF tie + BAL loss or tie, OR
  • BAL loss


Kansas City Chiefs

No. 1 Seed (First-Round Bye)

  • KC win + PIT loss + BUF loss or tie


Pittsburgh Steelers

Division Title

  • PIT win, OR
  • CLE loss, OR
  • PIT tie + CLE tie


Tennessee Titans


  • TEN win + BAL loss OR
  • TEN win + LV loss or tie + MIA loss + CLE win or tie OR
  • TEN win + LV loss or tie + MIA loss + TEN or CLE clinches strength of victory tiebreaker over MIA


Los Angeles Rams


  • LAR win or tie, OR
  • MIN-CHI tie


New Orleans Saints

Division Title

  • NO win OR
  • TB loss OR
  • NO tie + TB tie


Seattle Seahawks


  • SEA win or tie, OR
  • MIN-CHI tie


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


  • TB win + MIN-CHI tie
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