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Cowherd NFL picks this week

FoxSports’ Colin Cowherd has become quite the polarizing handicapper, for better or worse. In what is called the “Blazing 5” segment on “The Herd”, Cowherd breaks down his favorite games and makes five picks each week of the NFL season. This week is no different, as Cowherd goes over his favorite picks.

After starting out hot, Cowherd has been up and down. Some bad beats, some good wins, some bad picks, and more.

The NFL regular season ended with Cowherd being just above .500. Entering the playoffs, he “handicaps” each game discussing his predictions for each on his Fox Sports podcast and “The Herd” radio show.

Last week was horrendous for Cowherd, LOSING ALL FOUR WILD CARD PICKS.

Entering the Wild Card Round, his record was 42-41-3 in the regular season. With the 2020 Super Bowl right around the corner, Colin needs to get things in gear.


Last Week’s Cowherd Blazing 5

  • Buffalo Bills (-2.5) @ Houston Texans
  • Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots (-4.5)
  • Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints (-8)
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles (+1.5)

Cowherd went 0-4 last week, an abomination week of picks.

The Bills lost in overtime, the Patriots and Saints lost straight up, and the Eagles lost by eight after losing Carson Wentz.

The Blazin’ 5 had a winning record in 11 of 17 weeks in the regular season, and was above .500…but barely.

In the playoffs, Cowherd is currently 0-4.

Cowherd Blazing 5 Record For 2019-2020 NFL Season

42-41-3 Regular Season (0-4 playoffs)


NFL Playoffs Colin Cowherd Blazing 5 Picks

Cowherd’s Blazing 5 Picks are released each week on Friday’s during his show.

With 13-15 games to choose from each week during the regular season, Cowherd usually has a “Blazin’ 5”.

With just four NFL games this weekend for the Divisional Round, he said he’d only bet on one or two of them but did offer his picks for all four, like he did last week.

Here is this week’s “Blazin’ 5”, playoff edition.

Colin Cowherd’s “Blazin’ 5” for the Divisional Round

  • Minnesota Vikings @ San Francisco 49ers -7
  • Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens -9.5
  • Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs -9.5 – see our pick
  • Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers -4 – see our pick


NFL Divisional Round Blazin’ 5  Picks Breakdown

  • 49ers over Vikings 27-20
  • Ravens over Titans 31-20
  • Chiefs over Texans 33-23
  • Packers over Seahawks 27-23

In this week’s Divisional Round, Cowherd likes all the home favorites. He does say “I’m not going to go 4-0, someone will get upset”. But is sticking to the favorites. Cowherd mentions he likes the line for the Niners and Packers, but still mentions both teams as winners with that score.

The 49ers -7 would be a push with his prediction, the Ravens and Chiefs would cover, and the Packers would be a push with his projected score.


Cowherd’s Analysis on Fox Sports “The Herd”

  • Cowherd does not like the Minnesota Vikings offensive line, which is a big weakness against a terrific front seven in the 49ers.
  • Cowherd loves the offense for the Ravens of course, but is really intrigued with how good the Ravens defense is. He mentions that the Ravens can put their corners on islands, and load the box against Derrick Henry.
  • In KC against the Texans, Cowherd talks one thing right away. The Chiefs defensive linemen of Chris Jones and Frank Clark will destroy the Texans’ offensive line. Cowherd mentions all the things he is “getting” in Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid after a bye, their offensive weapons and more.
  • Lastly, the Seahawks and Packers Cowherd thinks is the closest game, but the Packers prevail. He said the Seahawks are a “one-trick pony, and that one trick is Russell Wilson”. This makes a lot of sense given who the Seahawks beat last week, Josh McCown with a torn hamstring.
  • Cowherd says he is betting his own money on the Baltimore Ravens -9.5, so of any picks this week that would be his favorite.



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