Latest Super Bowl Odds 2021: Cowboys Odds Skyrocket, Saints and Bucs Odds Shift

The days of relying solely on Las Vegas for Super Bowl Odds is officially over with the launch of legal sports betting in the United States. Online Sportsbooks and mobile betting apps are growing at a rapid base lead by DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel and William Hill. Legally betting on the Super Bowl this year with DraftKings and FanDuel can happen in NJ, PA, Indiana and West Virginia, and other states soon enough.

In the NFL offseason, the focus for legal NFL betting is on the NFL Draft and NFL Futures. What better future market is there right now than the 2021 Super Bowl Odds? With all the quarterback movement, the 2021 Super Bowl odds movement will be frantic leading up to the start of the 2020-2021 season, so taking advantage of early prices is what sharp futures bettors will do.

DraftKings Sportsbook provides us with Super Bowl Odds on the futures market for the 2021 Super Bowl.


Updated 2021 Super Bowl Odds

Team Current Super Bowl Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +600
Baltimore Ravens +700
San Francisco 49ers +1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1300
New Orleans Saints +1300
Dallas Cowboys +1800
Philadelphia Eagles +2000
New England Patriots +2200
Seattle Seahawks +2200
Minnesota Vikings +2500
Green Bay Packers +2800
Pittsburgh Steelers +2800
Indianapolis Colts +2800
Tennessee Titans +2800
Buffalo Bills +2800
Los Angeles Rams +3300
Cleveland Browns +3300
Atlanta Falcons +4000
Denver Broncos +4000
Los Angeles Chargers +4000
Chicago Bears +4000
Houston Texans +5000
Arizona Cardinals +5000
Las Vegas Raiders +6000
Detroit Lions +6000
New York Giants +6600
New York Jets +6600
Miami Dolphins +6600
Carolina Panthers +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +10000
Washington Redskins +10000
Jacksonville Jaguars +15000

Super Bowl Odds remain unchanged from early May to mid-May. Without much player movement, trades, and the Draft ending there will be minimal movement until free agents sign, or trades happen. In late May, the Bucs and Saints each moved to +1300.


Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Odds

The defending champion Chiefs lead the way at +600 to win the 2021 Super Bowl, and they are bringing in 15% of the total betting handle, second only to the New England Patriots. The most bets have been placed on the Chiefs to win two straight, and who can blame bettors? The Chiefs will have plenty of money in the offseason to extend Patrick Mahomes, sign a few key players, and of course they have the draft. Can the Chiefs repeat?

New England Patriots Super Bowl Odds

The Patriots have fallen even further from +1800 to +2000 to +2200 to win the Super Bowl after the departure of Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Bucs. Currently, the Patriots’ QB depth chart is Jarrett Stidham, recently acquired Brian Hoyer, then Cody Kessler. There is growing belief that Stidham will be the Pats’ QB in 2020, so even +2200 may be too high with an unproven QB. Can Belichick do it without Brady? We will see. The Patriots could make a move for a QB to increase their odds, maybe for Cam Newton. Otherwise, their odds look to be at a “high”.

New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Odds

The Saints’ Super Bowl odds are now back to +1400, down from +1200 after being up from +1400 on DraftKings Sportsbook. Yet, there is still value to be had there. The Saints signed Emmanuel Sanders to bolster their WR corps, and Drew Brees is back to lead what promises to be a very potent offense. The Saints look to be the class of the NFC again in 2020, and the price of +1200 is worth taking. We liked that future at +1400, and +1200 is still sweet. With the Jameis Winston signing as a backup quarterback, the Saints’ depth improves. In late May, the Saints’ odds went to +1300, a slight move.

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds

The Buffalo Bills’ win total on DraftKings Sportsbook recently moved to 9 from 8.5, which places them in the top 10. As for their Super Bowl Odds, they were 14th with +2800 odds. That is value if you believe in the win total market, but bettors likely do not have faith in Josh Allen as a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. All other teams above Buffalo have franchise quarterbacks on their roster with the exception of one team, the New England Patriots. In April, the Bills odds fell even further to +3300. But in May, Buffalo bettors came through and the odds went back to +2800 to win the Super Bowl. The Bills’ uncertainty at QB definitely hurts their chances as far as the books are concerned.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Odds

The Eagles have made some big moves on defense in the 2020 offseason, as they traded for CB Darius Slay and signed DT Javon Hargrave. The Eagles have needed a true shutdown corner and another consistent interior presence next to All-Pro DT Fletcher Cox, and they went after it. In Philadelphia, there are far more needs than just those two though. Malcolm Jenkins is now with the Saints, leaving a leadership and secondary hole for the Eagles. Help came in the NFL Draft for the Eagles on offense with Jalen Reagor, but without an increase in talent on the defensive side of the football it will be tough for the Eagles to be a contender for the Super Bowl. The Eagles’ odds on DraftKings Sportsbook are +2000 to win the Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Odds Increase

The Cowboys are certainly looking to bolster their pass rush against a division with plenty of good offensive linemen to combat. After being away from the game for four years, Aldon Smith is back in the NFL after agreeing to a one-year, $4M contract. Smith had problems with drugs and other charges but was a dominant force on the football field. The Cowboys were in need of another pass rusher to complement Demarcus Lawrence and they hope that Smith will be able to fill that void. Should the Cowboys get good production from Smith, their defensive front will certainly be one to fear with Lawrence, Smith, Gerald McCoy, Dontari Poe and a trio of Pro Bowl linebackers in Leighton Vander Esch, Jaylon Smith, and Sean Lee. The Cowboys Super Bowl odds sit at 18:1 (+1800), which is up from +2200 in late April, but if Smith is anywhere close to the player he once was those odds will increase in-season. After adding a terrific draft class, the Cowboys are ready to be for real in 2020.

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Odds

The Pittsburgh Steelers current Super Bowl odds are +2800 on DraftKings Sportsbook, moving down in the 2020 offseason. As the NFL Draft approaches, the Steelers certainly need to use the mid-rounds to retool their roster to make a run in 2020. With Ben Roethlisberger returning, but without Antonio Brown, this will be a very interesting year for the Steelers. Will JuJu Smith-Schuster become a number one receiver? Can James Conner carry the load? The Steelers’ Super Bowl Odds being just above the Bears and Rams seem to mean that bettors and DraftKings Sportsbook believe they are not contenders.


2021 Super Bowl Odds Movement

The 2020 NFL offseason has been full of notable moves, quarterbacks changing teams, big name free agents signing elsewhere and more. With that comes Super Bowl odds movement, as you can see. The Chiefs still remain the favorite, but have “fallen” to +600.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Odds Movement

The Bucs have the most volatile though, which can directly be attributed to the signing of Tom Brady. Tampa was +6000 after the Super Bowl, moved to +4000 in early March, but settled at +1600 after the signing of Tom Brady.That was not the last of major Super Bowl odds movement for the Bucs, as the trade for Rob Gronkowski increased those odds to +1200 on DraftKings Sportsbook. In late May, the Bucs’ odds decreased a tad to +1300.


Top NFL Teams Super Bowl Odds Shift at DraftKings Sportsbook

In mid-April, four big-name teams have seen slight odds movement in both directions. The Saints’ odds increased from +1400 to +1200, which is a nice increase for New Orleans. The Eagles, Patriots, and Cowboys all saw their odds drop 200 points, as the Eagles went to +1800, Cowboys to +2200, and the Patriots continued their slide to +2000. With the NFL Draft looming, that is expected to be the next big change in the Super Bowl odds movement market.


2021 Super Bowl Betting Trends

Top 10 Super Bowl Odds

Team Odds
Kansas City Chiefs +600
Baltimore Ravens +750
San Francisco 49ers +900
New Orleans Saints +1400
Philadelphia Eagles +1600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1600
New England Patriots +1800
Dallas Cowboys +2000
Seattle Seahawks +2000
Green Bay Packers +2200

After Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Top 10 for Super Bowl odds have greatly changed. The Bucs are now +1600 to win the Super Bowl, which is tied with the Eagles. The Chiefs and Ravens top the charts still, with the only movement being the Ravens jumping to +750 from +800. The Patriots’ odds will likely drop again unless they have another plan at QB, as Jarrett Stidham is the current quarterback.


2021 Super Bowl Betting Report


Top 10 in Betting Handle

Team Odds % Handle
New England Patriots +1400 16%
Kansas City Chiefs +600 15%
San Francisco 49ers +1000 11%
Baltimore Ravens +800 7%
Philadelphia Eagles +1700 6%
Dallas Cowboys +1700 4%
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000 4%
Indianapolis Colts +4000 3%
Las Vegas Raiders +5000 3%
Los Angeles Chargers +5000 3%

Of the top 10 teams in betting handle, five of them could have new quarterbacks in 2021. The Patriots, Cowboys, Colts, Raiders, and Chargers all could have a new signal caller, which would inevitably change their Super Bowl Odds. The 2020 Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and 49ers make up a total of 26% of the betting handle, and if you include the perennial contender Patriots, those three equate to a 42% of the betting handle.

Numbers are as of early 2020.


Top 10 in Total Bets

Team Odds % Bets
Kansas City Chiefs +600 14%
New England Patriots +1400 9%
San Francisco 49ers +1000 8%
Baltimore Ravens +800 8%
Philadelphia Eagles +1700 6%
New Orleans Saints +1200 5%
Indianapolis Colts +4000 4%
Las Vegas Raiders +5000 4%
New York Giants +6600 4%
Dallas Cowboys +1700 3%

Only one team has received more than 10% of the total bets on the 2021 Super Bowl Futures market, and that is the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. 6:1 is great odds for a terrific football team, but it is very hard to win back-to-back Super Bowls, hence the odds at +600. The Patriots, 49ers, Ravens, and Eagles are next, as the only other teams above 5% of the total bets.

Numbers are as of early 2020.


Super Bowl Year Location Matchup Line (Total) Score ATS Result
LIIl 2.019 Atlanta, GA LA Rams vs. New England New England -2.5 (55.5) New England 13, LA Rams 3 Favorite-Under
LII 2.018 Minneapolis, MN Philadelphia vs. New England New England -4 (49) Philadelphia 41 New England 33 Underdog-Over
LI 2.017 Houston, TX Atlanta vs. New Enland New England -3 (57) New England 34 Atlanta 28 (OT) Favorite-Over
L 2.016 Santa Clara, CA Carolina vs. Denver Carolina -5 (43.5) Denver 24 Carolina 10 Underdog-Under
XLIX 2.015 Glendale, AZ Seattle vs. New England Pick 'em (47.5) New England 28 Seattle 24 Patriots - Over
XLVIIl 2.014 East Rutherford,New Jersey Seattle vs Denver Denver -2 (47) Seattle 43 Denver 8 Underdog-Over
XLVII 2.013 New Orleans, LA SF vs. Baltimore San Francisco -4.5 (48) Baltimore 34 San Francisco 31 Underdog-Over
XLVI 2.012 Indianapolis, IN NY Giants vs. New England New England -2.5 (53) N.Y. Giants 21 New England 17 Underdog-Under
XLV 2.011 Arlington, TX Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh Green Bay -3 (45) Green Bay 31 Pittsburgh 25 Favorite-Over
XLIV 2.010 Miami, FL New Orleans vs. Indianapolis Indianapolis -5 (57) New Orleans 31 Indianapolis 17 Underdog-Under
XLIII 2.009 Tampa, FL Pittsburgh vs. Arizona Pittsburgh -7 (46) Pittsburgh 27 Arizona 23 Underdog-Over
XLII 2.008 Glendale, AZ NY Giants vs. New England New England -12 (55) N.Y. Giants 17 New England 14 Underdog-Under
XLI 2.007 Miami, FL Indianapolis vs. Chicago Indianapolis -7 (47) Indianapolis 29 Chicago 17 Favorite-Under
XL 2.006 Detroit, MI Pittsburgh vs. Seattle Pittsburgh -4 (47) Pittsburgh 21 Seattle 10 Favorite-Under
XXIX 2.005 Jacksonville, FL New England vs. Philadelphia New England -7 (46.5) New England 24 Philadelphia 21 Underdog-Under
XXXVIII 2.004 Houston, TX New England vs. Carolina New England -7 (37.5) New England 32 Carolina 29 Underdog-Over
XXXVII 2.003 San Diego, CA Tampa Bay vs. Oakland Oakland -4 (44) Tampa Bay 48 Oakland 21 Underdog-Over
XXXVI 2.002 New Orleans, LA New England vs. St. Louis St. Louis -14 (53) New England 20 St. Louis 17 Underdog-Under
XXXV 2.001 Tampa, FL Baltimore vs. NY Giants Baltimore -3 (33) Baltimore 34 N.Y. Giants 7 Favorite-Over
XXXIV 2.000 Atlanta, GA St. Louis vs. Tennessee St. Louis -7 (45) St. Louis 23 Tennessee 16 Push-Under
XXXIII 1.999 Miami, FL Denver vs. Atlanta Denver -7.5 (52.5) Denver 34 Atlanta 19 Favorite-Over
XXXII 1.998 San Diego, CA Denve vs. Green Bay Green Bay -11 (49) Denver 31 Green Bay 24 Underdog-Over
XXXI 1.997 New Orleans, LA Green Bay vs. New England Green Bay -14 (49) Green Bay 35 New England 21 Push-Over
XXX 1.996 Tempe, AZ Dallas vs. Pittsburgh Dallas -13.5 (51) Dallas 27 Pittsburgh 17 Underdog-Under
XXIX 1.995 Miami, FL SF vs. San Diego San Francisco -18.5 San Francisco 49 San Diego 26 Favorite-Over
XXVIII 1.994 Atlanta, GA Dallas vs. Buffalo Dallas -10.5 (50.5) Dallas 30 Buffalo 13 Favorite-Under
XXVII 1.993 Pasadena, CA Dallas vs. Buffalo Dallas -6.5 (44.5) Dallas 52 Buffalo 17 Favorite-Over
XXVI 1.992 Minneapolis, MN Washington vs. Buffalo Washington -7 (49) Washington 37 Buffalo 24 Favorite-Over
XXV 1.991 Tampa, FL NY Giants vs. Buffalo Buffalo -7 (40.5) N.Y. Giants 20 Buffalo 19 Underdog-Under
XXIV 1.990 New Orleans, LA SF vs. Denver San Francisco -12 (48) San Francisco 55 Denver 10 Favorite-Over
XXIII 1.989 Miami, FL SF vs. Cincinnati San Francisco -7 (48) San Francisco 20 Cincinnati 16 Underdog-Under
XXII 1.988 San Diego, CA Washington vs. Denver Denver -3 (47) Washington 42 Denver 10 Underdog-Over
XXI 1.987 Pasadena, CA NY Giants vs. Denver N.Y. Giants -9.5 (40) N.Y. Giants 39 Denver 20 Favorite-Over
XX 1.986 New Orleans, LA Chicago vs. New England Chicago -10 (37.5) Chicago 46 New England 10 Favorite-Over
XIX 1.985 Stanford, CA SF vs. Miami San Francisco -3.5 San Francisco 38 Miami 16 Favortie-Over
XVIII 1.984 Tampa, FL LA Raiders vs. Washington Washington -3 (48) L.A. 38 Washington 9 Favorite-Under
XVII 1.983 Pasadena, CA Washington vs. Miami Miami -3 (36.5) Washington 27 Miami 17 Underdog-Over
XVI 1.982 Pontiac, MI SF vs. Cincinnati San Francisco -1 (48) San Francisco 26 Cincinnati 21 Favorite-Under
XV 1.981 New Orleans, LA Oakland vs. Philadelpia Philadelphia -3 (37.5) Oakland 27 Philadelphia 10 Underdog-Under
XIV 1.980 Pasadena, CA Pittsburgh vs. LA Rams Pittsburgh -10.5 (36) Pittsburgh 31 L.A. Rams 19 Favorite-Over
XIII 1.979 Miami, FL Pittsburgh vs. Dallas Pittsburgh -3.5 (37) Pittsburgh 35 Dallas 31 Favortie-Over
XII 1.978 New Orleans, LA Dallas vs. Denver Dallas -6 (39) Dallas 27 Denver 10 Favorite-Under
XI 1.977 Pasadena, CA Oakland vs. Minnesota Oakland -4 (38) Oakland 34 Minnesota 14 Favorite-Over
X 1.976 Miami, FL Pittsburgh vs. Dallas Pittsburgh -7 (36) Pittsburgh 21 Dallas 17 Underdog-Over
IX 1.975 New Orleans, LA Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota Pittsburgh -3 (33) Pittsburgh 16 Minnesota 6 Favorite-Under
VIII 1.974 Houston, TX Miami vs. Minnesota Miami -6.5 (33) Miami 24 Minnesota 7 Favorite-Under
VII 1.973 Los Angeles, CA Miami vs. Washington Miami -1 (33) Miami 14 Washington 7 Favorite-Under
VI 1.972 New Orleans, LA Dallas vs. Miami Dallas -6 (34) Dallas 24 Miami 3 Favorite-Under
V 1.971 Miami, FL Baltimore vs. Dallas Baltimore -2.5 (36) Baltimore 16 Dallas 13 Favorite-Under
IV 1.970 New Orleans, LA KC vs. Minnesota Minnesota -12 (39) Kansas City 23 Minnesota 7 Underdog-Under
III 1.969 Miami, FL NY Jets vs. Baltimore Baltimore -18 (40) N.Y. Jets 16 Baltimore 7 Underdog-Under
II 1.968 Miami, FL Green Bay vs. Oakland Green Bay -13.5 (43) Green Bay 33 Oakland 14 Favorite-Over
I 1.967 Los Angeles, CA Green Bay vs. KC Green Bay -14 (N/A) Green Bay 35 Kansas City 10 Favorite
Super Bowl Year Location Matchup Line (Total) Score ATS Result


Super Bowl Date Heads/Tails Toss Winner Toss Loser
LIll 03/02/2019 Tails LA Rams New England
LIl 04/02/2018 Heads New England Philadelphia
LI 05/02/2017 Tails Atlanta New England
50 07/02/2016 Tails Carolina Denver
XLIX 01/02/2015 Tails Seattle New England
XLVIII 02/02/2014 Tails Seattle Denver
XLVII 03/02/2013 Heads Baltimore San Francisco
XLVI 05/02/2012 Heads New England N.Y. Giants
XLV 06/02/2011 Heads Green Bay Pittsburgh
XLIV 07/02/2010 Heads New Orleans Indianapolis
XLIII 01/02/2009 Heads Arizona Pittsburgh
XLII 03/02/2008 Tails N.Y. Giants New England
XLI 04/02/2007 Heads Chicago Indianapolis
XL 05/02/2006 Tails Seattle Pittsburgh
XXXIX 06/02/2005 Tails Philadelphia New England
XXXVIII 01/02/2004 Tails Carolina New England
XXXVII 26/01/2003 Tails Tampa Bay Oakland
XXXVI 03/02/2002 Heads St. Louis New England
XXXV 28/01/2001 Tails N.Y. Giants Baltimore
XXXIV 30/01/2000 Tails St. Louis Tennessee
XXXIII 31/01/1999 Tails Atlanta Denver
XXXII 25/01/1998 Tails Green Bay Denver
XXXI 26/01/1997 Heads New England Green Bay
XXX 28/01/1996 Tails Dallas Pittsburgh
XXIX 29/01/1995 Heads San Francisco San Diego
XXVIII 30/01/1994 Tails Dallas Buffalo
XXVII 31/01/1993 Heads Buffalo N.Y. Giants
XXVI 26/01/1992 Heads Washington Buffalo
XXV 27/01/1991 Heads Buffalo N.Y. Giants
XXIV 28/01/1990 Heads Denver San Francisco
XXIII 22/01/1989 Tails San Francisco Cincinnati
XXII 31/01/1988 Heads Washington Denver
XXI 25/01/1987 Tails Denver N.Y. Giants
XX 26/01/1986 Tails Chicago New England
XIX 20/01/1985 Tails San Francisco Miami
XVIII 22/01/1984 Heads L.A. Raiders Washington
XVII 30/01/1983 Tails Miami Washington
XVI 24/01/1982 Tails San Francisco Cincinnati
XV 25/01/1981 Tails Philadelphia Oakland
XIV 20/01/1980 Heads L.A. Rams Pittsburgh
XIII 21/01/1979 Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
XII 15/01/1978 Heads Dallas Denver
XI Tails Oakland Minnesota
X 18/01/1976 Heads Dallas Pittsburgh
IX 12/01/1975 Tails Pittsburgh Minnesota
VIII 13/01/1974 Heads Miami Minnesota
VII 14/01/1973 Heads Miami Washington
VI 16/01/1972 Heads Miami Dallas
V 17/01/1971 Tails Dallas Baltimore
IV 11/01/1970 Tails Minnesota Kansas City
III 12/01/1969 Heads N.Y. Jets Baltimore
II 14/01/1968 Tails Oakland Green Bay
I 15/01/1967 Heads Green Bay Kansas City
Super Bowl Date Heads/Tails Toss Winner Toss Loser

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When is Super Bowl 54?

The 2020 Super Bowl 54 will take place Sunday, February 2, 2020. Kick-off time for the Super Bowl is 6:45 pm EST.

What time does the Super Bowl Kick-off?

The kick-off time for the Super Bowl is normally around 6:45 pm EST.

Where is the Super Bowl This Year?

The 2020 Super Bowl is will take place in Miami, Florida at the home of the Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium.

What is the Super Bowl Number This Year?

The 2019-2020 NFL season will end with Super Bowl 54 in Miami.

Is it legal to bet on the Super Bowl?

Yes, sports betting is now legal in the following states: - NV - NJ - PA - DE - RI - WV - MS - NM - NY - AR - OR - IA - IN - MT - TN - IL - NH - NC - CO - MI



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