Complete NBA Betting Guide: Live Game Odds & 2021 NBA Title Futures

This NBA season has been a different one, as fans are just now starting to slowly get into the games on a limited basis as the NBA playoffs have begun. With that said, the NBA betting market still remains as popular as ever.

NBA betting continues to grow in popularity with the increase of legal sports betting states and the love for prop betting across legal sports bettors. This makes betting on basketball much more fun, and something that can have action each and every night for a long period of time.

In recent years, the NBA has become one of the most popular sports to bet on. Of course, football is still king in terms of betting but basketball has slowly but surely become a popular option for bettors. As the legal sports betting landscape becomes more and more prominent, this will only increase in popularity. Let’s take a look at the best ways to bet on the NBA, NBA Consensus picks, legal sportsbooks available, which states to bet in, and plenty of NBA odds and betting options.

Let’s take a look at how to wager on the NBA, a look at the latest game lines, futures, and more.


Betting on NBA Game Lines


NBA Futures Odds


How Can I Bet on the NBA?

There are many ways to bet on the NBA at legal online sportsbooks in the US. Let’s take a look at a NBA Odds guide for ways to bet on the NBA, a look at some futures betting offerings and more.






NBA Odds Guide

For betting on the NBA, there are plenty of odds to choose from and betting types to go with it. Some of these ways to bet on the NBA include:

  • Spreads
  • Totals (Over/Unders)
  • Moneylines
  • Futures
  • Props
  • Parlays
  • Teasers and more!


NBA Futures Betting

Betting on NBA futures is one of the more popular betting markets available, as there are plenty of options to wager on. Here’s a look at some examples:

  • NBA Finals Futures
    • Bet on the Lakers (+250) to win the NBA Finals
  • Conference Champions
    • Bet on the Clippers (+125) to win the Western Conference)
  • Division Champions
    • Bet on the Sixers (-115) to win the Atlantic Division
  • Individual Awards
    • NBA MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, etc
  • NBA Draft Odds
    • First Pick Odds, Odds for LaMelo Ball to get drafted to a team, etc.


Where Can I Bet on the NBA?

Sports bettors can bet on the NBA in a variety of sports at many different sportsbooks. With nearly half of the US approaching legal sports betting, the options have never been more prevalent. Let’s take a look at the top sportsbooks to bet on the NBA.


DraftKings Sportsbook

States Available: PA, NJ, WV, IN, NH, IA, CO

Bonus: Up to $1,000 BONUS



FanDuel Sportsbook

States Available: PA, NJ, WV, IN, IA, CO, NY

Bonus: Risk-FREE Bet up to $500


BetMGM Sportsbook




States Available: NJ, CO, WV, IN, NV

Bonus: Risk-FREE Bet up to $500


The following states are (or will be) accepting bets on the NBA, whether online or retail.


2021 NBA Finals Odds Movement

A look at the odds movement throughout the duration of the market. As you can see, the Utah Jazz have a ton of movement since the start of the season.

Team Before NBA Finals Before Conf Finals Before Second Round June May April March February January Opening Night Odds Early December Odds November Odds Opening Odds
Los Angeles Lakers +450 +400 +290 +250 +250 +230 +275 +275 +300 +350
Los Angeles Clippers +800 +500 +650 +540 +500 +550 +550 +550 +550 +550 +550 +450
Milwaukee Bucks +150 +100 +700 +550 +750 +750 +700 +675 +550 +550 +550 +550 +600
Brooklyn Nets +160 +190 +200 +260 +300 +385 +500 +600 +600 +600 +850
Utah Jazz +325 +450 +700 +1200 +1500 +1800 +4000 +4000 +4000 +4000 +4000
Phoenix Suns -182 +140 +500 +1200 +2500 +3200 +3700 +4000 +6500 +6500 +6500 +6500 +6500

The final four teams were the Bucks, Suns, Clippers, and Hawks. Entering the Conference Finals round, the odds were:

  • Bucks +100
  • Suns +140
  • Clippers +800
  • Hawks +1100

With the Bucks and Suns making the NBA Finals, those series prices were:

  • Suns (-182)
  • Bucks (+150)


– Top NBA Final Betting Upsets of All Time –


2016 NBA Finals – LeBron and Kyrie dethrone the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors were up 3-1, but the Cavaliers won three straight including a nail-biting 93-89 victory in Game 7. This has been dubbed as LeBron James’ biggest win in his career, without a doubt.


2011 NBA Finals – Dallas Mavericks Ruin Miami Heat’s Plans

The LeBron James-led Heat lost in six games to Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks. This was the first season of the “new” Miami Heat after LeBron James joined Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami, but they could not finish the job. Not to worry though, they took care of business in the seasons after.


2004 NBA Finals – Pistons Take Down Mighty Lakers

From Kobe Bryant to Shaquille O’Neal to an older Gary Parton and Karl Malone, the 2004 Lakers were huge favorites to win the 2004 NBA Finals against the Pistons team led by Rip Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, Rasheed Wallace, and Ben Wallace. In an upset, Detroit won in five games, and Karl Malone retired without a championship.



Last 5 NBA Finals Betting Odds

Bold is the winner, first team listed is the team with the home-court seeding.

2019 NBA Finals Betting Odds

  • Toronto Raptors +230 vs. Golden State Warriors -270

2018 NBA Finals Betting Odds

  • Golden State Warriors -1075 vs Cleveland Cavaliers +688

2017 NBA Finals Betting Odds

  • Golden State Warriors -300 vs Cleveland Cavaliers +250

2016 NBA Finals Betting Odds

  • Golden State Warriors -220 vs Cleveland Cavaliers +180

2015 NBA Finals Betting Odds

  • Golden State Warriors -220 vs Cleveland Cavaliers +190



2021 NBA MVP Opening Odds

The NBA MVP markets for the 2021 NBA season have already been posted. Here is a look at the latest odds.

Player Odds to Win NBA MVP
Luka Doncic +450
Giannis Antetokounmpo +500
Stephen Curry +800
Anthony Davis +800
LeBron James +1000
Kevin Durant +1600
James Harden +1600
Jimmy Butler +2000

Luka Doncic is now the favorite to win the NBA MVP, sitting at +450 at DraftKings Sportsbook. He is ahead of Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is +500 to win the award. Both are ahead of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, but Stephen Curry’s odds increased to +800 after Klay Thompson’s injury.


Last 5 NBA MVP Betting Odds

A look at the last five NBA MVPs with their odds to win at the time pre-season.

2020 NBA MVP – Giannis Antetokounmpo (+500)
2019 NBA MVP – Giannis Antetokounmpo (+475)

2018 NBA MVP – James Harden (+1100)
2017 NBA MVP – Russell Westbrook (+200)
2016 NBA MVP – Steph Curry (+650)
2015 NBA MVP – Steph Curry (+1600)


NBA Betting Odds Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I bet on the NBA legally?

You can bet on the NBA legally in the United States in states with legal sports betting. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and more.

Can I bet on the NBA Draft?

Yes. In places with legal online sportsbooks, you can bet on the NBA Draft.

When is the 2021 NBA Finals?

The 2021 NBA Finals will take place in the summer of 2021 in July.