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Cowherd NFL picks this week

FoxSports’ Colin Cowherd has turned into quite the handicapper, for better or for worse. In what is called the “Blazing 5” segment on “The Herd”, Cowherd breaks down his favorite five games and makes five picks each week of the NFL season.

After starting out hot, Cowherd has been cold, but has rallied again. Some bad beats, some good wins, some bad picks, and more. Entering Week 12, his record was 28-25-2.

Last week, Cowherd’s Blazing 5:

Denver Broncos +3.5 @ Buffalo Bills – LOSS

New York Giants +6.5 @ Chicago Bears – WIN

Oakland Raiders -3 @ New York Jets – LOSS

Seattle Seahawks -1.5 @ Philadelphia Eagles – WIN

Dallas Cowboys +6.5 @ New England Patriots – WIN


Cowherd went 3-2 last week, and has rallied after getting close to .500. Cowherd and Blazin’ 5 bettors received a gift from Jason Garrett, choosing to kick a field goal in the red zone down seven points in the fourth quarter. In addition, the Giants scoring a touchdown late in the fourth quarter helped propel the Giants +6.5 for the Blazin’ 5. All in all, a positive Week 12.


Cowherd Blazing 5 Record For 2019-2020 NFL Season


NFL Thanksgiving Week 13 Colin Cowherd Blazing 5 Picks


Cowherd’s Thanksgiving week 13 NFL picks are located below. His Blazing 5 Picks passed on all 3 Thanksgiving Day games.

  • Miami Dolphins +9.5 at home over Philadelphia Eagles
  • Arizona Cardinals +3 at home over Los Angeles Rams
  • Oakland Raiders +9.5 on the road over Kansas City Chiefs
  • Baltimore Ravens -6 at home over San Francisco 49ers
  • Carolina Panthers -10 at home over the Washington Redskins

In Week 13, Cowherd likes two favorites (Ravens and Panthers) and three underdogs (Dolphins, Cardinals, Raiders).

Of the five picks, Cowherd likes four home teams: Dolphins, Cardinals, Ravens, and Panthers but just one road team this week in the Raiders.

Cowherd explained he still thinks the Chiefs win over Oakland, but 9.5 points is too much to not take the Raiders off an embarrassing loss to the Jets.

The Blazin’ 5 has a winning record in nine of 12 weeks so far this season, and with an early show in Week 13 with Thanksgiving, Cowherd looks to improve to 10 for 13.

Cowherd Blazin’ 5 Pick by Pick Analysis

Miami Dolphins +9.5 at home over Philadelphia Eagles

9.5 points is too many to spot the Dolphins, says Cowherd. The Eagles have struggled mightily on offense, but they may be returning a few injured starters from Lane Johnson to Alshon Jeffery to Jordan Howard. Nevertheless, Cowherd is hopping on the Eagles struggle bus saying the Dolphins have been competitive with Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Dolphins issue has been defensively, and since the Eagles have vastly struggled to move the ball of late it makes sense that Cowherd likes Miami given 9.5 points. If the Eagles struggle this weekend, the sky will be falling in Philadelphia.

Arizona Cardinals +3 at home over Los Angeles Rams

The Rams were just destroyed by the Ravens at home, and Jalen Ramsey was fired up after the loss. Coming off a bye, Cowherd really likes rookie quarterback Kyler Murray getting points against a clearly struggling Rams team. Essentially Cowherd likes: good quarterback, off a bye, at home, against a struggling team.

Murray will be a huge part of this divisional picture for years to come, but the Cardinals are not a good team yet. +3 seems tough given the Rams’ overall talent, but Cowherd likes the underdog here.

Oakland Raiders +9.5 on the road over Kansas City Chiefs

As mentioned above, Cowherd still thinks the Chiefs win this game but 9.5 points is too much to “spot Derek Carr”, per The Herd’s host.

This is a monumental game for the Raiders if they want to remain in the playoff hunt. Whether it’s a division title or a wild card spot, this game will certainly be part of a determination for both teams as they try to improve their records down the stretch. Mahomes vs. Carr, Raiders OL against the Chiefs DL, and more. This shapes up to be a fun game to watch.

Baltimore Ravens -6 at home over San Francisco 49ers

In what could be a Super Bowl preview, this week’s game of the week is Ravens and Niners. Without a doubt, these are two of the best teams in the NFL but Cowherd likes MVP-favorite Lamar Jackson to cover just six points at home against an elite 49ers defense.

No one has been able to stop Lamar Jackson yet this season, so it will be interesting to see how the Ravens approach this week’s game plan. As for the Ravens’ defense, the unit has massively improved so it will be a battle of wits between Kyle Shanahan and Greg Roman offensively against two very good defenses.

Carolina Panthers -10 at home over the Washington Redskins

10 points is a lot of points, so if books have -9.5 that is a better number of course. Cowherd thinks the Redskins have nothing. No offensive line, no defense, Josh Norman has been benched and the Panthers have the best player on the field on both sides of the ball. It’s rare to see a huge favorite in the Blazing 5, but that’s who Cowherd likes this week.





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