World Series Odds 2021: Braves vs. Astros

Who will win the World Series? You can bet on just that question at various legal sportsbooks. One of the oldest sports when it comes to betting is baseball, as there have been wagers taken on America’s pastime for over a century.

The most popular futures bet when it comes to MLB and baseball betting is who will win the World Series. All 30 teams receive bets throughout the season, but that changes as the odds drastically moved based on which teams the bettors believe will have the most successful campaigns, how standings fall, and playoff series’ go.

Let’s take a look at the current World Series odds for 2021, odds movement, betting history and more World Series facts.


2021 World Series Odds Timeline

A look at how the World Series odds have moved throughout the 2021 season.

  • October 25th, 2021 – World Series odds opened at Braves +116 and Astros -136.
  • October 20th, 2021 – During the Championship Series, all four teams have won games to make it close. The Astros and Dodgers at +200 and +225 were atop the leaderboard.
  • Mid-October 2021 – After the division series, the Dodgers were favored to win it all
  • October 2021 – As the playoffs begin, the Dodgers are World Series favorites at +390, with the Astros at +450.
  • September 2021 – Dodgers remained as favorites, but the Giants odds grew as the season came to a close.
  • Mid August 2021 – Dodgers odds rise to +290 to win the World Series, Astros to +550.
  • Early August 2021 – After the trade deadline, the Dodgers added Trea Turner and Max Scherzer, increasing their odds to +300.
  • July 2021 – The Astros pass the White Sox as AL favorites, rising to +650 behind the Dodgers for odds favorite.
  • June 2021 – The White Sox World Series odds rose to +650, right behind the Dodgers.
  • May 2021 – Dodgers remain as favorites, but the Red Sox and Brewers odds increased after a hot start.
  • March 2021 – Throughout spring training, Dodgers end up as World Series favorites.
  • February 6th, 2021 – Bauer heads to the Dodgers, World Series odds rise to +350.
  • January 30th, 2021 – After Cardinals trade for Nolan Arenado, World Series odds rise to +2200.
  • January 21st, 2021 – Blue Jays World Series odds rise after Spriner trade, to +3000.
  • Early January, 2021 – Mets World Series odds rise after Lindor trade.
  • December 2020 – Dodgers and Yankees open as World Series favorites.


Odds To Win 2021 World Series

A look at the updated 2021 World Series odds. For full odds, check out DraftKings Sporsbook.


World Series Movement News – 2021 Season

A look at some of the news that happened in-season that affected World Series odds and movement.


Dodgers acquire Scherzer and Turner, World Series Odds Climb

Just how good are the Dodgers going to get? At the MLB trade deadline, they added Max Scherzer and Trea Turner to an already loaded roster. This caused their World Series odds to rise to +320. While they were already the favorites, this takes it to another level. As of the trade deadline, here were the World Series odds.

  • Dodgers (+320)
  • Astros (+600)
  • White Sox (+750)
  • Mets (+850)


New York Mets World Series Odds Soar

Are the Mets the best baseball team in New York? They are certainly playing like it, and their World Series odds have reflected it. As the All Star break ended, the Mets’ odds rose to +800 to win the MLB title. The only teams with better odds are the Dodgers, Astros, and Padres. With the Mets getting healthier, the offense starting to wake up and pitching on the way, it could be quite the second half of the summer for the Metropolitans.

With Pete Alonso winning the HR Derby and Taijuan Walker pitching in the All Star Game, it was a great break for the Mets.


Red Sox Odds Climb in July

The Boston Red Sox were not initially set to be even close to a World Series contender, but as the All Star break approaches the Sox are +1000 to win, behind only the Dodgers, Astros, Padres, and White Sox. Will the Red Sox be able to hold on in the second half of the season? With the Yankees struggling, there is a great chance.

Keep an eye on the Red Sox odds, as they will fluctuate given the new spot near the top if they struggle.


Public Consensus World Series Betting Splits

The betting public loves to wager on the World Series when it comes to MLB futures, and our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook has provided us with numbers of exactly how much money and total betting tickets are coming in on each of the favorites. Here is a look at the MLB public betting splits for this market.

As you can see, the Dodgers’ are leading at +350 but the betting public still loves LA as 16% of the total money is being wagered on the Dodgers and 21% of the tickets. Looking at other teams, the Yankees are right behind the Dodgers with 15% of the betting handle and 13% of the bets, but surprisingly the White Sox have 16% of the betting handle, the same as LA. One thing to note is that some of these numbers are skewed, given that the Yankees, White Sox, and Mets are located in legal sports betting cities and states, so there is some bias. That makes the Dodgers all the more impressive in terms of public consensus, however.


Houston Astros World Series Odds Rise

Not many baseball fans like the Astros, due to the cheating scandal in recent years that may have resulted in a World Series. With that in the past, Houston’s World Series odds have increased in 2021 as they are a very dangerous team, despite missing some key players. The Astros’ odds have risen to +1600 at DraftKings, which is sixth behind just hte Dodgers, White Sox, Padres, Yankees, and Mets.

Houston’s offense has left a lot to be desired, but a young pitching staff has kept them afloat with some terrific performances from Luis Garcia, Cristian Javier, Lance McCullers, and Jose Urquidy. After losing Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton last year, Justin Verlander this year, and many younger arms in the rotation that was a big question mark in Houston.

Not anymore, as the Astros’ staff is primed for a run at the World Series.


Yankees World Series Odds Fall After Slow Start

While the New York Yankees still remain at +650 to win the World Series, their odds have fallen from +550 or better after a slow start to the season.

After a 6-10 start in their first 16 games, not much has gone right for the Yankees in 2021. The lone bright spot on the roster has been Gerrit Cole, whose 1.82 ERA through his first four starts is as advertised. The Yankees were supposed to be one of the best offenses in baseball, but slow starts from Giancarlo Stanton, Clint Frazier, Gleyber Torres, Aaron Hicks and others has bogged down a talented lineup. Through their first 16 games, the Yankees scored just 58 runs. By comparison, the Red Sox have 100 runs in 18 games on the season.

It is a long season, but the Yankees’ slow start has dropped their World Series futures price.


Padres Odds Rise Despite Fernando Tatis Injury

While the Padres certainly dodged a bullet of Tatis being out for the season, they will miss him for some time. Despite this, their odds increased from +900 to +800 to win the World Series. The Padres’ excellent depth and starting pitching will keep them as a World Series contender, which makes them very dangerous when Tatis returns. His injury certainly could have been worse, but reports are he is already swining the bat.


Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Odds Skyrocket after Trevor Bauer Signing

The rich get richer, that is for sure. The prized offseason acquisition in 2020-2021 was going to be Trevor Bauer, and he has chosen the Dodgers to be his next team. The Dodgers were already favorites, but now they are +350 to win the World Series. Pre-season and even pre spring training, that number is incredibly high. With that starting lineup and now the best rotation in baseball, is there any doubt the Dodgers are the clear favorites? Not to DraftKings Sportsbook, that’s for sure.


New York Mets World Series Odds Rise After Lindor Trade

The New York Mets shocked the baseball world and acquired shortstop Francisco Lindor and starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco from Cleveland, and their World Series odds increased right away. They are now +1200 to win the World Series, up from +1600. The Mets undoubtedly have one of the best lineups in the National League, the key will just be their ability to stay healthy, from pitchers to hitters. Are the Mets done? It’s unlikely, and rumors are that Trevor Bauer could sign there as well, which would increase the Mets’ World Series odds again.


Dodgers World Series odds rise slightly after Winter Meetings

In mid-December, the Yankees odds on DraftKings Sportsbook rose from +425 to +400. Not a huge shift, but an odds shift nevertheless. The Yankees stayed at +550, and the rest are +1000 or lower.


Dodgers and Yankees World Series odds shift after initial betting

After the 2020 World Series, the futures market for the 2021 World Series opened with the Dodgers being +480 and the Yankees at +525. The odds have shifted after initial betting, as the Dodgers improved to +425 and the Yankees fell slightly to +550. While this move wasn’t massively significant, it shows that some early money likely came in on the Dodgers to repeat.


Dodgers favored to win 2021 World Series after 2020 victory

After the Dodgers won the 2020 World Series, the 2021 futures market became the most popular wager for baseball bettors. The Dodgers top the charts given they will return most of their roster, and they sit at +480. The Yankees are at +525, and the Braves, Rays, and Padres are all at 10:1 or worse. For full odds, check out DraftKings Sportsbook.


World Series Betting History

Let’s take a look at the World Series betting history.

Top 5 World Series Upsets

A recap of five of the biggest upsets in World Series history.

2003 – Marlins Defeat Mighty Yankees

The (then Florida) Marlins had just a $54M payroll compared to the Yankees’ $164M payroll, which makes this a massive upset in every sense of the word. The storyline of the Marlins’ season was incredible, as they hired Jack McKeon in the middle of the season as manager, and went on an incredible run behind the arm of Josh Beckett and leadership of Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.

1969 – Miracle Mets of 1969

The title “Miracle Mets” should explain everything. The Mets defeated the Baltimore Orioles who had won 109 games. The Mets certainly had a great pitching staff led by Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan, but in 1969 there was no way the Baltimore Orioles were losing to the Mets.

1988 – “I Don’t Believe What I Just Saw”

Kirk Gibson’s heroics changed Dodgers history forever, but that was just one fact of that World Series. The Athletics had a near-perfect baseball club, and the Dodgers just somehow scraped together wins throughout the playoffs. The real story was Orel Hershiser’s incredible run in the postseason that led the Dodgers to a World Series victory.

1990 – Reds Take Down the Favored Athletics

Ever heard of Billy Hatcher? He hit .750 in the 1990 World Series and Jose Rijo allowed just one earned run in over 15 innings of work to defeat the Athletics, who were filled with talent from top to bottom. Not only was it an upset, the Reds swept the A’s in four games.

1960 – The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Bill Mazeroski hit a walk-off home run in Game 7 of the World Series. The moment does not get any better, and it was a massive upset for the Pirates over the historic Yankees. In a seven-game series, the Yankees scored 28 more runs than the Pirates, but the last four were the only ones that mattered as the Yankees dropped Game 7 to the Pirates in a massive upset.


World Series Champions By Year

A look at each World Series champion in the last 20 years.

Year World Series Champion Runner Up
2020 Los Angeles Dodgers Tampa Bay Rays
2019 Washington Nationals Houston Astros
2018 Boston Red Sox Los Angeles Dodgers
2017 Houston Astros Los Angeles Dodgers
2016 Chicago Cubs Cleveland Indians
2015 Kansas City Royals New York Mets
2014 San Francisco Giants Kansas City Royals
2013 Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals
2012 San Francisco Giants Detroit Tigers
2011 St. Louis Cardinals Texas Rangers
2010 San Francisco Giants Texas Rangers
2009 New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies
2008 Philadelphia Phillies Tampa Bay Rays
2007 Boston Red Sox Colorado Rockies
2006 St. Louis Cardinals Detroit Tigers
2005 Chicago White Sox Houston Astros
2004 Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals
2003 Florida Marlins New York Yankees
2002 Anaheim Angels San Francisco Giants
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks New York Yankees
2000 New York Yankees New York Mets


World Series MVP By Year

A look at each World Series MVP for the last 20 years.

Year World Series Champion World Series MVP
2020 Los Angeles Dodgers Corey Seager
2019 Washington Nationals Stephen Strasburg
2018 Boston Red Sox Steve Pearce
2017 Houston Astros George Springer
2016 Chicago Cubs Ben Zobrist
2015 Kansas City Royals Salvador Perez
2014 San Francisco Giants Madison Bumgarner
2013 Boston Red Sox David Ortiz
2012 San Francisco Giants Pablo Sandoval
2011 St. Louis Cardinals David Freese
2010 San Francisco Giants Edgar Renteria
2009 New York Yankees Hideki Matsui
2008 Philadelphia Phillies Cole Hamels
2007 Boston Red Sox Mike Lowell
2006 St. Louis Cardinals David Eckstein
2005 Chicago White Sox Jermaine Dye
2004 Boston Red Sox Manny Ramirez
2003 Florida Marlins Josh Beckett
2002 Anaheim Angels Troy Glaus
2001 Arizona Diamondbacks Curt Schilling/Randy Johnson
2000 New York Yankees Derek Jeter


All Time World Series Stats

Most Home Runs in a Single World Series

A list of the players with the most home runs in one World Series.

World Series Year Player Home Runs
2017 George Springer 5
2009 Chase Utley 5
1977 Reggie Jackson 5


Most Home Runs in a World Series Career

A list of the players with the most career home runs in the World Series.

Player Career World Series Home Runs
Mickey Mantle 18
Babe Ruth 15
Yogi Berra 12
Duke Snider 11
Lou Gehrig 10
Reggie Jackson 10


Most Strikeouts in a Single World Series

A list of the players with the most strikeouts in one World Series.

World Series Year Player Career World Series Strikeouts
1968 Bob Gibson 35
1964 Bob Gibson 31
1965 Sandy Koufax 29
1903 Bill Dinneen 28
1967 Bob Gibson 26
2001 Curt Schilling 26


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2021 World Series Frequently Asked Questions

When will the 2021 World Series be?

The 2021 World Series will be played at the conclusion of the 2021 MLB season. There is no plans for it to be delayed in 2021.

Where is the World Series played?

The World Series is played in each of the two home ballparks of the two teams in the series.

Who is home in the World Series?

Traditionally, the home team in the World Series was decided by the winner of the All Star game. Now, it is decided by the record of the two teams in the World Series.

How many games are in the World Series?

The World Series is the best of a seven-game series. This means that whoever wins four games first, wins the World Series. It can be from four to seven games long.