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With one of the better Monday Night Football games we have seen in a long time between the Ravens and Browns, Week 14 is in the books. That was a bad beat for Browns bettors, for sure, but it was a terrific finish nevertheless. The Ravens victory also caused a big move in the Super Bowl odds market too, as their odds to win the championship increased. More teams were eliminated from the Super Bowl hunt in Week 14, but let’s take a deeper look at which teams’ odds increased, decreased and more.

Odds moved all over the place in Week 14, butย still the leader in terms of odds to win the Super Bowl is the Kansas City Chiefs, this time at +180 on DraftKings Sportsbook. Here is a look at the latest odds.


Latest 2021 NFL Super Bowl Odds

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As you can tell from the odds above, the Chiefs are +180 to win the Super Bowl. But, if you want to wager on the Chiefs futures the place to do it is BetMGM with their price being +220. Remember when betting on the futures market to pick the best prices. With access to many legal sportsbooks, the best prices will help bettors have a chance to become more profitable in the long term.


NFL Super Bowl Betting Splits

The great DraftKings Sportsbook provided some NFL Super Bowl betting splits information in mid-December. As you can see, aย ton of bets have come in on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl, even at +180. If the Chiefs somehow do not win, it will be a big win for the sportsbook. Some notables are how much money is on the Patriots and Cowboys, despite having a minimal chance to win the Super Bowl. One to note is 11% of the bets have come in on the Ravens, but just 7% of the betting handle. In addition, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have 13% of the handle, but only 9% of the bets which indicate heavy money on Tom Brady and the Bucs.


Ravens Super Bowl Odds rise after MNF Victory

What a victory for the Baltimore Ravens. Not only do they increase their chances to get to the NFL playoffs, but their Super Bowl odds nearly were cut in half from +2800 to +1600 at DraftKings Sportsbook. At +1600 entering Week 15, the Ravens are just behind the Buccaneers, Seahawks, and Steelers, but are ahead of the Titans, Colts, and Browns. Baltimore has quite the easy schedule the rest of the way, which is a big reason why this win on Monday Night Football over Cleveland was so important. This is likely the best price you can get for the Ravens for the rest of the regular season.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 14 to Current Movement
Baltimore Ravens +1600 +1200


Buffalo Bills a Super Bowl contender? Odds soar after win

How about those Buffalo Bills?! Buffalo’s odds rose from +1700 to +1200, and they look like aย real contender for the AFC representative in the Super Bowl. Only the Chiefs have better Super Bowl odds in the AFC, which makes this look like a potential Chiefs/Bills AFC Championship. With Josh Allen at the helm and an improving defense, the Bills certainly are on track to make some noise in the NFL playoffs, and may very well win the AFC East in Week 15.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 14 to Current Movement
Buffalo Bills +1200 +500



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NFL Week 15 Super Bowl Odds Movement

In Week 14, some of the biggest risers and fallers rose (or fell) by a large margin. The Ravens and Bills saw massive increases, but so did the Washington Football team and others. As for the fallers, with the Browns, Vikings, and Steelers all losing tough ones, their odds have fallen as well. Here is a deeper look at our weekly stock watch, with a breakdown of the biggest risers and fallers from Week 14 in the NFL.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Up in Week 15

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 14 to Current Movement
Chicago Bears +20000 +7500
Washington Football +6000 +4000
Philadelphia Eagles +15000 +2500
Baltimore Ravens +1600 +1200
Buffalo Bills +1200 +500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1400 +200
Indianapolis Colts +2800 +200
Tennessee Titans +2800 +200
Green Bay Packers +650 +150
Los Angeles Rams +1100 +100
Kansas City Chiefs +180 +20

After Week 14, there were 11 teams that saw their odds increase. The top of the leaderboard, the Bears saw the biggest movement to +20000 but they are not considered a contender. Those teams that saw the most significant movement were the Football Team, Ravens, Bills, and Bucs. The Washington Football Team has a real chance to make the playoffs, and with that defense there is a chance that Washington can make some noise. The issue is at quarterback, where the Football Team lacks a playmaker. One team to note is the Bucs, who continue to struggle at times but have +1400 odds to win.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Down in Week 15

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 14 to Current Movement
Denver Broncos +100000 -50,000
New England Patriots +50000 -40,000
Dallas Cowboys +50000 -27,500
Detroit Lions +50000 -17,500
New York Giants +15000 -8,000
San Francisco 49ers +15000 -7,000
Las Vegas Raiders +12500 -5,900
Miami Dolphins +8000 -2,000
Minnesota Vikings +8000 -1,400
Cleveland Browns +4000 -1,000
Pittsburgh Steelers +1300 -500
New Orleans Saints +700 -200

A total of 12 teams saw their odds decrease in Week 14, highlighted by the massive drops of the Broncos, Patriots, and Cowboys. Those three teams will be some of the next teams eliminated from the playoffs, followed by the Lions. The teams that saw a significant drop were the Giants, 49ers, Dolphins, Vikings, and Browns. The Giants had a chance to win the division, but a bad loss in Week 14 may have ended their hopes.

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