Last Updated on May 10, 2021

The talk of the NFL offseason has been (and will be) where Aaron Rodgers lands for the 2021 season. Will he return to Green Bay? Time will tell, but what is clearly evident is the odds movement power that the NFL MVP possesses. The Denver Broncos are rumored to be one of the teams where Rodgers could play for, and their futures odds have drastically shifted with even the slight possibility that Rodgers ends up as a Bronco.

Let’s take a look at how the Denver Broncos NFL futures markets have shifted due to the Rodgers rumors, given that his next team could be in Denver. The odds have shifted heavily after the NFL Draft.



Denver Broncos Betting Odds 2021

The Broncos are one of the most popular teams to wager on from a futures perspective, as many bettors that believe Rodgers could be headed to Denver will have placed wagers on the Broncos futures. Here are the markets to keep an eye on, that bettors like:

Let’s take a look at a few specific markets that saw some drastic movement, either from the books changing or from heavy public betting.


Broncos Super Bowl Odds

There were a few teams that saw significant odds movement after the NFL Draft, and Denver was one of them. Take a look at the movement, which is mostly due to the Aaron Rodgers rumors.

Team Current SB Odds SB Odds Post-Draft SB Odds Pre-Draft Difference
DEN Broncos +2200 +2500 +6600 -4400

As you can see, Denver’s odds to win the Super Bowl before the NFL Draft were a long shot at +6600. Immediately after the draft, those odds were +2500. Since then, it has moved to +2200 which indicates that there is still some money coming in on the Broncos or there is even money on both sides.

At +2200, the Broncos are in the top 10 in terms of odds to win the Super Bowl.

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Win Total Rises for the Broncos

In the NFL offseason, a popular betting market is the win totals market. The Denver Broncos opened at 7.5 wins, but after the initial Rodgers news that moved all the way to 8.5 wins at BetMGM Sportsbook. The interesting part is the initial move was from 7.5 wins to 9 wins, but has since moved back down to 8.5.

Team Current Win Totals Win Totals Post-Draft Win Totals Pre-Draft
DEN Broncos 8.5 9 7.5

Here is a look at the updated win totals, with all of the odds from various sportsbooks. Getting the best number and price is essential, as a half a win in the NFL is a massive change.

[metabet_core_futures_board league=”nfl” site_id=”actionrush” hide_consensus=”yes” style=”classic” market=”nfl_season_wins” hide_location=”yes”]


Rodgers to Broncos Rumors Shifts Betting Markets

It is not often that odds or prices shift as drastically as the Broncos odds have, but that is driven entirely by the Aaron Rodgers news. A player like Rodgers can change the landscape of a franchise, especially for one season. This table shows just how drastic the movement was before and after the Rodgers news.

Betting Market Broncos Current Odds Odds before Rodgers Rumors
Super Bowl +2200 +6600
Win Totals 8.5 7

When a player as good as Rodgers is even rumored to move teams, that will happen.

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