Last Updated on January 10, 2022

It is Wild Card Weekend, and the 2022 NFL playoff picture is set. Below, we take a look at the NFL playoff bracket, the playoff matchups, seedings, and more for the Wild Card Round. In addition, we look at the best odds for this week in the NFL.


NFL Playoff Picture Outlook

Here is a look at the playoff picture for both the AFC and NFC playoffs.


AFC Playoff Picture

Seed Team
1 Tennessee Titans
2 Kansas City Chiefs
3 Buffalo Bills
4 Cincinnati Bengals
5 Las Vegas Raiders
6 New England Patriots
7 Pittsburgh Steelers


NFC Playoff Picture

Seed Team
1 Green Bay Packers
2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
3 Dallas Cowboys
4 Los Angeles Rams
5 Arizona Cardinals
6 San Francisco 49ers
7 Philadephia Eagles



Latest 2022 NFL Playoffs Bracket

Here is what the first round matchups look like for the first round of the NFL playoffs.


AFC Wild Card Weekend Schedule

  • Las Vegas Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals (1/15 at 4:35 PM)
  • New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills (1/15 at 8:15 PM)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs (1/16 at 8:15 PM)


NFC Wild Card Weekend Schedule

  • Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1/16 at 1 PM)
  • San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys (1/16 at 4:30 PM)
  • Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams (1/17 at 8:15 PM)


NFL Odds This Week

Here are the latest NFL odds for the Wild Card round this weekend.

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