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March is here, which means it is time for college basketball’s “March Madness”. With the college basketball season coming to a close, that means the beginning of the best two weeks in sports betting, the NCAA Tournament. With all the games, multiple tournaments, and over 200 teams vying for championships or conference titles, March really is madness. When it comes to betting, there is no better time. Whether you are watching from your home or at a sports bar, there is no better betting atmosphere than when watching college basketball.

The NCAA Tournament is set to begin on March 18th with the “First Four” with the first two rounds taking place on Friday, March 19th through the 21st. Here’s a full breakdown of the NCAA Tournament info, dates, and times.

With legal sports betting becoming more and more widespread in the US, many bettors are able to legally wager on March Madness. This is a guide for how to bet on everything college basketball in March. Learn the few steps to take to sign up, which sportsbooks are available in each legal sports betting state, a look at March Madness odds and more. Even check out our betting picks for the tournament, and a look at two of the top teams in the country.


How to Bet on March Madness in 2021

Betting on March Madness and the NCAA Tournament is a lot of fun, and with many more states allowing legal sports betting in the US, more bettors will be wagering on the event now than ever. There are a few steps to take to get started on March Madness betting, let’s walk through them step-by-step.


Step 1: Pick a Sportsbook

Picking a legal sportsbook is easy, and it’s recommended that you have multiple apps in order to get the best prices when betting on March Madness. Depending on which state you are in, there are many choices for which sports betting platform(s) you can choose from. If you are in a state such as New Jersey, you have over a dozen choices. If you are in a newer sports betting state like Illinois, your choices are more limited. Choosing a sportsbook at first is based on reviews and welcome bonuses.

Here’s a look at some of the best available.


Step 2: Create an Account

The second step once you find which sportsbook(s) you wish to play at is to create an account. The account creation process varies depending on the state and app you use, but fundamentally it all comes down to registering your information to prove that you are a real person and located in the state in order to be eligible to wager. The bits of information that you will need to input are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Last four digits of SSN

Do not let this scare you though, as it is regulated by the states in order to allow the platforms to verify that you are eligible to wager on sports. You will need to do the above for any legal sportsbook. Sometimes, sportsbooks may ask for an ID upload, such as a drivers license to prove your name and identification.


Step 3: Fund your Account

After you register and create an account at your favorite sportsbook, the next step is to fund your account with one of the many available deposit options. The payment processors will vary by state and sportsbook, but many legal sportsbooks all have the same choices. Here are some ways to fund your legal sports betting account:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit Card
  • and more

Keep in mind that when you deposit for the first time, many legal sportsbooks will provide you with a generous deposit bonus. Be sure to take advantage of that and gain the most in your first deposit.


Step 4: Place your March Madness Bets

After you have funded your account, the very next step is placing your first wager on March Madness! Every sportsbook is different in terms of navigation, but you will be able to find “March Madness” in either the CBB or NCAAB tabs if sorted by sport.

Once you reach the sport navigation, you will be able to choose which betting market you would like to wager on. Some examples are:

  • To Win NCAA Tournament
  • Game Lines
  • Futures
  • Parlays

Once you select your wager, your bets will go to what is called your “bet slip”, which shows which bets you are placing, and for how much. On your bet slip, you can see the odds you are betting, how much you are wagering, and more. After you select your wagering amount, click submit and enjoy the games!


Top March Madness Promotions

March Madness is a great time to take advantage of legal sportsbooks offering generous welcome bonuses and promotions for the tournament. Here is a look at our favorites:

Check out all the best promotions for March Madness in our tracker, here.


Bet on March Madness in Michigan

There is no doubt that the state of Michigan is one of the most popular when it comes to college basketball. From the Michigan Wolverines to the Michigan State Spartans, Michigan is a hub for Big Ten basketball. Given that the state can now wager on college basketball, this will be huge March for the state. In addition, there are no restrictions on betting on in-state teams, so the fans of both Michigan Big Ten teams will be able to wager freely on their favorite school. Here’s a list of the top sportsbooks available in the state.


Virginia Welcome March Madness Betting

The commonwealth of Virginia is one of the newest states to the legal sports betting space, and it came just in time for March Madness in 2021. Unfortunately, you cannot wager on in-state teams in Virginia which takes away a lot of teams like Virginia, VCU, Virginia Tech, and more. But, you can wager on every other game with any of the legal sports betting apps on your phone. Here are the top sportsbooks available in Virginia.


Illinois Allows March Madness Betting for First Time

This will be the first year of March Madness in the state of Illinois, but no Illinois residents will be able to wager on in-state teams due to state laws. With that said, you can wager on all other NCAA games from your favorite mobile sportsbook. Here’s a look at the best legal sports betting apps in Illinois for March Madness.


Pennsylvania March Madness Betting Apps

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are not as many legal sportsbooks to choose from as others. With that said, it is one of the first states to legalize sports betting and has been operating for a few years now. The sportsbooks that are available in PA are allowed to offer wagers on in-state teams, including Penn State, Villanova, and the Philadelphia schools. Here’s a look at the top betting apps for March Madness in PA.


Tennessee Bettors Set to Wager on March Madness

There will definitely be at least one NCAA team in the tournament this year from the Volunteer State, as Tennessee bettors will be able to wager on the tournament for the first time in 2021. There is no restriction on wagering on in-state teams, so expect bettors to load up on the University of Tennessee and others in the state. Here’s a look at the sportsbooks available in Tennessee for March Madness betting.


New Jersey March Madness Betting 2021

New Jersey has become the new “Nevada” for legal sports betting. Surpassing Nevada in total handle, the sports betting hub of the US has quickly become the Garden State. With quick access from New York and other neighboring states, NJ has become a place where bettors will travel to place wagers. The only caveat for the NCAA Tournament is that you cannot wager on in-state teams, but you can wager on college basketball props at some sportsbooks. Here’s a look at the top online sportsbooks in New Jersey.


Bet on NCAA Tournament in Indiana

The state of Indiana is a haven for basketball, even if the Hoosiers do not make the NCAA Tournament. Indiana is one of the states with little to no restrictions, which allows for bettors in the state to wager on every college basketball game from the confines of their own home. Here’s a look at the top legal sportsbooks available in Indiana.


Best Sportsbooks for Iowa March Madness Betting

One of the most popular teams in college basketball this season is the Iowa Hawkeyes. This is great news for sports bettors in the state of Iowa because you are allowed to wager on in-state teams in-person and on mobile sportsbooks in the state. For the 2021 NCAA Tournament, sports bettors will never have to even leave the house to wager on every game in March Madness. Sounds great doesn’t it? Here’s a look at the top Iowa sportsbooks.


West Virginia March Madness Betting Apps

The great state of West Virginia is one of the few states that has seen March Madness happen already, given the growth in the last year but no NCAA Tournament in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. With that said, West Virginia presents no restrictions on which teams a better can wager on, so wherever the WVU basketball team plays, it will be able to be wagered on by fans in the state. Here is a look at the top sportsbooks in West Virginia.


DraftKings Sportsbook App is the most popular in the country!

New users get a $1,050 bonus!



Colorado March Madness Betting Apps

When it comes to legal sports betting, Colorado is one of the booming states in terms of handle. With many of the top legal sportsbooks entering the state, there are many platforms to choose from in the state. For March Madness, there are no limitations on what bettors can wager on in Colorado for college sports, which makes for a terrific crossover from fans to sports bettors. Here’s a look at the top sportsbooks in Colorado.


March Madness Betting Picks 2021

Betting on the NCAA Tournament is one of the most popular markets for legal sports bettors each and every year. Not only can you bet on each game individually, parlayed, or teased, but you can also wager in a number of ways at various legal sportsbooks in the futures market for college basketball. Here’s a look at some of our favorite betting picks entering March Madness.

  • Alabama to Win NCAA Tournament (+1300)
  • Villanova to win the Big East (+350)
  • Alabama to Make Final Four (+400)
  • Illinois to Make Final Four (+150)
  • Alabama to Get a #1 Seed (+130)

All odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.


Gonzaga Betting Odds

Gonzaga just cannot stop winning. After defeating BYU on Tuesday, March 9th, Gonzaga moved to 26-0 and are destined for the number one overall seed. You can get Gonzaga at +300 on BetMGM Sportsbook, but at the rest of the legal sportsbooks their odds are as high as +230.

Here’s a look at their highlights against Saint Mary’s, where you can see just how dangerous Gonzaga is from an athletic standpoint but also as a pure offensive powerhouse. Expect the college basketball betting public to be all over Gonzaga for most of the tournament.


Baylor Betting Odds

As one of the top two teams in the country, the Baylor Bears have some of the best odds in college basketball. Entering the conference tournaments, Baylor’s odds to win March Madness were +275 at DraftKings Sportsbook, but all the way at +320 at PointsBet.

Baylor is long, athletic, and can really shoot the three. Expect them to be a top seed in the NCAA Tournament and play for a championship. Just watch at how they performed against another ranked team in Texas Tech.


March Madness Cinderella Picks 2021

The best part about March Madness every year is finding the “Cinderella Stories” that advance to the Sweet 16 or further. We have seen teams such as FGCU and George Mason advance, and a ton of feel-good stories in the past. When it comes to betting on these picks, the odds are very long as they are not number one seeds. Here’s a look at some teams that could make a run as a “Cinderella” in the 2021 tournament:

  • Loyola-Chicago (+4500)
  • Drake (+6000)
  • VCU (+10000)

While these teams are not likely to win the whole thing, they could go far in the tournament and help give you a chance to hedge your wagers to make money.


2021 March Madness Odds

Here is a look at the best odds for each team as March Madness begins. Be sure to bet your futures with the best price, as it helps give you a chance to be more profitable in the long term. For example, if you wish to wager on Gonzaga at +300 on one sportsbook, but they are available at +350 at another book, be sure to get the better price to maximize potential payouts.

[metabet_core_futures_board league=”ncaab” site_id=”actionrush” hide_consensus=”yes” rows=”25″]

Looking for March Madness odds movement? We have tracked that, here.


March Madness Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Is betting on March Madness legal?

Yes. With legal sports betting in many states, wagering on college basketball is legal in many places in the US.

Can I bet on player props in college basketball?

It depends on which state you are located in. Some states (like NJ) allow for prop betting on college sports while others do not.

Can I bet on the NCAA Tournament?

Yes. The NCAA Tournament is legally allowed to be wagered on in many US states.

What is the best app to bet on March Madness?

There are many legal sportsbooks, but we've found that DraftKings Sportsbook is a favorite for many bettors.

Does DraftKings have March Madness betting?

Yes. At DraftKings Sportsbook, you can wager on March Madness if you are in a state that allows legal sports betting.

Can I bet on college basketball in my state?

Certain states have restrictions on college basketball betting, like Illinois who does not allow wagering on in-state teams. Most legal sports betting states allow you to wager on college basketball unrestricted.

When can I bet on March Madness?

March Madness 2021 starts on March 18th, but you can wager on the tournament in the futures market as soon as you choose.

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