Last Updated on March 1, 2021

What a crazy offseason this has been so far in the NFL. Drew Brees retiring, JJ Watt released, Carson Wentz traded to the Colts, and Deshaun Watson rumors. None of that scratches the surface to this latest rumor though, as the Seattle Seahawks could possibly be exploring to trade Russell Wilson.

The rumor is a rumor until further notice, but this is quickly picking up steam. Let’s take a look.



Bet on Russell Wilson’s Next Team at DraftKings Sportsbook

The NFL offseason has been filled with news, rumors, and more. JJ Watt has signed with the Cardinals so the next biggest story will be where Russell Wilson will end up in 2021. Per DraftKings Sportsbook, Seattle is still the favorite but the Raiders and Cowboys follow. Here are the teams with the top odds after the Seahawks (-1000).

  • Raiders (+600)
  • Cowboys (+600)
  • Saints (+700)
  • Bears (+800)


Russell Wilson Trade Rumors

Could Wilson really be on the move this offseason? Per recent reports, the Seattle Seahawks and Wilson’s relationship is not at its best and Wilson’s camp is potentially looking at trade destinations. Reports indicate that Wilson has looked into the following teams:

  • Dolphins
  • Jets
  • Saints
  • Raiders

Given the rumored asking price for Deshaun Watson of multiple first round picks and players, the asking price for Wilson could be even higher. Especially when you throw in the wrinkle of the cap hit Seattle would have to absorb.


Wilson, Seattle Relationship Fractured

For a few months now, rumors of Russell Wilson and the Seahawks not getting along have been whispered. Now, it seems to have taken the next step in its development. As Bucky Brooks says, the report from The Athletic is quite interesting given the tidbits mentioned. If the Seahawks gave Wilson a platform for suggestions as a franchise player, but are not willing to listen to anything he is saying we have the same situation as what is happening in Houston with Deshaun Watson.


Who will trade for Russell Wilson?

If Wilson truly ends up on the trading block, he will garner an absurd amount of interest as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. But, who actually has the firepower to be able to trade for him?

The obvious suitors would be the New York Jets or Miami Dolphins with the amount of draft capital they have, but it would take a vast package for Seattle to even entertain trading their superstar. While this is pure speculation, something like this could be considered for a Russell Wilson trade.

Could the Jets Trade for Russell Wilson?

Here is what it could take from the Jets:

  • #2 overall
  • #23 overall
  • 2022 first
  • 2022 second
  • Sam Darnold

Dolphins Interested in Russell Wilson?

Miami has similar capital, and a potential deal could look like this:

  • #3 overall
  • #18 overall
  • Tua Tagovailoa
  • 2022 first
  • 2022 second

Time will tell whether or not Wilson is traded, but the rumors are certainly picking up.


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