Last Updated on November 16, 2020

  • After a miracle victory over the Bills in which Kyler Murray hit DeAndre Hopkins on a last-second Hail Mary touchdown pass, the Cardinals have moved into first place in the NFC West.
  • The Titans are now out of the AFC playoff picture after losing to the division-rival Colts on Thursday Night Football.
  • Here is how the NFL playoff picture stands after Sunday’s Week 10 matchups.


Sunday’s games have all concluded, with just one matchup remaining in the Week 10 slate — Vikings at Bears on Monday Night Football. Numerous great games took place over the weekend, and due to some crazy finishes, the NFL playoff picture certainly looks different than it did seven days ago.

Kyler Murray and the Cardinals took on Josh Allen and the Bills in a matchup between two solid teams and a pair of young quarterbacks. While it seemed the Bills had a huge victory in the bag with a go-ahead Allen touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs with 34 seconds remaining, that was anything but the case. After getting the ball back, Murray heaved it from just past midfield — a last-second Hail Mary pass that landed in the hands of star wideout DeAndre Hopkins with three defenders on him. It’s likely the play of the year, and definitely the play that’s moved the Cardinals into first place in the NFC West.

With the Seahawks having lost to the Rams, Seattle now sits at No. 3 in that division and No. 7 in the conference.

As far as the AFC is concerned, we now have a new No. 1 in the South. After defeating the Titans 34-17 on Thursday Night Football, the Colts have moved into first place in that division, while the Titans are on the outside looking in after losing three of their last four.

The Ravens have moved back as well. With their tough loss to the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, Baltimore is the No. 7 seed while the undefeated Steelers remain in the top spot after a blowout win over Cincinnati.


AFC Playoff Picture

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0) — 1st-round bye
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (8-1) — home wild-card team
  3. Buffalo Bills (7-3) — home wild-card team
  4. Indianapolis Colts (6-3) — home wild-card team
  5. Las Vegas Raiders (6-3) — road wild-card team
  6. Miami Dolphins (6-3) — road wild-card team
  7. Baltimore Ravens (6-3) — road wild-card team

In the hunt: Cleveland Browns (6-3), Tennessee Titans (6-3), New England Patriots (4-5)


NFC Playoff Picture

  1. Green Bay Packers (7-2) — 1st-round bye
  2. New Orleans Saints (7-2) — home wild-card team
  3. Arizona Cardinals (6-3) — home wild-card team
  4. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5-1) — home wild-card team
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3) — road wild-card team
  6. Los Angeles Rams (6-3) — road wild-card team
  7. Seattle Seahawks (6-3) — road wild-card team

In the hunt: Chicago Bears (5-4), Detroit Lions (4-5), San Francisco 49ers (4-6)