Last Updated on December 29, 2020

After a shellacking by the Buffalo Bills over the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, Week 16 in the NFL has ended. That means we are onto Week 17 in the NFL, where the playoff seedings will be set. Marquee matchups will be aplenty, but the Chiefs and Steelers are likely resting players along with potentially others. This will make it interesting from an odds perspective for the teams looking to get in.

After a fun Week 16 in the NFL, the Super Bowl odds market has shifted. There are 18 teams remaining, but some serious contenders have seen a change in odds movement in the last week. In terms of who is the favorite, the Chiefs are +190 to win at DraftKings Sportsbook, but there are better prices around. Here is a look at the latest odds.


Updated 2021 Super Bowl Odds

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There is just one week left in the 2020 NFL season, which means just one week left to get the best prices for Super Bowl futures for many teams. While the Chiefs are still the betting favorites to win the Super Bowl, you can get the Chiefs at +210 (compared to +190) at BetMGM Sportsbook. Be sure to wager on the best odds each time you bet a future, as it will help your long-term potential for profit.


New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Odds Continue to Climb

Are this year’s Saints the team to beat in the NFC? Currently, they are second in Super Bowl odds behind the Green Bay Packers, but again saw positive odds movement of +850 to +700 entering Week 17. The Packers air and ground attack for one of the most efficient offenses we have seen in NFL history has been unstoppable, and Green Bay goes for home field advantage throughout the playoffs in Lambeau Field. With that said, the Saints will play at least one or two home games in the postseason and have a terrific rushing attack of their own. With Drew Brees and Michael Thomas being healthy in the postseason, is there a chance the Saints could pull off an upset. Some bettors believe that, as their odds have continued to rise.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 16 to Current Movement
New Orleans Saints +700 +150


Rams and Cardinals Super Bowl Odds Plummet entering Week 17 Clash

Week 17 has the potential to be unbelievably bizarre in the NFC West. The Rams and Cardinals square off in what could decide a playoff spot, but both teams could be without their starting quarterbacks. Kyler Murray’s leg is ailing and Jared Goff is already set to miss Week 17. This definitely explains why both teams’ odds fell dramatically after Week 16, as one of these teams will unlikely make the postseason. The Rams are +3300 to win the Super Bowl, and the Cardinals are +8000. Week 17 will decide the fates of both these two teams, so be sure to keep an eye out for their matchup.

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 16 to Current Movement
Los Angeles Rams +3300 -1,800
Arizona Cardinals +8000 -3,000



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NFL Week 17 Super Bowl Odds Movement

Week 16 was a crazy one, which resulted in a few teams being removed from playoff contention, and also the odds to win the Super Bowl of course. There are only 18 teams left to wager on to win the NFL championship, and that number will dwindle after Week 17 with a few playoff spots left to be earned. There was significant odds movement of the teams remaining for the Super Bowl, including the Steelers, Rams, Cardinals, and other teams. Let’s take a look at the latest of this movement, stock watches, and more as we enter the final week of the 2020 NFL season.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Up in Week 17

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 16 to Current Movement
Dallas Cowboys +10000 +12500
Chicago Bears +7000 +8000
New York Giants +15000 +2500
Miami Dolphins +6000 +2000
Seattle Seahawks +1000 +300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1100 +300
Pittsburgh Steelers +2200 +300
New Orleans Saints +700 +150
Green Bay Packers +525 +25

A total of nine teams saw their odds increase after Week 16, headlined by the Dallas Cowboys moving from +22500 to +10000. Do they have a chance to win the Super Bowl? It’sΒ very unlikely, but nevertheless the movement favored them this week. The Bears, Giants, and Dolphins also saw increases in their odds to win the Super Bowl. While the other five teams did not see as much movement, there is an argument to be made that these teams’ saw more significant odds movement relative to their price. The Seahawks, Bucs, and Steelers all saw their odds rise by 300 points, bringing Seattle to +1000 to win the Super Bowl. The Saints rose from +850 to +700, which is very significant as well given how high their odds were already.


Super Bowl Odds Movement – Stock Down in Week 17

Team Current Super Bowl Odds Week 16 to Current Movement
Cleveland Browns +6000 -3000
Arizona Cardinals +8000 -3000
Washington Football +10000 -3000
Los Angeles Rams +3300 -1800
Indianapolis Colts +3300 -500
Tennessee Titans +2800 -300
Kansas City Chiefs +190 -20

Seven teams saw their stock fall in Week 16, not including the handful that saw their odds disappear after being eliminated from postseason contention. Those four teams with the largest odds in terms of total movement were the Browns, Cardinals, and Washington Football Team followed by the Rams. The other three that saw their odds drop on a smaller scale were the Colts, Titans, and Chiefs. All three are expected to make an AFC playoff push, but only one of the Titans and Colts will likely make it through Week 17.


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