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Super Bowl Odds 2021

Week 5 in the NFL has officially begun, and the first game of the week takes place on Thursday Night Football between the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The old adage is “time flies when you are having fun, and that certainly applies to the NFL season. We are nearly 25% of the way through the NFL season, and would already be there if not for the Titans and Steelers game being moved due to positive COVID-19 tests in Tennessee. Four games is a benchmark when it comes to the NFL, and there is usually significant odds movement a quarter of the way through the season. This year, that is certainly evident with Super Bowl odds. Let’s take a look at the updated odds, which teams are moving in either direction, and more.


Latest Super Bowl Odds:

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Entering Week 5, the Chiefs are still the betting favorite to win the Super Bowl. At PointsBet, the Chiefs are +360 to win the Super Bowl. At BetMGM, the Chiefs are +325. It is important to note that in order to be the most profitable in the long run to shop around for the best odds. The chart above shows just that. Odds movement will continue on a week-to-week basis, and we’ll provide an update each and every week. So far, the Chiefs have been the leader in the clubhouse each and every week…will that change in Week 5?

Super Bowl Odds Movement 10/6/20


Green Bay Packers Odds Soar to +1000 after MNF Win

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense has been incredible through four games. Rodgers has 1,214 yards and 13 passing touchdowns while completing over 70% of his passes. He has zero interceptions and has only been sacked three times. In addition, the Packers have only fumbled once did they did not lose possession. Green Bay has been hyper-efficient offensively, so their defensive woes have been covered up. The Packers have allowed 25.3 PPG, but after averaging 38 per contest, that does not matter too much. If the Packers defense improves, this is a very dangerous football team. Take a look at the Packers’ odds by week.


Team Current Super Bowl Odds Before Week 4 Before Week 3 Before Week 2 Before Week 1 Change
Green Bay Packers +1000 +1400 +1600 +2500 +3000 +2000


Seattle Seahawks Odds Continue to Climb Entering Week 5

The only unit in the NFC that may be as impressive than the Green Bay Packers offense is the Seattle Seahawks offense. By offensive unit, we mean Russell Wilson. Wilson has completed 75% of his passes and has thrown for an average of 345 yards and four touchdowns per game. Wilson has 16 touchdown passes on the season, and is averaging nearly 10 yards per passing attempt. Seattle has a real problem defensively though, allowing 25 points to Atlanta, 30 to New England, 31 to Dallas, and 23 to the Dolphins. Seattle’s odds are better than Green Bay’s to win the Super Bowl, but they have more questions. Here is a quick look at how their odds have increased since the start of the season.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Before Week 4 Before Week 3 Before Week 2 Before Week 1 Change
Seattle Seahawks +800 +1000 +1200 +1600 +2200 +1400



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Super Bowl Odds Movement After Week 4

Entering Week 5, the NFL is 25% of the way through the season in terms of games played for most teams. Scheduled bye weeks have begun, and teams are starting to take shape. The oddsmakers have realized certain teams have relatively no hope, while others look better than initially advertised. The Packers, Browns, Colts, and Seahawks have seen significant movement all season and each rose in Week 4 as well. As for the teams trending downwards, the Raiders, Cardinals, and even the 49ers’ odds took a plunge after Week 4 losses. Let’s take a deeper look.


Super Bowl Positive Odds Movement

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 4 to Current Movement
Carolina Panthers +10000 +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +20000 +5000
Cleveland Browns +3500 +500
Green Bay Packers +1000 +400
Indianapolis Colts +2200 +300
Los Angeles Rams +2200 +300
Seattle Seahawks +800 +200
Buffalo Bills +1500 +200
Kansas City Chiefs +350 +50
Baltimore Ravens +600 +50

After Week 4, 10 teams saw their odds rise for the Super Bowl odds. At the top, the Panthers and Bengals both rose to +10000 and +20000, respectively. Of course, neither are serious threats to win the Super Bowl but it does show growth for a young organization with new coaches and quarterbacks. As for the teams that saw significant movement who have a “chance”, the Browns, Packers, and Colts topped the charts with the Rams, Seahawks, and Bills also seeing a boost. Buffalo continues to rise through the ranks at +1500, and the Packers at +1000 have now risen from +3000 in Week 1.


Super Bowl Negative Odds Movement

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 4 to Current Movement
New York Giants +40000 -20000
New York Jets +50000 -20000
Jacksonville Jaguars +25000 -7500
Washington Football +25000 -7500
Detroit Lions +15000 -7000
Atlanta Falcons +15000 -5000
Houston Texans +15000 -5000
Los Angeles Chargers +10000 -3400
Las Vegas Raiders +8000 -3000
Denver Broncos +15000 -2500
Miami Dolphins +20000 -2500
Arizona Cardinals +5000 -2000
Chicago Bears +5000 -1700
Dallas Cowboys +3000 -1200
San Francisco 49ers +2500 -900
New England Patriots +2800 -800
Tennessee Titans +3000 -800
Pittsburgh Steelers +1800 -200

After Week 4, it was not all roses and unicorns, per se. Essentially over half the league saw their Super Bowl odds drop after Week 4, as we are now a quarter of the way through the football season. As you can see above, the New York Jets and New York Giants saw the largest drop and both teams are moreso in the running for the first overall pick rather than the Super Bowl. Some teams that saw significant drops in the mid-tier were the Raiders, Cardinals, Bears, and Cowboys after bad losses. Dallas dropped from +1800 to +3000, which is one of the more significant drops of teams ranked near the top entering Week 4.

For a full look at the latest Super Bowl odds, check out our Super Bowl odds page.


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