Last Updated on May 8, 2020

From June 25 to July 29, more than $8 million was wagered on sports in Delaware’s three casinos, according to the Delaware Lottery.  Delaware Park represents most of that figure, bringing in $5.8 million. They garnered plenty of traffic from nearby out of state clientele from states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. When it was all said and done and the money was properly allocated, Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Huntington Raceway netted a combined $185,000. If you backdate to June 5th, Delaware has taken in over $15 Million Dollars in sports bets!

“Bettors had a higher win percentage in the second month of action in Delaware. In the first 20 days, which saw more than $875,000 in net proceeds, gamblers won almost exactly $1 million less then the total number of wagered bets  ($7 million vs. $6 million),” according to Jeff Neiburg of the Delaware News Journal. Over that 35-day period for July’s figures, gamblers won almost $7.7 million.

In that time, the casinos saw World Cup wagers dry up by mid-July and while baseball is still being wagered on, college football and the NFL are right around the corner. Delaware Sports Betting should do just fine when that happens.

This is a breakdown of what each casino did over June 25 to July 29 period:

Delaware Park Sports Betting:

Total wagered: $5,823,029

Number of wagers: 90,603

Casino’s take: $133,843

Dover Downs Sports Betting:

Total wagered: $1,674,262

Number of wagers: 19,877

Casino’s take: $36,296

Harrington Raceway Sports Betting:

Total wagered: $717,474

Number of wagers: 12,006

Casino’s take: $15,417


Recently, Delaware’s neighboring state New Jersey saw DraftKings Sportsbook launch their mobile betting app, something Delaware hasn’t ruled out from getting involved with, but it’s unclear when anything of that sort will occur. For Delaware being so close to states like New Jersey with a much more desirable tourist attraction in Atlantic City, the state should be proud of their initial success. And it will only get better when football gets here.

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