Last Updated on September 2, 2020

BetRivers Illinois is going big on the 2020 NFL season with a $100,000 NFL Pick ‘Em. And the best part about this Pick ‘Em pool is that it’s free for users in Illinois.

The first-place prize is $50,000 and the top 50 finishers will win money. Not to mention, there will be a $1,000 payout to weekly winners during each week of the season.

Sign up with BetRivers Illinois HERE and secure your spot in the $100,000 NFL Pick ‘Em.



How To Enter The $100,000 NFL Pick ‘Em

For bettors in Illinois, signing up with BetRivers is as easy as it will ever be. Remote registration for Illinois online sports betting is currently allowed in the state after Governor J.B. Pritzker’s recent executive order. Previously, bettors were required to travel to retail sportsbooks and casinos to sign up for mobile sports betting, but Gov. Pritzker suspended in-person registration until Sept. 19.

To get in on the $100,000 NFL Pick ‘Em, first you need to create an account with BetRivers Illinois. That can be done here. Next, head over to the promotions page and find the $100,000 NFL Pick ‘Em contest and hit “enter now.”

Remember, this is a free contest so you don’t even need to deposit any money into your account to be eligible. If you’re ready to deposit funds for other contests and games, BetRivers Illinois has a variety of quick and easy methods to do so. Bank transfer, credit card, debit card, and PayPal are just a few of the convenient ways to put money into your account.

Once you’re in the $100,000 NFL Pick ‘Em, all you need to do is make your picks every week and watch out for where you are on the leaderboard. As mentioned earlier, there are yearly and weekly winners in this contest with the winner taking home $50,000.


Contest Terms & Details

All participants in the contest must have an active player account with BetRivers Illinois to participate.

This contest will consist of 17 weeks with players being able to make their picks each week starting at 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Once your picks are made and confirmed, they are locked for that week.

In this Pick ‘Em contest, players only have to pick straight-up winners. There will be no spreads or odds considered on a week-to-week basis and players only need to pick Sunday and Monday games. No Thursday night games will be in play for the $100,000 NFL Pick ‘Em.

Any ties or postponed games will result in a “correct pick” for players. In the event that the NFL season is shortened, final winners will only be paid out if the season goes at least nine weeks.


BetRivers Illinois Pick ‘Em Final Payouts

1st Place — $50,000
2nd Place — $15,000
3rd Place — $5,000
4th Place — $2,500
5th Place — $1,000
6th-10th Place — $500
11th-20th Place — $250
21st-50th Place — $150

In addition to the final payouts, weekly winners will take home $1,000 in one-time bonus money as well.

There will be a tiebreaker question every week to make sure there is only one winner each week. Weekly winners will be awarded their money by Tuesday of each week.

Sign up with BetRivers Illinois HERE and secure your spot in the $100,000 NFL Pick ‘Em.