Last Updated on May 23, 2020

NBA Season Restart

After news broke of the NHL’s proposed plan for a 24-team playoff heading into their postseason, the NBA may soon have plans of it’s own.

According to The Athletic’s NBA Insider Shams Charania, the NBA has sent out a survey to all 30 General Managers on the potential outcomes for restarting the season.

According to Charania’s reporting, the survey sent on Friday evening to NBA Executives included the following details:

Remaining Season Restart Possibilities

Again, according to Charania, NBA Executives in the survey have the ability to vote for the following NBA season restart options and scenarios.

  • Playoff basketball, with no more remaining regular-season games
  • “Playoffs Plus” – Increasing the number of teams in the postseason either through a play-in tournament format, or replacing the first round with a “group stage.” Also, the “Playoffs Plus” scenario would need a vote on whether there would be 18, 20, 22 or 24 teams allowed in.
  • Resuming the regular season, with teams having to finish out with the same number of games, or play out the season with play-in games into the postseason.
  • “Playoffs Plus” + Play-In games
  • Total regular season games, ranging from 72-76
  • Playoff Format: East vs West, or re-seeding all NBA teams
  • End of season schedule: Labor Day, Sept. 15, Oct. 1, Oct. 15 or Nov. 1
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