College Football National Title Odds 2021: Clemson leads at +120 to win CFB Playoff

The 2020 college football season has been massively impacted by COVID-19. Amazingly, Ohio State is the #2 favorite to win the 2021 national title game as the BIG 10 is currently not participating in the season. Rumors abound that the BIG 10 may have a season that begins around Thanksgiving weekend. How that will impact the overall college football championship odds has to be determined.


Updated 2021 FanDuel College Football National Championship Odds


Program Current National Championship Odds
Clemson +150
Alabama +300
Ohio State +300
Georgia +1600
Florida +2500
Penn State +3000
Notre Dame +5000
Texas A&M +5000
Wisconsin +5000

With the Big 10 and PAC12 back in the mix, the CFB futures odds have been updated at FanDuel Sportsbook. Clemson leads at +150, but Alabama is right behind them at +300 on FanDuel. After Ohio State at three, four and five is a duo of SEC powerhouses in Georgia and Florida, then there is a dropoff in odds as Penn State is listed at 30:1 then Notre Dame and others at +5000.


Week 7 CFB National Title Odds Update

Clemson continues to lead the way at +150, and are massive favorites against Syracuse in Week 8 so that will unlikely change. Alabama and Ohio State are tied at +300, as the Big Ten schedule begins play in Week 8. We will likely see Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin odds move based on their play in Week 8’s games. There are quite a few big games this weekend that could affect odds, including the following:

  • NC State vs. North Carolina
  • Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State
  • Michigan vs. Minnesota


Week 6 CFB National Title Update

After the sixth week of college football, the cream of the crop is starting to separate after some upsets, conference play, and more. At FanDuel Sportsbook, Clemson is now the favorite at +200 with Alabama down to +300. Did Nick Saban’s COVID-19 positive test cause any movement for Alabama? Unlikely, but if his Crimson Tide lose in Week 7 against the Georgia Bulldogs, Alabama’s title hopes will certainly fall while Georgia’s would certainly skyrocket. LSU and Florida was already postponed in Week 7, so keep an eye out for any other top-tier CFB teams to be PPD in Week 7. Here are the marquee games in Week 7:

  • #3 Georgia vs. #2 Alabama
  • LSU vs. #10 Florida (PPD)
  • #5 UNC vs. Florida State
  • #1 Clemson vs. Georgia Tech


Week 5 CFB National Title Update

After five weeks of college football, the schedule begins to tighten up in terms of “cupcakes” as the top teams are playing each other in Week 6. The odds have moved a bit, and Clemson is no longer the standalone favorite as they are tied with Alabama at +250 at the top of the chart. Week 6 will certainly change the odds though, as there are plenty of marquee games with title implications across many games. Here is a look at some of the games that will cause National Championship futures odds movement in Week 6:

  • #4 Florida at #21 Texas A&M
  • #19 Virginia Tech at #8 North Carolina
  • #14 Tennessee at #3 Georgia
  • #2 Alabama at Ole Miss
  • #7 Miami (FL) at #1 Clemson
  • Florida State at #5 Notre Dame

With each of the top five teams in action against teams that could pull off an upset, there is a potential for a large swing in CFB futures in Week 6.

Week 4 CFB National Title Update

After four weeks of college football, the matchups are getting more and more appealing. With the B1G returning, the PAC12 re-voting to resume play, and the SEC and ACC in full swing, we may see as close to a full college football season as possible under the circumstances. Looking at Week 4, the National Championship odds have adjusted slightly. Clemson is now the sole favorite at +200, increasing from +250 entering Week 3. In addition, the Florida Gators have passed the Georgia Bulldogs as they have +1200 odds to win the National Championship, behind Clemson, Ohio State, and Alabama. With marquee matches

Week 3 CFB National Title Update

As Week 3 begins, the SEC is back in action and the B1G has officially announced a return to play. Clemson is no longer the sole leader in terms of National Championship odds, as the Ohio State Buckeyes are +250 as well to win the title. Clemson and Ohio State are locked at the top ahead of Alabama, which flows directly like the Heisman Trophy odds. With the SEC (and other conferences) playing a different schedule, it will be interesting to see the National Championship odds movement throughout the season with conference-only schedules for most teams. This is shaping up to be quite the eventful college football season.

Week 2 CFB National Title Update

Clemson remains as the favorite to win the 2021 CFB National Championship at +200 DraftKings Sportsbook. Ohio State was second at +250, but was removed as there is was sure thing with the Big Ten this season. With that said, the Big Ten returned and Ohio State went back on the board at +250. Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, and LSU have all lost their quarterback to the NFL Draft, but some have top tier recruits filling the position. Keeping an eye on odds movement throughout the season will be key, as it will become more and more clear after the B1G returns. In mid-April, the Texas A&M Aggies jumped into the Top 10 at +3300 on DraftKings Sportsbook, but have fallen to +3300. As of July, the odds changed with new proposed conference-only schedules…hence the Clemson move from +250 to +150, then back to +200 after adjustments and the return of Ohio State to the board. In early August, Georgia’s odds rose from +1200 to +700. After the Big Ten teams were removed, odds jumped again, but moved for a third time after the Big Ten was put back on the board. In mid-September, the odds show Clemson, Ohio State, and Alabama as the clear top three.


2021 College Football National Championship Odds Movement


Program Current National Championship Odds September 19 September 7 August 11 July 25 July 15 July 1 June 15 Odds May 15 Odds April 15 Odds April 4 Odds
Iowa +15000 +15000 +15000 +10000 +10000 +10000 +10000 +10000 +10000 +8000 +8000
Michigan +4000 +4000 +4000 +8000 +8000 +8000 +6600 +6600 +6600 +5000 +5000
USC +8000 +8000 +8000 +5000 +5000 +5000 +4000 +4000
Texas +4000 +3300 +3300 +5000 +5000 +5000 +4000 +4000 +4000 +3300 +3300
Oregon +5000 +5000 +5000 +5000 +5000 +5000 +4500 +4000
Notre Dame +4000 +4000 +4000 +3300 +3300 +5000 +2800 +2800 +2800 +2500 +2000
Oklahoma +2800 +2000 +2000 +3300 +3300 +3300 +3300 +3300 +3300 +3000 +2500
Texas A&M +5000 +4000 +4000 +4000 +4000 +4000 +3300 +3300 +3300 +3000 +4000
Florida +1200 +1800 +1800 +2500 +2000 +2000 +1800 +1800 +1800 +1600 +1400
LSU +10000 +3300 +3300 +2000 +2000 +2000 +1800 +1800 +1800 +1600 +1400

The odds moving from August to September was crazy, as many teams have opted out of the season, and the PAC12 was taken off the board completely. While the teams at the very top have not moved that much, the teams in the middle have seen some drastic changes as you can see above. LSU has seen a ton of movement, going from +1400 to +2000 to +3300 throughout the first three weeks but down to +10000 after Week 3. These odds will move again as the PAC12 looks to resume football as the B1G and other conferences have. Keep an eye on the odds movement throughout the season.

Make sure to find the best odds to get the best value for your bets, and check out the CFB Win Totals market, as well.


2021 College Football National Championship Betting Trends

Did you bet on LSU to win the National Championship last year? If you did before the season started, you got the Tigers at 30/1, which resulted in $300 for a $10 bettor. Who is this year’s LSU? Bettors are looking to find out, as 2021 College Football National Championship odds have been released and have moved already. Since LSU won the title in early 2020, odds have shifted based on which players entered the NFL Draft, and more. Let’s take a look at the latest college football odds, odds movement, and where bettors are putting their money courtesy of William Hill US.



Georgia Bulldogs To Make Noise in 2020?

One team to keep an eye out for is the Georgia Bulldogs. Did Kirby Smart make a mistake letting Justin Fields go? Maybe, but with Jamie Newman in as the Bulldogs’ new QB, Georgia is trending upwards. The worry will be if the virus hurts Newman’s chances to get acclimated to the offense. Georgia’s current odds on DraftKings Sportsbook are +1200 to win the College Football Playoff, dropping since early April at +900. In August, odds rose to +700 for the SEC powerhouse.


Most Popular College Football Championship Bets

Popular CFB Bets – Percentage of Tickets


Popular Bet to Win CFB Title Percentage of Tickets
Alabama 8%
Ohio State 7%
Clemson 6%
Florida 5%
Georgia 5%
Notre Dame 4%
Iowa 4%
Auburn 4%
LSU 4%
Texas 4%

It is quite refreshing to see the percentage of betting tickets on CFB futures to be so spread out. With that being said, Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson top the charts all above 5%. What is interesting is the Florida Gators are fourth behind the perennial powerhouses with 5% of the total betting tickets at +1500. The Gators have LSU and Georgia this season in addition to its rivalry games, so the schedule could be a potential problem. If the Gators can win at least one of those games, +1500 is a good price to pay for a potential national championship contender. Another team to keep an eye on is Iowa at 4%, as many Iowa fans may have caused this to skew at William Hill sportsbooks.

Popular CFB Bets – Percentage of Dollars Wagered


Popular Bet to Win CFB Title Percentage of Dollars Wagered
Clemson 20%
Alabama 14%
Ohio State 9%
Georgia 7%
Florida 5%
Notre Dame 5%
Oklahoma State 4%
Miami 3%
Auburn 3%
Texas 3%

While the total tickets are spread out, there is no doubt who bettors are backing with their money. 20% of the total dollars wagered on this futures market has come in on Clemson. With nearly all of their top offensive players returning, it makes sense. Given the overwhelming likelihood of Trevor Lawrence being a Heisman favorite and a potential first pick in the NFL Draft, Clemson has all the ammo to make a run at a National Championship. Second behind the Tigers is Alabama at 14% of the total dollars wagered. Alabama will always garner respect in futures betting, but this makes sense given the fact that they are +450, up from +600. Even with a new quarterback, Alabama will be one of the more talented teams in the entire country with the second-ranked class per 247 sports.

Two teams to keep an eye on are Oklahoma State at 4% of the money at 75:1 (down from 250:1) and Miami at 60/1 down from 200/1.

For more odds, be sure to check out William Hill Sportsbook.



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