Last Updated on March 2, 2021


Is the state of Ohio next to legalize sports betting? The governor believes so. In a recent press briefing, Governor Mike DeWine said that Ohio will be legalizing sports betting at some point, and went far enough to say it is now a “when” not “if”. This is great news for sports betting operators and bettors in the state of Ohio, as it will join a growing list of states to offer legal sports betting in the United States.

Let’s take a look at what Governor DeWine said exactly, what legal sports betting will look like in Ohio, and when we can expect to be able to wager in the state.



Legal Sports Betting is Inevitable in Ohio

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio said that that the state will legalize sports betting soon. DeWine was asked about the topic of sports gaming, and the word he used precisely was “inevitable”. That bodes well for operators looking to enter Ohio, but also for bettors in the state who had been traveling to different states such as Pennsylvania to place wagers. DeWine had an interesting quote, which is a breath of fresh air:

“Sports gaming’s already in Ohio. Ohio’s just not regulating it. This is something that I think is inevitable. It’s coming to Ohio.”

In 2020, a legal sports betting bill was passed in the Ohio House but that bill (like many) was delayed with the coronavirus pandemic. Now with the pandemic progressing in a good way, it looks that Ohio will look to continue to push the conversation forward.


Ohio Governor Says Sports Betting Coming Soon

Governor Mike DeWine also said that it’s not “if” in Ohio anymore, it is a matter of “when”. This indicates that a bill could be passed soon, which would then put the wheels in motion for legalized sports betting to take place in the state of Ohio. Here’s another quote from DeWine:

“The members of the general assembly are working that process,” DeWine said. “I will have the opportunity to see what they came up with. I will have the opportunity to weigh in at the appropriate time. But sports gaming is certainly coming to Ohio.”

If you interested in watching the press briefing from Governor DeWine, you can do so here.

Two bills that were discussed were HB 194 and SB 111.


When Can I Bet on Sports in Ohio?

While law has not fully been passed, the aforementioned quotes and certainty from Ohio’s Governor DeWine brings a wealth of confidence that it will be done relatively soon. With neighboring states bring in significant tax income from sports betting, Ohio is looking to join in.

Assuming that a bill is passed some time in early 2021 or the summer, expect for legal sports betting to be ready at the earliest of 2021-2022 football season, or by March Madness in 2022. Once legal sportsbooks are able to enter the state, we can expect the following platforms to be available in Ohio eventually.


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