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Cowherd NFL picks this week

Love him or hate him, Colin Cowherd is one of the more polarizing personalities in sports media. His podcast “The Herd” is one of the more popular in sports, and his “Blazin’ 5” segment is his quick 10 minutes of sports betting picks. For the last two seasons, we have tracked Cowherd’s picks each and every week. Through good and bad, Cowherd provides analysis via statistics and trends to back his predictions, leading to an entertaining and informative segment. So far in 2020, he is just under .500 at 24-25-1, but has been hot in the last month.

On “The Herd”, Colin Cowherd’s podcast, Cowherd gives his favorite NFL picks against the spread each and every week. He always gives five picks, hence the name “Blazin’ 5“. Here is a look at Cowherd’s Week 11 picks, with odds courtesy of FOXBet Sportsbook.


Colin Cowherd NFL Picks This Week

Each week, Cowherd announces his favorite weekly NFL picks on his “Blazin’ 5” segment on his podcast. Here is a overview of Cowherd’s picks for Week 11 in the NFL. Odds are always provided by FOX Bet Sportsbook on Cowherd’s show.

  • ATL +4.5 vs. NO
  • PHI +3.5 vs. CLE
  • IND -2.5 vs. GB
  • KC -8.5 vs. LV
  • TB -4.5 vs. LAR




Cowherd’s NFL Week 11 Picks and Analysis

Each week, FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd has his five favorite picks against the spread in the NFL on the second hour of “The Herd” podcast. In addition, Cowherd provides a wealth of stats and knowledge to back up his picks, which is uncommon in sports media sometimes. Despite Cowherd’s struggles early in 2020, he has been on a bit of a heater in the last month. Here is a look at his picks for Week 11 in the NFL.


Atlanta Falcons (+4.5) vs. New Orleans Saints

Falcons coming off a bye, and they are 3-1 with Raheem Morris. Here is why Cowherd likes the Falcons.

  • Since Week 6, the Falcons have allowed fewer than 30 points in five straight.
  • We know the Falcons can move the ball.
  • The Saints are experimenting too much with Taysom Hill, per Cowherd.

Cowherd’s Prediction: ATL 28-27


Philadelphia Eagles (+3.5) vs. Cleveland Browns

Head coach, QB, and practice habits are getting crushed this week. They are focused, per Cowherd. Here is why they win against Cleveland.

  • Eagles defense is better than the Browns, per Colin.
  • Baker struggles under pressure, Philly can get there.
  • Too much adversity, and the Eagles prevail.

Cowherd’s Prediction: PHI 24-20


Indianapolis Colts (-2.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

Colts team with extra prep time after Thursday Night Football last week. We know about Cowherd’s opinion on Aaron Rodgers, here is why he likes the Colts.

  • Packers have created just seven turnovers, making Rivers comfortable.
  • Rivers has 100+ passer rating in three of the last four, and the Packers cannot get pressure.
  • It’s ALL about Rivers being comfortable and the Colts can get after Rodgers under pressure.

Cowherd’s Prediction: IND 24-20


Kansas City Chiefs (-8.5) vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Andy is 18-3 off a bye. Absurd, and they got beat by the Raiders earlier this season. Here is why the Chiefs cover, per Cowherd.

  • LV only has 11 sacks, only one pass rusher.
  • KC is healthy and well-coached.

Cowherd’s Prediction: KC 36-26


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-4.5) vs. Los Angeles Rams

Cowherd is 6-1 betting on Rams games this season. Here is why he likes a Rams game again, but on Tampa’s side.

  • When Goff is uncomfortable, he is a different QB.
  • Bucs have second-best rushing defense, and Whitworth is out for the Rams.
  • With the Bucs getting a ton of pressure, this is a bad omen for the Rams.

Cowherd’s Prediction: TB 28-23



Cowherd Blazing Five Picks record stands at 24-25-1 in 2020

Cowherd has been on a bit of a run in the last month since Week 7 began. He went 4-1 last week, which makes him 12-8 in the last month.

In Week 10, Cowherd’s picks were terrific, going 4-1. Here is a look at his picks:

  • TB -6 vs. CAR (Win)
  • NYG +3 vs. PHI (Win)
  • MIA -2.5 vs. LAC (Win)
  • LAR -2.5 vs. SEA (Win)
  • SF +9.5 vs. NO (Loss)

Here is a look at Cowherd’s record on a week-to-week basis for the 2020 NFL season to date:

Year-to-date record: 24-25-1


Colin Cowherd’s 2019 NFL Picks record was 42-41-2

Last year, Colin Cowherd was over .500 in the regular season at 42-41-2. With that said, he started off hot and finished cold. Here is a look at Cowherd’s record by round in the playoffs and the regular season.



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