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Cowherd NFL picks this week


One of the most popular pieces of media in 2020 is the growing podcast space. One of the most well-known podcasts is recorded via video as well, with Colin Cowherd’s “The Herd”. This pairs well with the booming legal sports betting space, as wagering on sports becomes more and more popular in the US and more and more accepted on the airwaves. Each and every week, Cowherd gives his “Blazin’ 5” picks on the NFL on his podcast. This is ActionRush’s second year covering Cowherd’s picks, where he was just under .500 in 2019. So far in 2020, Cowherd is quite a few games under .500 after three losing weeks in a row. If you have faded Cowherd’s picks, you have won in 2020.

Each afternoon on “The Herd”, Cowherd gives his favorite picks and analysis on why he believes certain teams will cover the spread. Here is Cowherd’s Week 7 NFL Blazin’ 5 picks and analysis, with odds from FOX Bet Sportsbook.


Colin Cowherd Week 7 NFL Picks

Cowherd’s “Blazing 5” picks for Week 7 in the NFL have been released, as they are each week on his “The Herd” podcast. Here is a look at Colin’s favorite games and his five top picks against the spread on FOX Bet Sportsbook.

  • Packers -3.5 vs. Texans
  • Steelers +1.5 vs. Titans
  • Saints -7.5 vs. Panthers
  • Seahawks -3.5 vs. Cardinals
  • Rams -6 vs. Bears








Cowherd’s NFL Week 7 Picks and Analysis

Every week at the beginning of the “The Herd”, Colin Cowherd breaks down five NFL games with his picks against the spread. Last week was not a good one for Cowherd, losing three of five games for a 2-3 record. This makes three bad weeks in a row, and Cowherd will look to get back on track in Week 7. Here are his picks for Week 7 in the NFL:


Green Bay Packers (-3.5) vs. Houston Texans

This is Cowherd’s favorite pick of the week!

  • Good teams who are humiliated previous week.
  • Two turnovers all year, both last week.
  • Texans has given up more big plays than anyone in the NFL.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Packers 40-23


Pittsburgh Steelers (+1.5) vs. Tennessee Titans

The Steelers as an underdog is one of Cowherd’s favorite picks of the week, for many reasons.

  • Taylor Lewan is out against the Steelers’ pass rush.
  • Tennessee is last in third down defense, and Pittsburgh plays well on third down.
  • Big Ben is having one of his best years, Cowherd loves it.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Steelers 28-23


New Orleans Saints (-7.5) vs. Carolina Panthers

Cowherd is confident in this one, given the Saints have had plenty of time to prepare for a quarterback they know well.

  • Saints off a bye, Saints are 3-1 in those games.
  • Brees completing over 70% of his throws, Panthers has no pass rush.
  • Teddy Bridgewater was with the Saints, and the Saints have had time to prepare for him.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Saints 30-20


Seattle Seahawks (-3.5) vs. Arizona Cardinals

Cowherd picks another favorite for this week, as he continues to take Seattle Seahawks games. Here is why he likes Seattle.

  • Seattle 4-0 in the last 4 off a bye.
  • Arizona is on a short week, against a team off a bye.
  • Wilson has played ARZ eight times, and is 6-0-1 after losing his first career start.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Seahawks 34-24


Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams (-6)

Cowherd finishes his “Blazing 5” with a Rams favorite pick, saying he is one of the only people that actually still likes the Rams.

  • Bears are limited offensively, and Nick Foles continues to turn the ball over.
  • Rams defense is better than people think, allowing under 20 PPG this season.
  • Jared Goff highest passer rating in the fourth quarter, great in a close game.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Rams 28-20




2020 Cowherd Blazing Five Picks record falls to 12-17-1

Last week, Cowherd said “It’s time to get my act together”. Unfortunately for him, that did not happen. He went 2-3, moving his last three weeks’ record to 4-10-1 after a decent start. 12-17-1 is a deep hole, here is how Cowherd got there:

Cowherd’s Week 6 NFL Picks were not kind to bettors who tailed, as Cowherd went 2-3. Here is a look:

  • Steelers (-4) vs. CLE – Win
  • Patriots (-9.5) vs. DEN – Loss
  • Ravens (-7.5) vs. PHI – Loss
  • Packers (-1) vs. TB – Loss
  • 49ers (+3.5) vs. LAR – Win

Cowherd’s Week 5 Blazin’ 5 Picks was a terrible week at 1-4, here were his choices:

  • Falcons (-2.5) vs. CAR – LOSS
  • Jaguars (+6) vs. HOU – LOSS
  • Washington (+7.5) vs. LAR – LOSS
  • Colts (-1) vs. CLE – LOSS
  • Vikings (+7) vs. SEA – WIN

Week 4 Blazin’ 5 NFL Picks was a one-win week, but there was a push as the Bucs tied. Here were his picks:

  • Cowboys -5.5 – LOSS
  • Bears +2.5 – LOSS
  • Dolphins +6 – LOSS
  • Buccaneers -7 – PUSH
  • Bills -3 – WIN

Cowherd’s Week 3 Picks were his best week of the season so far, going 4-1 with the Texans being the lone loss. Here were his Week 3 picks:

  • Bills (-2.5) – WIN
  • Patriots (-5.5) – WIN
  • Bengals (+5) – WIN
  • Texans (+4.5) – LOSS
  • Buccaneers (-6) – WIN

Week 2 Cowherd Blazin’ 5 Picks included a mixed bag, ending in a loss with a 2-3 record. Here’s his picks:

  • Cowboys (-5) – LOSS
  • Lions (+6.5) – LOSS
  • Dolphins (+5.5) – WIN
  • Bucs (-7.5) – WIN
  • Patriots (+4) – LOSS

Week 1 Cowherd Blazin’ 5 Picks set the table for 2020, with a 2-3 record. Cowherd has had three two-win weeks already. Here were his Week 1 picks:

  • Ravens (-7) vs. Browns – WIN
  • Jets (+6.5) at Bills – LOSS
  • Falcons (+2.5) vs. Seahawks – LOSS
  • Panthers (+3) vs. Raiders – LOSS
  • LA Rams (+3) vs. Cowboys – WIN


Colin Cowherd’s 2019 Blazin’ 5 Record: 42-41-3

Cowherd has not had a good 2020, but in 2019 he was a tick above .500 in the regular season. Cowherd started off hot, but seemed to fall off as the season went on. Given his slow start in 2020, does that make his picks an easy fade? Here is a look at his 2019 picks, broken down by season and playoffs:







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