Last Updated on July 18, 2021

It appears as if Damian Lillard wants out after another burnout for the Portland Trail Blazers in the playoffs. He is the biggest star on the trade market right now and there are already odds out on Lillard’s next team on BetMGM Colorado.

With recent reports indicating that Lillard wants to go to the 76ers or Knicks, it’s no surprise to see those two teams at the top of the list. Both teams have plenty of trade chips in the form of young players or draft picks. Let’s take a look at the full list of teams with next team odds on Lillard.

Here is the full list of teams listed on BetMGM Colorado:

76ers +250
Knicks +300
Heat +400
Warriors +500
Clippers +700
Lakers +700
Celtics +1100
Raptors +1400
Thunder +1400
Suns +2000
Nuggets +2500
Pelicans +2500
Mavericks +3500
Grizzlies +3500
Hawks +5000
Magic +5000
Wizards +5000
Rockets +5000
Timberwolves +5000
Jazz +5000
Bucks +6600
Spurs +6600
Nets +8000
Hornets +10000
Bulls +10000
Cavaliers +10000


Sixers & Knicks Noise

BetMGM Tonight host Quinton Mayo is reporting that the Sixers (+250) and Knicks (+300) are at the top of Lillard’s list. As a result, it’s obvious why those two teams are the favorites on BetMGM Colorado.

With that said, Lillard doesn’t exactly have much leverage in this situation. His interest in Philadelphia and New York could help grease the wheels in a trade, but the Blazers are not obligated to trade him to either team if they don’t like the trade package.

Sure, superstars have more leverage in the current NBA, but the Blazers still hold the cards.


Dark Horse Teams

The Celtics (+1100) are a team to keep an eye on as Lillard’s trade request hangs in the balance. Lillard is training for the Tokyo Olympics with his Team USA teammate Jayson Tatum. There might be some recruiting going on in Tokyo this summer.

But recruiting aside, the Celtics have the firepower to get a deal done. Presumably, the Blazers do not want to go into a full rebuild after trading Lillard. If they want to retool instead of rebuilding, getting a package from the Celtics that revolves around Jaylen Brown could work.

The Warriors (+500) are a wild card team in this whole mix. They have young players and draft picks to make a deal. The thought of defenses trying to stop Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry is mind-boggling.


Staying In Portland?

Is it possible for Lillard to stay in Portland after all the rumors so far this summer? It’s hard to say. He has been loyal to the franchise and the city of Portland for his entire career, but it feels like the relationship is deteriorating to the point of no return.

However, there was a point in time where fans thought Kobe Bryant’s days in a Lakers uniform were numbered. Heck, Tim Duncan was flirting with the idea of leaving San Antonio at one point as well. It’s wild to imagine either of those guys on different teams now.

It’s certainly possible for Lillard and the Blazers to smooth things over, but don’t count on it. Keep an eye on these next team odds for Lillard as the summer progresses.