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Last week in college football was one of the best of the season. With huge upsets and plenty of close games, it was a bettor’s dream. It was also a great week for Scott Van Pelt on his “Winners” segment, as he went 4-2 to go over .500 on the season.

In this post, you find Scott Van Pelt’s betting picks for Week 7 in college football as they are updated. In addition, you will find SVP’s betting history from this season and last year. We look at SVP’s performance on a week-to-week basis before taking a look at the best odds for this week in college football.



SVP Picks for College Football Week 7

Each and every week on Scott Van Pelt’s “Winners” segment on Thursday nights, SVP gives his favorite CFB picks against the spread.

Unfortunately for this week in college football, there was no “SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt”. The next edition of Scott Van Pelt’s live SportsCenter looks to be next week, so he does not have a “Winners” segment. With that said, he did provide his winners on Twitter. Here are SVP’s picks.

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Are Scott Van Pelt’s betting picks winners?

One thing Scott Van Pelt has never claimed himself to be is top tier sports bettor. His picks always have a “tongue-in-cheek” feel, where SVP mentions a few numbers and always seems to take underdogs. That has worked for him over the long term as he is over .500. Entering Week 6, he hadn’t had a winning week since Week 1. Luckily for SVP, last week was a great one as he went 4-2 on his six picks. Let’s take a look at his picks from this season on a week-to-week basis.

Last week, SVP’s winners were 4-2.

  • Rutgers +5.5 (Loss)
  • Boise State +6 (Win)
  • Utah +3 (Win)
  • Syracuse +6 (Win)
  • Nebraska +3.5 (Win)
  • Auburn +15.5 (Loss)

For the Week 5 slate, SVP’s winners picks went 3-4-1.

  • Utah State +8.5 (Loss)
  • Indiana +12.5 (Loss)
  • Colorado +7.5 (Loss)
  • Stanford +8 (Win)
  • Georgia -18 (Win)
  • Florida State -4.5 (Loss)
  • Kentucky +7.5 (Win)
  • TCU +5 (Push)

In Week 4, SVP’s winners record was 2-5 as he struggled.

  • Miami (OH) +8.5 (Loss)
  • Florida State +1.5 (Loss)
  • Baylor +7 (Win)
  • Nebraska +5 (Win)
  • Kent State +14.5 (Loss)
  • South Carolina +5 (Loss)
  • Oklahoma -17 (Loss)

For Week 3, SVP’s CFB picks went 4-4.

  • Illinois +7.5 (Win)
  • Indiana (+3.5 (Loss)
  • Florida +14.5 (Win)
  • Memphis +3 (Win)
  • Purdue +7 (Loss)
  • Colorado State +14.5 (Win)
  • Vanderbilt +12 (Loss)
  • Tulane +14 (Loss)

For Week 2, SVP’s betting picks were 4-4.

  • Colorado +17 (Win)
  • Rice +9 (Loss)
  • Arkansas State +5.5 (Win)
  • Arkansas +7 (Win)
  • Missouri +5.5 (Loss)
  • Appalachian State +9 (Win)
  • Washington +7 (Loss)
  • East Carolina +2 (Loss)

In Week 1, SVP went 4-1.

  • VT +5.5 (Win)
  • Penn State +5.5 (Win)
  • Louisiana Lafayette +9 (Loss)
  • UTSA +5 (Win)
  • Florida State +7 (Win)

SVP winners betting history

CFB betting record in 2021: 21-20-1

NFL betting record in 2020: 15-12

CFB betting record in 2020: 27-27-1

All time, SVP is 327-314-11 after last week.



What are the best Week 7 college football odds?

Finally, let’s take a look at the best Week 7 college football odds. Below, you will see the best odds and prices from various legal sportsbooks in different states. Finding the best odds is one of the most important practices for sports bettors, so be sure to take the best odds offered for the games you are wagering on this weekend.

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