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The Atlanta Hawks defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 of the NBA playoffs’ Eastern Conference semi-finals, and that may have been the last game in Philly for Ben Simmons. The media and fan base have been quite vocal since the Sixers’ loss to Atlanta about Simmons being moved, but will it actually happen? Like most other situations, you can bet on this.

Let’s take a look at this betting market at PointsBet, where you can wager on which team Ben Simmons will be traded to assuming the Sixers move on from him. Below are the latest odds, some potential trades, and how to bet on the NBA playoffs.



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Ben Simmons Next Team Odds

After the Sixers were upset by the Atlanta Hawks, the Philadelphia fanbase and media have been all over Ben Simmons’ inability to score and it seems to be the consensus amongst many that he has played his last game in Philadelphia. With that thought in mind, where will Simmons go if he is traded? Thanks to our friends at PointsBet, you can bet on that in Illinois. Let’s take a look at the betting market.

All odds are courtesy of PointsBet Illinois, and are available for only bettors in the state of Illinois. Here’s a look at the odds for where Simmons could land.

Team Odds for Ben Simmons Next Team
Portland Trail Blazers +250
Washington Wizards +300
San Antonio Spurs +450
Utah Jazz +550
Oklahoma City Thunder +550
Golden State Warriors +600
Los Angeles Lakers +625


DraftKings Sportsbook posts Ben Simmons Next Team Odds

All the major sportsbooks are hopping on the Ben Simmons train, as DraftKings Sportsbook released “2021 team” odds for the much-discussed Sixers’ star. Here’s a look at the odds.

At DraftKings, the Sixers to retain Simmons is certainly favored at -125, but should he be moved the odds for his next team is the Wizards at +200 and the Blazers at +300. This goes along with other legal sportsbook markets, but the prices are a bit different. At DraftKings Sportsbook, the odds for Washington and Portland are much higher than others with secondary teams such as the Lakers, OKC, and the Warriors being 10/1 or higher. Should Simmons be on the move to Washington, that deal may include Russell Westbrook or Bradley Beal, but the Blazers makes more sense should Portland be willing to deal C.J. McCollum.



Odds on Ben Simmons 2021-22 team

Philadelphia 76ers: +225
Portland Trail Blazers: +450
Washington Wizards: +650
San Antonio Spurs: +800
Golden State Warriors: +1000
Chicago Bulls: +1200
Oklahoma City Thunder: +1200
Cleveland Cavaliers: +1200
Houston Rockets: +1500
Utah Jazz: +2000
Indiana Pacers: +2000
Toronto Raptors: +2500
Boston Celtics: +2500

Note: This promotion is only live in the states of Illinois and Colorado.


Bet on Ben Simmons to be traded at PointsBet Illinois

As you can see, there are seven teams that you can wager on being the next team for Sixers’ point guard Ben Simmons at PointsBet. Not surprising is the Portland Trail Blazers up top, who have been all over social media as a potential fit for Ben Simmons in a trade that would potentially involve C.J. McCollum or even Damian Lillard for those optimistic. NBA bettors will certainly be on the lookout for any news as the offseason progresses, but currently it looks as if the Blazers are the favorite with the Wizards and Spurs right behind them. What would possibly deals even look like?

Potential Ben Simmons Trades:

  • To Portland for CJ McCollum and picks.
  • To Portland with Tyrese Maxey and picks for Damian Lillard
  • To Washington for Russell Westbrook, Rui Hachimura and picks.
  • To San Antonio for Dejounte Murray and picks.


William Hill posts Ben Simmons Next Team Odds

At William Hill Sportsbook, the Blazers are favored to be Ben Simmons’ next team as well, opening at +250. They are followed by the Spurs (+300), Wizards (+400), and Bulls (+400) then other teams are 5:1 or higher in terms of odds.

The Bulls odds are quite interesting, as social media leaned towards the Blazers initially but the Bulls make a lot of sense for Simmons, given the fact that they lack a perimeter defender and ball-handler to paid with Nikola Vucevic, their shooters and athletic guards. What would a deal between the Bulls and Sixers look like?

Potential Trade: Bulls and Sixers Simmons Deal

In a deal between the Bulls and the Sixers, here is what a potential swap could look like.

Sixers trade:

  • Ben Simmons

Bulls trade:

  • Coby White
  • Troy Brown
  • Al-Farouq Aminu
  • Picks

While Sixers fans may not like it, it is very unlikely that the Bulls would trade Zach Lavine, Patrick Williams, or Nikola Vucevic in a Simmons deal as they would want to add a piece to further their chances at being competitive in the Eastern Conference.


NBA Playoff Betting at PointsBet

In addition to wagering on special props such as where Ben Simmons will be traded, you can wager on a plethora of NBA playoffs betting markets at PointsBet. Here are some of the betting markets available to wager on for the rest of the NBA playoffs. At PointsBet, you can bet on a number of markets that are not just the typical sides and totals way of wagering. Here’s a look.

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