NFL Win Totals 2021: Chiefs and Bucs Lead as DraftKings Releases Totals

In the NFL offseason, the sports betting world focuses on a few futures markets. One of the most popular is the win totals market, which looks at each team and their prospective win totals for the upcoming season. With the increase in legal sports betting, these markets tend to release earlier and earlier.

NFL futures betting is becoming more and more popular with the rise of the legal sports betting industry in the United States. As the number of bettors grows at legal sportsbooks, the ability to bet on NFL futures will grow as well. DraftKings Sportsbook has posted its 2021 NFL Win Total odds already ahead of the NFL Draft and even free agency.



NFL Over-Under Win Totals

A look at the latest NFL win totals, from various legal sportsbooks.


Opening Team Win Totals at DraftKings

DraftKings Sportsbook released the win totals for the 2021 season, here’s a look at the opening totals and prices.

TeamCurrent Win Total
Kansas City Chiefs12
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11.5
Baltimore Ravens11
San Francisco 49ers10.5
Buffalo Bills10.5
Green Bay Packers10.5
Los Angeles Rams10.5
Indianapolis Colts10
Dallas Cowboys9.5
Tennessee Titans9.5
Seattle Seahawks9.5
Cleveland Browns9.5
New Orleans Saints9
New England Patriots9
Los Angeles Chargers9
Miami Dolphins9
Pittsburgh Steelers8.5
Minnesota Vikings8.5
Arizona Cardinals8
Washington Football Team8
Denver Broncos7.5
Las Vegas Raiders7.5
Carolina Panthers7.5
Chicago Bears7
Atlanta Falcons7
New York Giants7
New York Jets6.5
Cincinnati Bengals6.5
Philadelphia Eagles6.5
Jacksonville Jaguars6.5
Detroit Lions5
Houston Texans4.5

To no one’s surprise, the teams that opened with the highest win totals are:

  • Chiefs (12)
  • Bucs (11.5)
  • Ravens (11)
  • 49ers, Bills, Packers, Rams (10.5)

As you can see, there are quite a few teams projected for some very poor seasons as well. DraftKings has the Texans’ total at 4.5 wins, with the Lions at five wins right behind them. Four teams have a 6.5-win total number including the Eagles, who had a number closer to double-digits this time last season.


Win Totals Posted at BetMGM Sportsbook

The win totals have rolled in from various legal sportsbooks, and BetMGM posted theirs just weeks before the NFL Draft was set to begin. Here’s a look at the opening win totals for all 32 teams at BetMGM Sportsbook.

Team Win Totals at BetMGM
Chiefs 12
Buccaneers 11.5
Ravens 11
Packers 11
Bills 10.5
Browns 10
Rams 10
49ers 10
Seahawks 10
Colts 9.5
Patriots 9.5
Saints 9.5
Cowboys 9
Chargers 9
Dolphins 9
Vikings 9
Titans 9
Steelers 8.5
Washington 8.5
Cardinals 8
Falcons 7.5
Panthers 7.5
Broncos 7.5
Raiders 7.5
Bears 7
Giants 7
Eagles 7
Bengals 6.5
Jaguars 6.5
Jets 6
Lions 5.5
Texans 4.5


Win Totals Movement – NFL 2021

Movement will be tracked. Stay tuned for updates!

As the win total numbers change, we will update the movement throughout the NFL offseason. For more NFL betting content, check out the NFL Draft odds page.


Latest NFL Win Total News

A look at the latest news that would cause NFL teams’ win totals to shift.


DraftKings NFL Win Totals Released, Chiefs and Bucs Lead

With the 2021-2022 NFL win totals released, it is to no one’s surprise that the only two teams projected to win more than 11 games are the Bucs and the Chiefs, who faced off in last year’s Super Bowl. The Bucs have re-signed nearly everyone going into the offseason, and the Chiefs have restructured their offensive line and will enter the NFL Draft with assets to improve their team as a whole. It helps by having two of the best quarterbacks we have seen play the game in Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, too.