Last Updated on August 10, 2020

Indiana Sports Betting

Indiana online sports betting is taking off in a big way. The Hoosier state saw $70.9 million in total handle during the month of July, according to Indiana Gaming Commission reporting. This is an uptick in total handle of 138% over the June figures and it’s highly likely that this number continues to grow as live sports continue into August, September, and October.


DraftKings & FanDuel Clean Up In Indiana

It should come as no surprise that DraftKings Indiana and FanDuel are the top two operators in Indiana. DraftKings Sportsbook accounts for close to half—$34 million—of the state’s total handle. DraftKings recently partnered with Ameristar Casino in East Chicago, Indiana.

But they weren’t the only big name making moves in Indiana. FanDuel Sportsbook, who joined forces with Blue Chip Casino, is hauling in $24.5 million of the total handle.

This shows how strong the top dogs are in these expanding markets. Part of the reason for the strength behind DraftKings and FanDuel Indiana is their easy-to-use mobile apps. Online sports betting is the key to big numbers and as a result, massive gains in tax revenues for states. With states taking massive losses due to the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis, they need to find tax revenue somewhere.



What Are People Betting On?

Of the major sports, it’s no surprise that baseball hauled in the largest percentage of the total handle in July with $14.5 million. MLB started the season in late July, before the NBA or NHL. Basketball clocks in at $5.8 million and football, despite not having any games until September, brought in $1.1 million in bets. Parlays actually brought in more money than baseball as a whole, accounting for $15.6 million in total handle.

These numbers are going to change significantly in the coming months. Baseball, basketball, and hockey are all back in full force in August. By the time September rolls around, the NFL, the cash cow of the sports betting world, could be kicking off as well.