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Every year, the Super Bowl brings a plethora of betting markets to the forefront of legal sports betting. From the coin toss to props to the normal bets such as spread, total, and the moneyline, the Super Bowl betting history has been prevalent each and every year. One of the most popular Super Bowl betting markets is the MVP, and we have quite the interesting set of players to bet on this year for Super Bowl 54 between the Chiefs and 49ers.

Let’s take a look at the Super Bowl MVP odds, betting trends, and more courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.


Super Bowl MVP Odds

Player Super Bowl MVP Odds
Patrick Mahomes +110
Jimmy Garoppolo +200
Raheem Mostert +500
Tyreek Hill +1600
Travis Kelce +1600
George Kittle +2000
Damien Williams +2800
Nick Bosa +3300
Deebo Samuel +3500
Richard Sherman +6600

Without a doubt, the top two favorites are the quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo are +110 and +200 respectively, and the past has told us that Super Bowl betting history favors the quarterbacks for Super Bowl MVP. Last year, Julian Edelman won but before that was two straight quarterbacks and three of the last four. Since Super Bowl XLI, nine of 13 Super Bowl MVPs have been quarterbacks. Of the other four positions, two have been wide receivers, and two have been linebackers. A running back has not won Super Bowl MVP since Terrell Davis in Super Bowl XXXII. That is something to note with Raheem Mostert’s +500 price for MVP.


Super Bowl MVP Betting Splits


First report of Super Bowl MVP betting splits from DraftKings Sportsbook.

Super Bowl MVP Betting Splits
Player Odds % Handle % Bets
Patrick Mahomes +110 43% 23%
George Kittle +2000 14% 12%
Raheem Mostert +500 10% 10%
Nick Bosa +3300 5% 9%
Tyreek Hill +1600 5% 8%
Travis Kelce +1600 4% 7%
Jimmy Garoppolo +200 4% 5%
Deebo Samuel +3500 3% 5%
Damien Williams +2800 2% 3%
Richard Sherman +6600 1% 3%
Provided by DraftKings Sportsbook

As you can see, the overwhelming favorite amongst the betting public is Patrick Mahomes, who is receiving 42% of the money, and 23% of the bets. If the Chiefs win, he is very likely to win Super Bowl MVP, but if the Chiefs lose…it will be incredibly hard, if not impossible, for him to win. George Kittle is the most popular bet amongst 49ers players, with 14% of the Super Bowl MVP money and 12% of the overall bets. The second favorite Chief is Tyreek Hill at 5% of the betting handle and 8% of the bets. Hill comes in at +1600 to win the award.

Of all the money bet on the Super Bowl MVP at DraftKings Sportsbook, 54% of the money is on a Kansas City Chief in this list, and 42% of the money is on a 49er in this list. You may be wondering where the other four percent is being bet on, but there are plenty of other players with odds to win MVP on DraftKings Sportsbook, so the four percent is split amongst those.


2nd Report of Super Bowl MVP Betting Splits from DraftKings


Patrick Mahomes Leads the Charge

Pat Mahomes MVP Super Bowl OddsIt’s not shocking to see the favorite at +110 in Patrick Mahomes to receive 43% of the betting handle and 23% of the bets placed. It was just announced that Mahomes passed Tom Brady on the list of the most popular merchandise in the NFL, from the NFLPA.

This goes hand in hand with him being the most popular player on the biggest stage in Super Bowl 54. With quarterbacks winning nine of the last 13 and 29 of 53 overall, it is quite likely the quarterback for a pass-first offense that is favored in the Super Bowl wins the Super Bowl MVP. The public certainly thinks so, as they favor the Chiefs as far as the spread is concerned.



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