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It’s Thanksgiving week in the NFL, which means Week 12 is upon us. This also means that there are only six weeks left in the NFL regular season. The NFL futures market is still alive and well though, as there are still 31 NFL teams in the hunt to win the Super Bowl. Only the New York Jets have been removed from the board as they have been eliminated from contention after a 0-10 start. As for the leaders, the Chiefs are still on top after another impressive come-from-behind victory in Week 11. There were some teams that saw their odds fall, some rose, and many stayed the same. Let’s take a look at the Week 11 Super Bowl odds roundup.

Most teams saw their odds rise or fall slightly after Week 11, and the Chiefs still lead at +300 to win the Super Bowl. Others in the top (and bottom) saw some significant movement though, let’s dive in.


Latest 2021 Super Bowl Odds

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As you can see, the Chiefs are still the leader in the clubhouse for odds to win the Super Bowl, as they sit at +300 to win at DraftKings Sportsbook. At PointsBet, their odds rose to +275, the highest for any team so far in the 2020 NFL season. The key to the NFL futures market is getting the best number, so be sure to take advantage of the chart above. If you see a book offering better odds for the team you wish to wager at another book, take advantage on that book.


Ravens Super Bowl odds fall again

Is there trouble brewing in Baltimore? The Ravens’ odds fellย again to +1800, after dropping to +1000 in a span of a few short weeks. Baltimore has lost two in a row and three of the last four. Lamar Jackson only has 15 passing touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns on the ground, bringing him to 18 in 10 games. Last year, Jackson scored 43 touchdowns in 15 games. In Week 12, the Ravens will face the Steelers on Thanksgiving, so 6-5 for Baltimore is a legitimate possibility after starting off hot.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 11 to Current Movement
Baltimore Ravens +1800 -800


Rams Super Bowl odds skyrocket after MNF victory

The Los Angeles Rams continue their positive momentum, and the Super Bowl odds are reflective of that as it has risen to +1200 after consecutive impressive victories over Seattle and Tampa in the last two weeks. The Rams have surely become one of the better teams in the NFC as the defense has rounded into shape and the Rams’ passing offense is clicking on all cylinders. Is +1200 too high for LA? They have the 49ers and Cardinals in the next two weeks, so will find out in a hurry.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 11 to Current Movement
Los Angeles Rams +1200 +600



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Week 12 Super Bowl Odds Movement

As always, there is evidence of severe odds movement this week. In the NFC East, the Washington Football Team and the Dallas Cowboys’ odds quickly rose as there is still hope for them to win the division after the Eagles lost another game. In addition, that is directly impacted by the Eagles’ odds falling along with the Dolphins and Ravens. 14 teams saw their odds increase after Week 11 and 12 teams’ odds fell. Here is a look at the details.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Up Week 12

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 11 to Current Movement
Washington Football +17500 +82500
Los Angeles Chargers +35000 +10000
Houston Texans +35000 +10000
Denver Broncos +35000 +10000
Dallas Cowboys +10000 +5000
Carolina Panthers +22500 +5000
New York Giants +12500 +2500
Cleveland Browns +4000 +1000
Los Angeles Rams +1200 +600
Indianapolis Colts +2000 +500
Tennessee Titans +2500 +500
Seattle Seahawks +1300 +300
New Orleans Saints +550 +100
Kansas City Chiefs +300 +50

14 teams’ odds rose after Week 11, headlined by aย massive move by the Washington Football Team all the way to +17500. Will they win the Super Bowl? It’s very unlikely, but 82,500 points of movement is significant. The main teams to see movement were the Browns, Rams, Colts, and Titans among contenders. One team to keep an eye on is the Saints, whose odds increased even after playing a game without Drew Brees. Taysom Hill played well, and the Saints’ odds are now +550 to win the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Down Week 12

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 11 to Current Movement
Jacksonville Jaguars +300000 -150,000
Cincinnati Bengals +150000 -50,000
Atlanta Falcons +50000 -30,000
Detroit Lions +20000 -5,000
New England Patriots +10000 -3,000
Philadelphia Eagles +8000 -2,000
Minnesota Vikings +10000 -2,000
Miami Dolphins +5000 -1,000
Baltimore Ravens +1800 -800
Arizona Cardinals +3000 -800
Green Bay Packers +1200 -300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1100 -200

With a dozen teams seeing their odds fall in Week 11, the “leaders” of course are the Jaguars, Bengals, and Falcons. With that said, all three are not legitimate contenders for the Super Bowl. The main teams that could be seen as contenders that saw negative odds movement are:

  • Eagles +6000 to +8000
  • Dolphins +4000 to +5000
  • Ravens +1000 to +1800
  • Cardinals +2200 to +3000.


For a full look at the latest, check out our Super Bowl odds page.


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