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Super Bowl Odds 2021

Through seven weeks of the NFL season, we have seen everything. There have been postponed games, season-ending injuries, upsets and surprises. We have seen rookies like Justin Herbert blossom in his first year, MVP candidates like Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes have continued to excel, and some things have gone as expected like the Jets going winless. When it comes to Super Bowl odds, there has been a ton of movement from week to week.

As Week 8 approaches, the Super Bowl odds movement has shown that the top contenders are starting to separate themselves, and plenty of teams are moving negatively. Let’s take a look at the updated Super Bowl odds, movement, and more.


Latest 2021 Super Bowl Odds

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Entering Week 8, the Super Bowl odds in the NFL have changed at DraftKings Sportsbook. You can get the Chiefs at +400 to win the Super Bowl at DraftKings, but as always, PointsBet and BetMGM provide some value with better odds for certain teams. You can find the best odds in the chart above for each team. In Week 8, the Steelers take their undefeated record to Baltimore for the game of the week. This bodes well for the Steelers’ Super Bowl odds with a win, but with a loss there could be value next week as well. This is why the odds movement matters on a week-to-week basis.


Steelers Odds soar after 6-0 start

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 6-0, but Week 8 is certainly the biggest test from a Super Bowl contender stand point. As for their odds exactly, the Steelers were +1100 last week, and are set up at +850 entering Week 8. They had +250 points of positive movement week-to-week, but the Steelers opened at +2500 to win the Super Bowl. If they win this week, expect to see the odds increase to +650 or +750.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 7 to Current Movement Before Week 7
Pittsburgh Steelers +850 +250 +1100



Bucs Odds Continue to Rise after Antonio Brown signing

The Bucs’ Super Bowl odds continue to rise, moving from +1200 to +800 after another win in Week 7. The Bucs have seen their odds move significantly dating back to the offseason, and now stand at +800. Before Week 6 (two weeks ago), the Bucs were at +1600…so in two weeks Tampa has cut their odds in half. This comes after the signing of Antonio Brown, which could take the offense to new levels. In Week 8, the Bucs take on the Giants in what should be an easy win given that Tampa is 11-point favorites.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 7 to Current Movement Before Week 7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800 +400 +1200



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Week 8 Super Bowl Odds Movement

The odds movement last week showed a variety of teams that saw increases, and nearly just as many that saw decreases to their Super Bowl odds. This week, there were not as many positive movers in terms of odds, but a large number of teams that saw their odds fall. Entering Week 8, there are eight teams at +1700 or better, and 13 teams at +10000 or lower. This essentially means that there really only are 19 teams that have a “chance” at winning the Super Bowl, but eight teams that are seen as legitimate contenders. Let’s take a look at teams with stock up and teams with stock down.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Up

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 7 to Current Movement
Washington Football Team +15000 +25000
Los Angeles Chargers +10000 +5000
Detroit Lions +8000 +2000
Philadelphia Eagles +5000 +1600
Los Angeles Rams +1700 +500
Arizona Cardinals +2800 +500
San Francisco 49ers +2800 +500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +800 +400
Pittsburgh Steelers +850 +250

Nine teams’ saw their odds increase in Week 7 as we approach Week 8. The biggest movement was the Washington Football team, but at +15000 they still are not a “contender” to win the Super Bowl. The Chargers and Lions saw increases as well as the Philadelphia Eagles but each of those teams are +5000 or lower. The most “significant” odds movements came from the Los Angeles Rams (+1700), the Tampa Bay Bucs (+800), and the Pittsburgh Steelers (+850). The other two teams who saw increases were the Cardinals and 49ers, who both sit at +2800 to win the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Down

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 7 to Current Movement
Jacksonville Jaguars +100000 -50,000
New York Jets +150000 -50,000
Cincinnati Bengals +60000 -10,000
Denver Broncos +22500 -7,500
Atlanta Falcons +20000 -5,000
Houston Texans +20000 -5,000
Minnesota Vikings +20000 -5,000
New York Giants +35000 -5,000
Dallas Cowboys +10000 -4,000
New England Patriots +6000 -2,700
Carolina Panthers +12500 -2,500
Las Vegas Raiders +6600 -2,100
Chicago Bears +5000 -2,000
Tennessee Titans +2000 -500
Seattle Seahawks +1000 -250
Baltimore Ravens +700 -100
New Orleans Saints +1400 -100

As you can see, aΒ ton of football teams saw their odds decrease this week. The largest moves were the Jags, Jets, and Bengals but neither of the three teams were considered actual contenders at any point. The same goes for the Broncos, Falcons, Texans, and Giants. The Vikings and the Panthers saw their odds as well, as the mid-tier of “bad” football teams when it comes to odds movement. The teams that saw the most significant movement were:

  • Patriots (+6000)
  • Raiders (+6600)
  • Bears (+5000)
  • Titans (+2000)

The Seahawks, Ravens, and Saints saw minimal movement but each of the three teams’ odds fell slightly.

For a full look at Super Bowl odds, info, and movement, check out our Super Bowl odds page.


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