Last Updated on May 4, 2020

MLB season delay timeline

Former Major League Third Baseman Trevor Plouffe just landed the most notable scoop of his career.

Plouffe hasn’t provided more context other than in this tweet, but the 33 year old played nine seasons in the big leagues, finishing with the Philadelphia Phillies in July of 2018. He’s best known for his seven seasons in the Minnesota Twins system. 610 Sports Radio (KSCP) in Kansas City’s Bob Fescoe also has potential details on a return to baseball.

The news comes after reports that the NBA may not be able to continue their season for several months, as well as the possibility of delaying next season until December.


MLB Return Plan, Three Divisions, 100 Regular Season Games?

The latest from MLB writer Bob Nightengale shows that baseball could be adapting to the coronavirus pandemic, which would allow for a 2020 season to start and end with 100 games plus the playoffs. The report from Nightengale says that the MLB is very optimistic that baseball will resume in late June or early July and we will see at least 100 games plus the playoffs. How would this all work? The proposal has three divisions with 10 teams each, focusing on regions. Of course, this would drastically improve the ability to follow state regulations as it pertains to the coronavirus, and helps the logistical nightmare that is scheduling a professional baseball league. 

As more information becomes available, we will continue to monitor and update with more relevant information.

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