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There is still one game left in Week 13 as the Ravens and the Cowboys will be kicking off on Tuesday Night Football. Nevertheless, the Super Bowl odds have moved with the other 14 games already in the books. As Week 14 is set to begin on Thursday night, we have concluded the bye weeks. This means we have aΒ fullΒ slate of NFL action for the remaining of the season, increasing the chances of significant Super Bowl odds movement. A few teams have been eliminated, but let’s take a look at a review of how teams’ odds have moved in Week 13.

There was a plethora of odds movement in Week 13, but the leader in terms of Super Bowl odds is still the Kansas City Chiefs, at +200 on DraftKings Sportsbook. Let’s take a look at the latest odds, which teams have moved, and more.


Updated 2021 NFL Super Bowl Odds

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As you can tell, the Kansas City Chiefs are just running away from the competition as their odds are +200 on DraftKings Sportsbook. If you wager at BetMGM though, you can get them at +230. This is very important, as getting the best price will help make you a more profitable bettor long-term. Take advantage of the prices above, as you can see which legal sportsbooks are the best places to wager.


Kansas City Chiefs the Super Bowl favorite at +200

How about those Chiefs? That is not only a rhetorical question, but a mantra from head coach Andy Reid. “Those Chiefs” are +200 to win the Super Bowl (again), and moved up from +275 last week. With the Chiefs offense being one of, if not the best, offense in football, their defense does not have to be perfect. This has worked for them this year and last, as they are set to make yet another run to the Big Game. In Week 14, the Chiefs are traveling to Miami to take on the suprising Miami Dolphins in a potential playoff preview.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 13 to Current Movement
Kansas City Chiefs +200 +75


Saints Super Bowl odds climb under Taysom Hill

The New Orleans Saints are now 3-0 with Taysom Hill at quarterback, after an impressive showing against the Falcons in Week 13. The Saints have not lost since Week 3 against the Packers, winning nine games in a row after a 37-30 defeat. Their Super Bowl odds have risen to +500 to win the final game of the season, and the odds will likely increase again with a “gimme” in Week 14 against the Philadelphia Eagles, who have benched Carson Wentz.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 13 to Current Movement
New Orleans Saints +500 +50



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Week 14 Super Bowl Odds Movement

Week 13 was yet another week of odds movement, and was highlighted by the Chiefs and Saints seeing their odds rise. In total, eight teams’ odds rose in Week 13, while 13 teams saw their odds fall. One more team was eliminated from the Super Bowl odds table (Chargers) as they cannot make the playoffs. Here is a look at our weekly stock watch, seeing which teams’ odds have risen, fallen, and more.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Up in Week 14

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 13 to Current Movement
New York Giants +7000 +3000
Cleveland Browns +3000 +1000
Buffalo Bills +1700 +500
Los Angeles Rams +1200 +400
Minnesota Vikings +6600 +400
Green Bay Packers +800 +200
Kansas City Chiefs +200 +75
New Orleans Saints +500 +50

Entering Week 14, the battle for the NFC East will certainly be a fun finish. The Giants’ saw the largest odds movement of any team getting a boost after Week 13, as they rose from +10000 to +7000. Following the Giants were the Browns, who are now +3000, then other teams saw smaller overall movement. The teams that are worth keeping an eye on are the Rams (+1200 now), Bills, and the Saints who have risen to +500.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Down in Week 14

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 13 to Current Movement
Houston Texans +50000 -27500
Chicago Bears +27500 -17500
Atlanta Falcons +50000 -17500
Philadelphia Eagles +17500 -7500
Dallas Cowboys +22500 -7500
Arizona Cardinals +6000 -2000
Las Vegas Raiders +6600 -1600
San Francisco 49ers +8000 -1400
Miami Dolphins +6000 -1000
Tennessee Titans +3000 -800
Seattle Seahawks +1400 -500
Baltimore Ravens +2800 -300
Pittsburgh Steelers +800 -200

A massive 13-teams saw their odds fall after Week 13, as many teams are getting closer to elimination. As you can see, the Texans, Bears, and Falcons are all on the bring after seeing their odds plummet after losses. The Philadelphia Eagles’ odds fell to +17500 to win the Super Bowl after yet another loss and benching of Carson Wentz. Other notable teams that saw drops in their odds were the 49ers, Dolphins, and TItnas. A team to note is the Baltimore Ravens, whose odds are +2800 entering Tuesday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. Assuming they win, the odds could rise later in the week.

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