Last Updated on July 2, 2020


The Detroit Tigers are making history, becoming the first MLB team to partner with a sportsbook. The Tigers are linking up with PointsBet in a deal that will feature the sportsbook on stadium signage, the team’s radio network, and a handful of other places.

“Our great fans will enjoy the unique experiences and innovative offerings that PointsBet’s personalized platform provides,” Chris Granger, a group president for Ilitch Holdings, the company that represents the Tigers, said in a release per ESPN. “As we usher in legal and responsible sports betting, we look forward to the fan-friendly enhancements that it will make to the game-day experience in and around Comerica Park.”

This is yet another sign that legal sports betting is going to be front and center in the coming years. While the Tigers are the first MLB team to agree to a partnership like this, the Denver Broncos of the NFL reached a similar agreement with FanDuel Sportsbook earlier in June. Although baseball isn’t synonymous with sports betting quite like football is, CEO of PointsBet Johnny Aitken believes it’s an area where they can innovate.

“I view baseball as arguably the most disruptable sport when it comes to innovation around betting,” Aitken told ESPN. “I think there’s a huge amount of innovation that can happen around baseball betting.”

“Even if you join the broadcast in the seventh inning, and the Tigers are winning 6-0 over the Red Sox, there’s still an exciting way to place some action for the remainder of the game,” Aitken added.

Look for more partnerships like this across baseball (and all sports for that matter). Colorado recently legalized online sports betting so a partnership between the Rockies and a sportsbook would seem like a natural fit. Additionally, Illinois is also moving forward with mobile sports betting, making the Cubs and White Sox solid candidates to ink a deal like this.