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Cowherd NFL picks this week

When it comes to sports media, one of the most popular (or infamous) names is Colin Cowherd. For the last few years, Cowherd has been an analyst for FOX Sports, and has had a podcast called “The Herd”. The audio/video of “The Herd” each and every week provides insight on the NFL, some quick-witted humor, and of course Colin Cowherd’s “Blazing 5”. The “Blazing 5” segment is where Cowherd picks his favorite five NFL games each and every week against the spread. Here at ActionRush, we have covered his “Blazing 5” picks for two years, tracking his success (or lack thereof) and more. In 2019, he was just under .500, but he has started very slowly in 2020. If you have picked the other side of Cowherd’s picks in 2020, you have made money.

Each Friday afternoon, Cowherd gives his favorite picks and analysis on each of those five games in his “Blazing 5“. Here are his Week 8 NFL picks, with odds provided by FOX Bet Sportsbook.


Colin Cowherd NFL Picks This Week

On his weekly segment, Cowherd has released his “Blazing 5” picks for Week 8 in the NFL. Here is a look at Colin’s favorite games and his five picks for this week in the NFL at FOX Bet Sportsbook.

  • Dolphins (+4) vs. Rams
  • Titans (-6.5) vs. Bengals
  • Colts (-3) vs. Lions
  • Broncos (+3.5) vs. Chargers
  • Seahawks (-3) vs. 49ers







Cowherd’s NFL Week 8 Picks and Analysis

Every week at the beginning of his second hour, Colin Cowherd provides not only his favorite five picks against the spread in the NFL, but a wealth of statistics and reasoning as to why he likes said plays. Last week, Cowherd’s record was 3-2, so he finally had a positive week after a few poor bad ones in a row. Here are Cowherd’s picks and analysis for Week 8 in the NFL:


Los Angeles Rams vs. Miami Dolphins (+4)

Cowherd thinks this will be an ugly football game, but likes the Miami Dolphins in Tua Tagavailoa’s first NFL start. Here is why:

  • Rams on a short week, fly east for an early game.
  • Miami is well coached, off a bye. Tua’s first game.
  • Rams have no tape on Tua, Colin likes Miami.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Dolphins 27-26


Tennessee Titans (-6.5) vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Last week the Titans lost to the Steelers, and everyone thought they were one of the best teams in the NFL. Losing to the Steelers does not make them a team that shouldn’t be more than a touchdown favorite over the Bengals right? Cowherd thinks so, and it’s one reason why he likes Tennessee.

  • Bengals have some serious injuries, they are falling apart.
  • Titans have fourth-best offense in the NFL.
  • Tannehill has a passer rating of 115, best in the NFL.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Titans 38-24


Indianapolis Colts (-3) vs. Detroit Lions

Cowherd likes the favored Colts in Week 8, as Frank Reich gets a chance to coach off a bye and continue his undefeated record after the off week. Here is why he likes Indianapolis over Detroit:

  • We always like good coaches off a bye, says Cowherd.
  • Reich is 2-0 off a bye, gets a poor Lions team as an opponent.
  • The Lions are horrible against the run.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Colts 27-20


Los Angeles Chargers vs. Denver Broncos (+3.5)

Cowherd has raved about Justin Herbert, but likes the Broncos in an upset in Week 8. Here is why he thinks Denver will beat the Chargers:

  • Justin Herbert is really talented, but has never played in the altitude.
  • Denver has a top-5 defense since Week 4.
  • Even still, a rookie QB against a very good defensive coordinator.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Broncos 28-27


San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks (-3)

Seattle is still one of the best teams in the NFL, and Cowherd mentions he rarely picks Seattle but likes them in Week 8. Here is why:

  • Jamal Adams is coming back.
  • 49ers are injured and are really falling apart. RBs and Deebo Samuel are out.
  • Seattle should have won last week, still one of the best teams in the NFL.

Cowherd’s Prediction: Seattle 28-21




Cowherd Blazing Five Picks record improves to 15-19-1

Last week, Cowherd went 3-2 in his first positive week in what seemed like forever. Cowherd was 4-10-1 across three weeks before last week, but a positive week moves him closer to .500 on the season. Here is a look at Cowherd’s NFL picks from last week, and how he has fared in each week leading up to now.

In Week 7, Cowherd went 3-2 for a first positive week in quite awhile. Here is who he had:

  • Packers -3.5 vs. Texans – Win
  • Steelers +1.5 vs. Titans – Win
  • Saints -7.5 vs. Panthers – Loss
  • Seahawks -3.5 vs. Cardinals – Loss
  • Rams -6 vs. Bears – Win

For Cowherd’s Week 6 picks, he struggled with just two wins in five tries. Here’s a look:

  • Steelers (-4) vs. CLE – Win
  • Patriots (-9.5) vs. DEN – Loss
  • Ravens (-7.5) vs. PHI – Loss
  • Packers (-1) vs. TB – Loss
  • 49ers (+3.5) vs. LAR – Win

In Week 5, Cowherd’s “Blazin’ 5”  went 1-4, as he struggled for the second week in a row. Here is who he liked in Week 5:

  • Falcons (-2.5) vs. CAR – LOSS
  • Jaguars (+6) vs. HOU – LOSS
  • Washington (+7.5) vs. LAR – LOSS
  • Colts (-1) vs. CLE – LOSS
  • Vikings (+7) vs. SEA – WIN

Week 4’s picks yielded just one win, as Cowherd went 1-3-1 after a push in the Bucs’ game. Cowherd’s Week 4 picks were:

  • Cowboys -5.5 – LOSS
  • Bears +2.5 – LOSS
  • Dolphins +6 – LOSS
  • Buccaneers -7 – PUSH
  • Bills -3 – WIN

Week 3 was Cowherd’s best week, going 4-1 and losing just one game (Texans). It was his best week of the year. Here’s who Colin liked:

  • Bills (-2.5) – WIN
  • Patriots (-5.5) – WIN
  • Bengals (+5) – WIN
  • Texans (+4.5) – LOSS
  • Buccaneers (-6) – WIN

Week 2 was Cowherd’s second consecutive 2-3 week, putting him at 4-6 for the first two weeks. His picks were:

  • Cowboys (-5) – LOSS
  • Lions (+6.5) – LOSS
  • Dolphins (+5.5) – WIN
  • Bucs (-7.5) – WIN
  • Patriots (+4) – LOSS

In Week 1, Cowherd wanted to start hot for his “Blazin’ 5”, but it did not work out that way as he went 2-3 on the week.

  • Ravens (-7) vs. Browns – WIN
  • Jets (+6.5) at Bills – LOSS
  • Falcons (+2.5) vs. Seahawks – LOSS
  • Panthers (+3) vs. Raiders – LOSS
  • LA Rams (+3) vs. Cowboys – WIN


Colin Cowherd’s 2019 Picks Record: 42-41-3

While Cowherd has certainly struggled so far in 2020, he was better in 2019 during the regular season. Cowherd was 42-41-3 for the regular season, but was below .500 in the playoffs. He did start hot in 2019, so a slow finish combined with a slow start in 2020 means that Cowherd has been a poor handicapper for nearly 16 total weeks of football. Is he an easy fade? Here is a look at how Cowherd fared in 2019.







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