Last Updated on May 6, 2020

Add Bundesliga soccer to the list of sports set to return over the next month!

Bundesliga’s reopening makes them Europe’s first major football league to resume their season amidst COVID-19.

Chancellor Angela Merkel approved the return to action for Bundesliga, provided there would be no fans in the stands. Stephen Uersfeld of ESPN has also reported that the earliest possible return date could be May 15th, with May 22nd as another possibility.


Nine matchdays currently remain on the schedule, and as Uersfeld reports,

There is a commitment to finish the season by June 30. Fans will not be allowed into stadiums, with a ban on mass gathering in Germany until August 31st. Bayern Munich lead the Bundesliga by four points.”

For those searching for a team to root for, this Reddit flow chart may come in handy.


Will the NBA or MLB be Next?

There is still nothing official to report on both leagues at this time.

Baseball has been unofficially reported to resume by mid-June with Opening Day set right at the start of July.

Basketball is also waiting for an official release to resume play, but multiple reports indicate that the process could begin in the middle to late part of June with the regular season resuming in July.





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