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After some awesome upsets in college football last week, this week looks to be a fun one where the rankings could shift based on a few outcomes. With many NFL teams on bye, it makes for a fun college football betting week. Many turn to Scott Van Pelt’s winners each week, as he has had some success despite the nature of his “Winners” segment being entertainment-based. Last week, he went 4-2 to make it two straight weeks with a winning record.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Scott Van Pelt’s betting picks for Week 8 in college football. In addition, you will find SVP’s betting history from the last two years along with a week-to-week look at his picks from this season. Finally, we provide the best odds in college football to help you get the best prices.



SVP Picks for College Football Week 8

Each Thursday Night on “SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt”, SVP provides his favorite picks for the week ahead in college football. He gives a handful of picks against the spread, some reasoning, and a very entertaining joke or two about himself.

Like last week, SVP is on vacation so there was not be a “Winners” segment on the midnight SportsCenter. With that said, SVP provided his betting picks on social media while away.

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Should I bet on Scott Van Pelt’s betting picks?

SVP has never once said he is a terrific bettor, but he has been successful during his “Winners” segments over the years. He has a fun and entertaining take on betting games, but it turns out that SVP has been successful so far this season. In Week 7 he was on vacation, but still gave us six picks. These picks went 4-2, which makes SVP 8-4 in his last two weeks. Let’s take a look at his picks on a week-to-week basis, along with his overall record which stands at a few games above .500.

Week to Week SVP Betting Picks

Last week from vacation on a beach, SVP’s winners were still 4-2.

  • Indiana +4.5 (Loss)
  • Purdue +11.5 (Win)
  • Northwestern +2 (Win)
  • Missouri +10 (Loss)
  • LSU +11.5 (Win)
  • Auburn +5 (Win)

In Week 6, SVP’s winners were 4-2.

  • Rutgers +5.5 (Loss)
  • Boise State +6 (Win)
  • Utah +3 (Win)
  • Syracuse +6 (Win)
  • Nebraska +3.5 (Win)
  • Auburn +15.5 (Loss)

SVP’s winners picks went 3-4-1 in Week 5.

  • Utah State +8.5 (Loss)
  • Indiana +12.5 (Loss)
  • Colorado +7.5 (Loss)
  • Stanford +8 (Win)
  • Georgia -18 (Win)
  • Florida State -4.5 (Loss)
  • Kentucky +7.5 (Win)
  • TCU +5 (Push)

For Week 4, SVP’s winners record was 2-5 as he struggled.

  • Miami (OH) +8.5 (Loss)
  • Florida State +1.5 (Loss)
  • Baylor +7 (Win)
  • Nebraska +5 (Win)
  • Kent State +14.5 (Loss)
  • South Carolina +5 (Loss)
  • Oklahoma -17 (Loss)

SVP’s CFB picks went 4-4 in Week 3.

  • Illinois +7.5 (Win)
  • Indiana (+3.5 (Loss)
  • Florida +14.5 (Win)
  • Memphis +3 (Win)
  • Purdue +7 (Loss)
  • Colorado State +14.5 (Win)
  • Vanderbilt +12 (Loss)
  • Tulane +14 (Loss)

In Week 2, SVP’s betting picks were 4-4.

  • Colorado +17 (Win)
  • Rice +9 (Loss)
  • Arkansas State +5.5 (Win)
  • Arkansas +7 (Win)
  • Missouri +5.5 (Loss)
  • Appalachian State +9 (Win)
  • Washington +7 (Loss)
  • East Carolina +2 (Loss)

SVP went 4-1 in Week 1 to start the season.

  • VT +5.5 (Win)
  • Penn State +5.5 (Win)
  • Louisiana Lafayette +9 (Loss)
  • UTSA +5 (Win)
  • Florida State +7 (Win)

SVP winners betting history

CFB betting record in 2021: 25-22-1.

NFL betting record in 2020: 15-12.

CFB betting record last year: 27-27-1.

All time, SVP is 331-316-11 after last week.



What are the best Week 8 college football odds?

Finding the best odds is one of the best practices to being a successful sports bettor. Let’s take a look at the best odds for Week 8 in college football. Below, you will see a table with the best odds at various legal sportsbooks in whichever state you choose. Use these odds to make your selections with the best price in mind.

[metabet_core_odds_board league=”ncaaf” site_id=”actionrush”  hide_consensus=”yes” hide_location=”yes”]

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