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We have finally made it to the last week of the NFL season, and the college football National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia. ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt gives his final CFB pick of the year along with his favorites in the NFL on SportsCenter. His “Winners” segment has become quite popular.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Scott Van Pelt’s betting picks for Week 18 in the NFL and the National Championship game. In this article, you’ll see SVP’s full card for this weekend. In addition, we look at SVP’s record and his week-to-week success (or lack thereof). Finally, a look at the best NFL odds for Week 18.



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SVP Picks for NFL Week 18 and CFB

Each and every week on ESPN’s SportsCenter, Scott Van Pelt gives his favorite betting picks against the spread for both the NFL and college football. Coincidentally this week, the National Championship game and the final week of the NFL season take place. On “Winners” each week, SVP gives CFB picks (as the season started) then slowly transitioned to more NFL picks. Here is SVP’s betting card for Week 18 and the National Championship game.

Denver Broncos +10 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

We are on Denver and the points, because why not says SVP.

Jacksonville Jaguars +15.5 vs. Indianapolis Colts

Bad teams? Why not. World is on the Colts, let’s bet on the Jags.

Carolina Panthers +8 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

SVP loved the Panthers earlier in the season, so he has to bet them…right?

Ravens -5.5 vs. Steelers

This is the GpG NFL pick this week, general principle game.

Raiders +3 vs. Chargers

SVP wants to take the Chargers, but he has to take the Raiders here, of course.

Stanford Steve’s picks this week

Steve likes the Atlanta Falcons +4.5 vs. the New Orleans Saints this week.


Scott Van Pelt CFB National Championship Pick – UGA vs. Alabama

To finish out the year, SVP gives his final CFB betting pick with his selection of either Georgia or Alabama. in the National Championship game.

Georgia -3 vs. Alabama

Everything points to Alabama, but nope…take the Bulldogs -3.

Want more betting picks? Here are Barstool’s betting picks and locks for this weekend.



States: IL, LA, WV, IA, AZ, TN, CO, IL, IN, MI, NJ, PA, VA

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Do Scott Van Pelt’s betting picks win?

When it comes to college football, SVP is tremendous as a bettor. He is 25 games over .500 this season in college football, which is very good. Given that he bets mostly underdogs, it makes it that much more impressive. He has struggled a bit in the NFL, going under .500 on the season. Nevertheless, SVP provides his favorite betting picks each week during football season. We look at his week-to-week record below.

Week to Week SVP Betting Picks Record

Last week, SVP went 4-2, 4-1 in CFB and 0-1 in the NFL. Here were his picks.

  • Purdue +6 (Win)
  • Georgia -7.5 (Win)
  • Cincinnati +13.5 (Loss)
  • Oklahoma State +2.5 (Win)
  • Baylor +1.5 (Win)
  • Washington Football Team +3 (Loss)

Two weeks ago, SVP posted both NFL and CFB picks. Here was his action, as he went 0-1 in CFB and 2-2 in NFL.

  • Hawaii +8.5 (Cancelled)
  • Ball State +6 (Loss)
  • Arizona Cardinals -1 (Loss)
  • Minnesota Vikings +3 (Loss)
  • Chicago Bears +6.5 (Win)
  • Miami Dolphins +3 (Win)

Three weeks ago, SVP had CFB and NFL picks. He went 2-0 in CFB and 0-4 in the NFL.

  • Western Kentucky +3 vs. Appalachian State (Win)
  • UAB +7 vs. BYU (Win)
  • Atlanta Falcons +9.5 vs. San Francisco 49ers (Loss)
  • Seattle Seahawks +5.5 vs. Los Angeles Rams (Loss)
  • Denver Broncos -2.5 vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Loss)
  • Chicago Bears +5.5 vs. Minnesota Vikings (Loss)

A month ago, SVP went 1-3 in the NFL and 1-0 in CFB (Army/Navy).

  • Texans +8.5 (Loss)
  • Lions +10 (Loss)
  • Bills +3.5 (Loss)
  • Rams +2.5 (Win)

Over a month ago, SVP’s record was 5-1 in his last week of CFB picks for a bit. Here were his picks.

  • UTSA +3.5 (Win)
  • Baylor +5.5 (Win)
  • Cincinnati -10.5 (Win)
  • Utah State +6 (Win)
  • Iowa +11 (Loss)
  • Alabama +6.5 (Win)

For Week 13, SVP’s record was 4-3. His action was as follows:

  • Mississippi State -1 (Loss)
  • Nebraska -1 (Loss)
  • Washington +1 (Loss)
  • Michigan +8 (Win)
  • USC +7 (Win)
  • Florida -2.5 (Win)
  • LSU +6.5 (Win)

Scott Van Pelt Winners Record | Weeks 1 – 12 CFB

SVP winners betting record history

CFB betting record in 2021: 65-40-2.

NFL betting record: 18-22.

CFB betting record last year: 27-27-1.

All time, SVP is 374-344-12 after last week’s action.



What are the best Week 18 NFL odds?

Arguably, the most important part of sports betting is getting the best odds on every bet you place. Odds shopping is important as it will surely make you a more profitable bettor long-term, as the bets you do hit will have a maximized return on investment. For example if you wager $100 at +100, but you could get it at +110 elsewhere that is a difference of $10. It is quite common to see prices vary much more than that too, which is an edge over the long run. Below, we look at the best odds available for Week 18 in the NFL.

[metabet_core_odds_board league=”nfl” site_id=”actionrush”  hide_consensus=”yes” hide_location=”yes”]

Get the edge you need in sports betting with our NFL public betting consensus. If you are looking for National Championship odds, check them out here.


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