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It is conference championship week in college football as we have hit Week 14. For those that follow Scott Van Pelt, you know he has had a successful betting record in college football over the years. 2021 has been great for SVP, as he continues to have a positive record.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Scott Van Pelt’s betting picks for Week 14 in CFB. In this article you will find SVP’s betting card, a look at his week-to-week betting record, and his career record. In addition, we look at the best odds for this week in college football.



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SVP Picks for College Football Week 14

Each and every week on SportsCenter, SVP gives his favorite CFB betting picks. The segment on SportsCenter is called “Winners”, and it is a handful of CFB picks with some brief analysis from SVP. Here’s his picks for this week.

UTSA +3.5 vs. WKY

SVP is 2-0 all time picking UTSA.

Baylor +5.5 vs. OSU

6-1 this year picking Baylor, back to the well.

Cincinnati -10.5 vs. Houston

Cincy needs a big win this week, SVP takes them.

Utah State +6 vs. San Diego State

Aggies are in a big one here, take the points.

Iowa +11 vs. Michigan

11 is a LOT of points, let’s take those. Stanford Steve is on them as well.

Alabama +6.5 vs. Georgia

Alabama is getting points? Yup. Do it.

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States: WV, IA, AZ, TN, CO, IL, IN, MI, NJ, PA, VA

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. In TN call or text the TN REDLINE 800-889-9789



Do Scott Van Pelt’s betting picks actually win?

SVP is a lot of things, but a professional handicapper is something he would never say about himself. With that say, he has been very sharp in 2021 with his college football picks. He is well over .500 on the season for his “Winner$” segment, and gives mostly upsets. Given that many bettors pick favorites, this is an impressive record for SVP. Below, we take a look at his betting record from each week on the season.

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that SVP has never fancied himself as a professional bettor, but he has found a niche as a college football upsets handicapper on SportsCenter, regardless of reasoning. In 2021, his college football picks have been above .500 to continue with his positive career record. Below, we look at his betting record on a week-to-week basis.

Week to Week SVP Betting Picks Record

Last week, SVP’s record was 4-3. His action was as follows:

  • Mississippi State -1 (Loss)
  • Nebraska -1 (Loss)
  • Washington +1 (Loss)
  • Michigan +8 (Win)
  • USC +7 (Win)
  • Florida -2.5 (Win)
  • LSU +6.5 (Win)

For Week 12, SVP was 4-4. Not a bad week, but not a winning week. Here was his action.

  • Air Force +1.5 (Win)
  • Cincinnati -11.5 (Win)
  • Ohio State -19 (Win)
  • Georgia Tech +17 (Loss)
  • Utah -3 (Win)
  • USC +3 (Loss)
  • Kansas State -1 (Loss)
  • Troy +10 (Loss)

In Week 11, SVP’s record was 5-3, yet another winning week. Here was his card.

  • FSU +2.5 vs. Miami (Win)
  • Baylor +5.5 vs. Oklahoma (Win)
  • Ole Miss +2.5 vs. Texas A&M (Win)
  • Penn State +1.5 vs. Michigan (Loss)
  • Maryland +13 vs. Michigan State (Loss)
  • Wisconsin -24.5 vs. Northwestern (Win)
  • Ohio State -21 vs. Purdue (Win)
  • LSU +2.5 vs. Arkansas (Loss)

A month ago in Week 10, SVP’s betting picks were 6-2. Here was his card:

  • TCU +6.5 vs. Baylor (Win)
  • Purdue +3 vs. Michigan State (Win)
  • Memphis +4.5 vs. SMU (Win)
  • West Virginia +3.5 vs. Oklahoma State (Loss)
  • Washington +7 vs. Oregon (Loss)
  • Nebraska +15 vs. Ohio State (Win)
  • Tulsa +22.5 vs. Cincinnati (Win)
  • San Jose State +10 vs. Nevada (Win)

Five weeks ago in Week 9, SVP was 6-1.

  • Florida +14 vs. UGA (Loss)
  • Mississippi State +1.5 vs. Kentucky (Win)
  • Washington +2.5 vs. Stanford (Win)
  • California +1.5 vs. Oregon State (Win)
  • Wisconsin -3.5 vs. Iowa (Win)
  • Houston -1.5 vs. SMU (Win)
  • NC State -6.5 vs. Louisville (Win)

Back in Week 8, SVP’s betting picks were 3-3.

  • Army +3 (Loss)
  • Washington State +4 (Win)
  • Miami, FL +3.5 (Win)
  • Navy +28.5 (Win)
  • Georgia Tech +6.5 (Loss)
  • Iowa State -7 (Loss)

Scott Van Pelt Winners Record | Weeks 1 – 7

SVP winners betting record history

CFB betting record in 2021: 53-37-2.

NFL betting record last year: 15-12.

CFB betting record last year: 27-27-1.

All time, SVP is 359-331-12 after last week’s positive week.



What are the best Week 14 college football odds?

There is arguably nothing more important than getting the best odds in sports betting, especially when wagering on college football. This way when your picks are correct, your return is maximized or chances are higher. Shopping for the best odds allows you to have a better chance of being more profitable in the long run. Here’s a look at the best odds for Week 14.

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