Last Updated on May 8, 2020

When betting on NFL games, it’s absolutely essential to keep an eye on public betting trends and information.

Remember, legal sportsbooks in the U.S. have made money every year for a long, long time. This means that over the long run, the public is wrong.

This is not a magic formula, but it means there are certain odds and trends that can be exploited to take advantage of the public in the long run.

Let’s take a look at the NFL Week 15 Public Betting Odds and Trends, from William Hill Sportsbook.


Notable Games with Overall Handle Consensus

Game Spread % Spread Money Wagered
Seahawks vs. Panthers Seahawks -6.5 97% Seahawks
Rams vs. Cowboys Rams -1.5 92% Rams
Jaguars vs. Raiders Raiders -6.5 92% Raiders
Broncos vs. Chiefs Broncos +9.5 91% Broncos

Just one underdog highlights the list of the games receiving 90% or more of the money, the Broncos at +9.5. The Seahawks, Rams, and Raiders are all favored this week and are consensus picks at high liability.

Denver is getting points after a big win against the Texans last week. The new quarterback for the Broncos Drew Lock has bettors on Denver +9.5.

Seattle Seahawks, 97% of the Money

The Seahawks are the most popular bet of the week as far as money is concerned, with a massive 97% share of the total monies bet on Seahawks vs. Panthers. The betting public is all in on the Seahawks covering -6.5, along with being 1 of 5 NFL Week 15 picks in the Cowherd Blazing 5.

Los Angeles Rams, 92% of the Money

The Los Angeles Rams have been playing much better of late, as they make a push towards the playoffs. They are the complete opposite of their opponent this week in the Cowboys who have been been reeling and have been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

At just -1.5, this is one of the bets that is attracting bettors to William Hill this weekend, which is as close to a pick ’em as you can get.

Oakland Raiders, 92% of the Money

There is one more game in Oakland for the Raiders, which certainly has some bettors siding towards Oakland at -6.5.

With that in mind, the Jaguars are still a poor football team and bettors have expressed that with a massive 92% share of the money on the Raiders.



Notable Games with Spread Tickets Consensus

Game Spread % Spread Money Wagered % Spread Bets
Seahawks vs. Panthers Seahawks -6.5 97% Seahawks 96% Seahawks
Rams vs. Cowboys Rams -1.5 92% Rams 89% Rams
Vikings vs. Chargers Vikings -2.5 67% Vikings 88% Vikings
Patriots vs. Bengals Patriots -9.5 75% Patriots 88% Patriots
Jaguars vs. Raiders Raiders -6.5 92% Raiders 81% Raiders

There are only five games that have over 80% of the total bets on one team in Week 15, and all five are favorites.

With that being said, both the Vikings and Patriots have a larger percentage of the total bets than percentage of total money which means some heavy bets have come on the other side.

What is interesting is the 13% difference favoring the Bengals. They are a better team with Andy Dalton, but the Patriots are still one of the better football teams in the AFC, despite losing a few games of late.

The Underdogs

There are five underdogs that have the majority of the bets and/or handles on them this week.

Game Spread % Spread Money Wagered % Spread Bets
Broncos vs. Chiefs Broncos +9.5 91% Broncos 67% Broncos
Dolphins vs. Giants Dolphins +3.5 85% Dolphins 70% Dolphins
Texans vs. Titans Titans -3
Texans +3
77% Texans 62% Titans
Falcons vs. 49ers 49ers -10.5
Falcons +10.5
74% Falcons 59% 49ers
Bills vs. Steelers Steelers -2
Bills +2
51% Bills 77% Bills

  • Five of the remaining 15 games have an underdog being a consensus in one facet or another.
  • The Broncos at +9.5 are seeing 91% of the spread and 67% of the bets.
  • Miami is getting 85% of the total money and 70% of the bets. 85% is a very high number for an underdog, so bettors do not believe much in Eli Manning at -3.5 for the Giants.
  • The Texans/Titans game is split, with the Texans receiving most of the money but the Titans getting most of the betting tickets.
  • Falcons and Niners differ, but that isn’t too surprising with the Niners crossing the 10 at -10.5 That is a ton of points.
  • The Bills are split with 51% of the money, but they are getting 77% of the bets. That means one thing, more “big money” bets are coming in on the Steelers.



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