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March Madness is officially here, and it wouldn’t be college basketball betting without odds movement. With the first round of the NCAA Tournament announced on Sunday, the spreads for each first-round game were posted right away at various legal sportsbooks. To no one’s surprise, a lot of early money came in on many games, causing the spreads to move.

With odds movement happening already for a handful of college basketball first round games, let’s take a look at which underdogs moved, which favorites moved, and which games are set to continue to see spread movement ahead of Friday’s first round of the NCAA Tournament. Remember, keep an eye on the public betting consensus so you can be aware of which way the betting public is leaning after the odds move.

Odds and spreads are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.



First Round Point Spreads Move Overnight

There are 68 teams in this year’s tournament to start, with 32 first-round games to take place. Odds and spreads are out for all of them (with the exception of the First Four’s first round games, depending on who wins). As soon as the bracket was announced, DraftKings Sportsbook posted spreads for the other 28 games. Less than 12 hours later, there has already been significant movement on the spreads of a lot of these games. So far, 11 of the 28 posted games have seen line movement, including six for the underdogs and five for the favorite. Let’s take a look at which games have seen significant movement.

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NCAA First Round Underdog Movement

There have been six games that have already moved toward the underdog, after just one night of betting. Here’s a look at each of the six games that have shown line movement, favoring the underdogs.

  • Ohio moved from +10 to +8 against Virginia
  • UC Santa Barbara moved from +8.5 to +6.5 against Creighton
  • Grand Canyon moved from +16 to +14.5 against Iowa
  • Oregon State gained a point, from +8.5 to +7.5 against Tennessee
  • North Texas went from +8 to +7 against Purdue
  • Oral Roberts gained a point from +17.5 to +16.5

The biggest movement we have seen in favor of the underdogs has been Ohio getting two more points against UVA, and UC Santa Barbara also getting two against Creighton. UVA’s situation is interesting, as they are dealing with COVID-19 issues.

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San Diego State Leads Favorite Movement

For the favorites, there were five games that saw significant movement. San Diego State was the only favorite to gain two points, but here’s a look at the full list of line movement towards betting favorites.

  • San Diego State gained two points over Syracuse, going from -1 to -3.
  • Houston is now favored by 20 over Cleveland State, up from -19.
  • Florida State gained a point, and is now favored by 11.5 over UNC Greensboro, up from 10.5.
  • Alabama was -16 against Iona, and is now -17.
  • Michigan State gained a point, and is up to -2 over UCLA in the First Four. You can bet on this game as a boost on FanDuel.

For more odds movement keep an eye on the public betting consensus throughout the NCAA Tournament.



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