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Cowherd NFL picks this week


The “Blazing 5” is back for the NFL season, which means Colin Cowherd’s picks are back for another season in the NFL. Week 1 was unsuccessful for Cowherd, going 2-3 and losing on some underdog picks. Regardless of Cowherd’s success, he brings a wealth of statistics and knowledge on “The Herd” as he explains his picks each and every week. Each Friday afternoon, Cowherd picks his favorite five games in the NFL, and we will cover the picks each and every week. Let’s take a look at his Week 1 history, his Week 2 picks, and the top odds at FOX Bet Sportsbook.


Colin Cowherd Week 2 NFL Picks

Colin Cowherd’s Week 2 picks are released on his “The Herd” podcast. Here is a look at Week 2’s “Blazing Five”:

  • Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys (-5)
  • Detroit Lions (+6.5) vs. Green Bay packers
  • Miami Dolphins (+5.5) vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7.5) vs. Carolina Panthers
  • New England Patriots (+4) vs. Seattle Seahawks



Week 2 Blazing Five Picks and Analysis


Cowherd does not just provide picks, he goes into why he picks each team against the spread in his Blazing 5. Right or wrong, the analysis is sound and quite a few interesting stats are released that backs Cowherd’s picks. Here is a look at each of Cowherd’s picks, and analysis as to why he is on each one.


Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys (-5)

“Dak Prescott plays well at home”, says Cowherd. Last week Cowherd was on the Falcons, but this week he mentions loving the Cowboys at home, 30-20. Cowherd mentioned that at home, Dak Prescott ranks in the top five in many categories and the Falcons have been on his “no bet list”. While petty or not, Cowherd feels strongly about the Cowboys and has them winning by 10 points.


Detroit Lions (+6.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

The Lions are very popular in Week 2, and it is Cowherd’s “upset” of the week”. 26-24 for the Lions. Cowherd touched on how the Packers defense struggled big in Week 1 against the Vikings, which went under the radar because of Aaron Rodgers’ performance. The Packers allowed the most yards per play of any team in Week 1, so the 6.5 points are too much for Cowherd to ignore.


Miami Dolphins (+5.5) vs. Buffalo Bills

Like SVP, Cowherd loves the Dolphins as they are getting. Miami 24-23. Cowherd speaks to the “uninspiring” second half by the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen in Week 1 against the Jets, and that people are too down on the Dolphins after losing in Week 1 to the Patriots. The Dolphins are getting 5.5 points, but Cowherd likes them to win. 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7.5) vs. Carolina Panthers

This game was packed with analysis from Cowherd. He mentioned that the Panthers allowed 30 points per game in 2019, but are younger this year. Carolina has lost nine in a row dating back to last season, and have a new head coach and coaching staff. The Bucs held Drew Brees to 164 yards last week. As Cowherd said: “Don’t get caught up in losing Week 1 to the Saints”. 30-20, Bucs.


New England Patriots (+4) vs. Seattle Seahawks

Cowherd mentions that Seattle was out gained by Atlanta last week, and Bill Belichick is getting points. Cowherd thinks Seattle is the better team, but he thinks the Patriots will win the trench battle for offensive and defensive lines, which leads to a very close game if Seattle still wins. Cowherd likes the Seahawks 23-20, but the Patriots will cover the four points in a close one.


2020 Blazing Five Record

For the NFL 2020 season, Colin Cowherd’s record is 2-3. Through the first week of the season, Cowherd is down on the season. In 2019, Cowherd started off hot but through one week he has started the opposite.

Here are Cowherd’s Week 1 picks:

  • Ravens (-7) vs. Browns – WIN
  • Jets (+6.5) at Bills – LOSS
  • Falcons (+2.5) vs. Seahawks – LOSS
  • Panthers (+3) vs. Raiders – LOSS
  • LA Rams (+3) vs. Cowboys – WIN

The Jets, Falcons, and Panthers all lost by more than the spread in Week 1. The Panthers and Jets were closer than the Falcons, but losses are losses.


Blazing Five Record Last Season

After the 2019 regular season ended, Colin Cowherd was just over .500, posting a 42-41-3 record. Cowherd also provided his picks for the playoffs, and we tracked those picks as well. Here is how the “Blazing 5” performed in 2019:

Last season, Cowherd was just over .500 but with the juice he was likely down on the season. Will he do better in 2020? Bet on the Blazing 5 (for or against) at FOX Bet Sportsbook.







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