Last Updated on December 22, 2020

What a disaster of a Monday Night Football game between the Bengals and Steelers. Pittsburgh looked horrible, and Bengals’ QB Ryan Finley had the time of his life en route to a Bengals upset over the Steelers. This game (among others) certainly caused a swift movement in NFL Super Bowl odds. The Chiefs lead, but the Packers odds are increasing seemingly each week. With just two weeks left in the NFL season, these are two weeks where we may see massive odds movement in the Super Bowl futures market.

After Week 15 in the NFL, Super Bowl odds certainly shifted. In addition, a few teams fell out of the race which means their odds are no longer listed at legal sportsbooks. In terms of odds to win the Super Bowl, the Chiefs are still the leader at +170 on DraftKings Sportsbook. Here’s a look at the latest odds.


Latest 2021 NFL Super Bowl Odds

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As you can tell from the updated odds above, the Chiefs are in a class of their own at +170 to win the Super Bowl. Oddly enough, they have been winning but not covering in the last few weeks. With that said, the first halves of Chiefs games all seem to be geared towards a blowout. If you wish to wager on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, be sure to check out PointsBet as their price is +175 to win. Betting on better odds at various books is a great way to help increase the chances of being profitable long term.


Buffalo Bills Super Bowl odds increase after yet another win

Circle the wagons for the Buffalo Bills! The 2020 Bills are the AFC East champions, ending the Patriots’ reign of consecutive divisional titles. While the Bills have been seen as a good NFL team by sportsbooks in the last few weeks, it was not until the last two weeks that Buffalo’s odds to win the Super Bowl have been properly priced. At +1200 last week, Buffalo was still a bargain as they are now +900 to win the Super Bowl at DraftKings Sportsbook. Only one team in the AFC carries better odds than Buffalo (Chiefs at +170), and only three teams have better odds overall (Packers and Saints). Buffalo takes on the Patriots in Week 16 on Monday Night Football, as they look to put a bow on a terrific season these last two weeks.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 15 to Current Movement
Buffalo Bills +900 +300


Steelers Super Bowl odds plummet after embarrassing MNF loss

What is going on in Pittsburgh? After starting 11-0, the Steelers have lost three straight games and now sit at 11-3 on the year. It is one thing to lose to the Bills, but the Steelers have also lost to the Washington Football Team and the Cincinnati Bengals as well while scoring just 49 points in three games. Offensively, the Steelers have problems as they have not scored more than 19 points since November 22nd against the Jaguars, and have struggled to run or pass the football. Their odds have fallen all the way to +2500, after being better than 10:1 a few weeks ago. Falling from +1300 to +2500 in one week is massive, but the Steelers may lose again in Week 16 facing a 10-4 Colts team who has played quite well of late.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 15 to Current Movement
Pittsburgh Steelers +2500 -1200



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NFL Week 16 Super Bowl Odds Movement

With a few teams being eliminated from playoff contention in Week 15, the NFL Super Bowl odds table has gotten smaller. With that said, there was a ton of movement in the market as you can guess above by the Steelers’ odds nearly doubling. In addition, some teams saw some increases as well including the Bills, Packers, Browns, and Seahawks. Let’s take a look at the latest odds movement, stock watches, and more for the Super Bowl market entering Week 16.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Up in Week 16

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 15 to Current Movement
Dallas Cowboys +22500 +27,500
Chicago Bears +15000 +5,000
Cleveland Browns +3000 +1,000
Arizona Cardinals +5000 +1,000
Buffalo Bills +900 +300
Tennessee Titans +2500 +300
Baltimore Ravens +1400 +200
Green Bay Packers +550 +100
Seattle Seahawks +1300 +100
Kansas City Chiefs +170 +10

There are 10 teams that saw their odds increase in Week 15 to this week, including a massive one from the Dallas Cowboys after a win from +50000 to +22500. While they are still a longshot to win the Super Bowl, they saw a big increase. In terms of teams that are actual Super Bowl candidates, these teams saw the most significant increases.

  • Browns (+4000 to +3000)
  • Cardinals (+6000 to +5000)
  • Bills (+1200 to +900)

In addition, the Titans, Ravens, Packers, and Seahawks all saw significant increases as well to their Super Bowl odds.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Down in Week 16

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 15 to Current Movement
Las Vegas Raiders +50000 -37,500
Minnesota Vikings +22500 -14,500
Philadelphia Eagles +17500 -2,500
New York Giants +17500 -2,500
Pittsburgh Steelers +2500 -1,200
Washington Football +7000 -1,000
Los Angeles Rams +1500 -400
New Orleans Saints +850 -150

Eight teams saw their odds fall in Week 15, including the Steelers -1200 point move to +2500. The largest moves of the week were the Raiders to +50000 and the Vikings all the way to +22500. Neither of those teams had a chance to win the Super Bowl though. The teams with the most significant moves were the Steelers, Washington Football Team (to +7000), Rams (to +1500) and the Saints moved from +700 to +850. More teams will fall out of the race in Week 16, without a doubt. Keep an eye on the odds movement after this week, as it is the last week of the regular season for massive moves for a lot of players.


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