Last Updated on July 15, 2020

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With live sports set to return in full force by August, BetGenius is offering up tons of valuable information for sportsbooks. The group aims to provide relevant information on nationwide trends, advice from the experts, and much, much more. The group recently released “Unmissable: The return of U.S. sport” as a way to begin providing valuable insight.

“To help U.S. casinos prepare for the prodigious return of sport, we’ve analyzed $50m worth of wagers bet on property with our U.S. partners since the start of 2019,” said Bill Anderson, vice president of Genius Sports Group.

“From state-by-state comparisons to the latest trends, expert advice and a breakdown of betting behavior by league, we’re offering valuable insights designed to make sure you make the most of all the live-action.”


BetGenius Offers State By State Breakdowns

Average Retail Stake Size

  1. New York ($129)
  2. Pennsylvania ($96)
  3. West Virginia ($70)
  4. Oregon ($43)
  5. Iowa ($39)
  6. Mississippi ($34)
  7. Arkansas ($25)

Just based on these numbers, it’s clear that players in coastal states tend to bet more. Pennsylvania doesn’t trail New York by much, but the Empire State is well out in front of the field when it comes to average retail stake size.

What’s the reasoning behind this pattern? BetGenius notes that NFL fans tend to bet on their local franchises, as is the case in New York where the Giants are backed more than any other team. It’s also worth noting that the NFL is king when it comes to sports betting. New Yorkers have the Giants, Jets, and Buffalo Bills to bet on, so it’s no surprise that New York leads the state by state breakdown in terms of retail stake size.

The average stakes on an NFL game run at $45 pre-game and $86 in-game. This makes it clear that bettors are looking for action while games are in progress. Halftime bets represent a significant portion of gameday action and accounted for 42% of all in-game handle last year.


Other Notable National Betting Trends

While NFL is the undisputed king of sports betting, the NBA, NHL, and MLB all have their own interesting betting trends. The NBA’s average pre-game stake is only $21, but that number shoots up to $73 in-game. They say basketball is a game of runs and bettors are flocking to the sport to take advantage of the fast-paced in-game betting potential.

The NHL, on the other hand, is a haven for parlays. BetGenius is reporting that parlays accounted for 61% of all NHL handle on property last season. The NHL’s overlap with NBA, NFL, and even MLB in most years means that hockey is a constant option for bettors looking to put together winning parlays.

MLB betting takes place mostly before the game starts. Around 92% of the retail handle is bet before the games even start. Baseball bettors tend to gravitate towards the basics: money line, run lines and run total markets. BetGenius expects in-game betting to increase as time goes on, but for now, MLB is a sport that’s all about pre-game betting.