USA Legal Sports Betting States, Sites & Revenue 2020

Where can I bet on sports in the US, legally?” A question that bettors have all asked at some point, but an important one at that.

The following is a full chart of each state, and their updated status as far as sports betting goes. Included is whether or not a sports betting bill has been introduced in congress, whether or not a bill has passed, and launch dates for retail and/or mobile betting, varying by state.


Legal Online/Mobile Sport Betting Status By States

StateSports Betting Bill IntroducedSports Betting Bill PassedSports Betting Launch DateMobile Launch Date
ArkansasYesYesJuly 1, 2019
DelawareYesYesJune 5, 2018
IllinoisYesYesSummer 2020Summer 2020
IndianaYesYesSept. 1, 2019Oct. 3, 2019
IowaYesYesAugust 15, 2019Aug. 15, 2019
MississippiYesYesAugust 1, 2018
MontanaYesYesOctober 1, 2019October 2019
New JerseyYesYesJune 14, 2018Aug. 1, 2018
New MexicoYesNoOct. 17, 2018 (Tribal Casino Only)
New YorkYesYesJuly 17, 2019
NevadaYesYes1949 (Grandfathered)
North CarolinaYesYesJuly 26, 2019
OregonYesYesAugust 27, 2019October 2019
PennsylvaniaYesYesNovember 17, 2019May 2019
Rhode IslandYesYesNovember 26, 2018
South CarolinaYesNo
TennesseeYesYesSummer 2020September 2019
West VirginiaYesYesAugust 30, 2018


USA Sports Betting Revenue By State

StateMoney WageredRevenueHoldTaxes to State
New Jersey$5,272,419,709$363,995,5436.90%$47,761,913
New YorkTBD$7,003,008TBD$700,301
Rhode Island$227,911,697$16,265,8497.10%$8,295,583
West Virginia$242,110,661$23,367,5689.70%$2,336,757



The First State was also the first state to allow sports betting (other than Nevada), and has been live since June 2018. You can only wager at one of the state’s three casinos along with parlay cards at specific lottery retailers around the state. Online and mobile betting is legal and regulated, but there is no mobile betting offering as any app must be completed via the Delaware Lottery. Since the beginning of sports betting in the state, Delaware has made over $10M in total taxes for the state, and is at the top of the mobile betting hold each month.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
June 2018$8,411,970$1,090,61013.00%$477,142
July 2018$7,358,080$494,4496.70%$216,321
August 2018$9,574,577$1,264,91413.20%$553,400
September 2018$14,425,723$3,089,17121.40%$1,351,512
October 2018$16,494,601$650,4133.90%$284,556
November 2018$16,933,581$1,498,8958.90%$655,766
December 2018$14,209,007$2,164,45015.20%$946,947
January 2019$12,726,242$1,588,74512.50%$695,076
February 2019$8,473,386$236,4482.80%$103,446
March 2019$9,285,056$1,664,29717.90%$728,130
April 2019$6,511,095$736,90611.30%$322,396
May 2019$6,401,492$507,3657.90%$221,972
June 2019$5,421,826$457,1808.40%$200,016
July 2019$4,394,498$641,73514.60%$280,759
August 2019$5,975,717$938,42615.70%$410,561
September 2019$10,153,756$2,115,93120.80%$925,720
October 2019$10,750,377$2,137,87419.90%$935,320
November 2019$8,835,565$1,344,52915.20%$588,231



The Hoosier State has had live sports betting since September of 2019, and has had mobile and online betting since October 2019. One of the few states to offer both in-person and mobile betting in the US in 2019. In the states first three months, they have raised just short of $3M in tax revenue.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
September 2019$35,215,416$8,558,97424.30%$813,103
October 2019$91,697,393$11,538,53312.60%$1,096,161
November 2019$147,276,912$10,593,3217.20%$1,006,365



In Iowa, sports betting has been live since August 2019. In Iowa, you can bet in-person and online on your favorite mobile devices, as both were rolled out simultaneously. In the first four months, Iowa brought home over $1.1M in taxes for the state.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
August 2019$8,756,246$2,161,68825.20%$145,914
September 2019$38,528,921$4,956,34712.90%$334,553
October 2019$46,500,443$5,658,24312.20%$381,931
November 2019$59,344,806$3,599,7506.10%$242,983



In Mississippi, there are 25+ sportsbooks and has been live since 2018. You cannot bet online or on mobile devices unless you are “on campus” of the casinos. In person betting has been legal and live for the duration of the legislation. Despite being much larger than other states and having nearly 30 sportsbooks, Mississippi has only earned $6.7M in taxes. Mobile betting would help this state.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
August 2018$6,270,128$645,05710.30%$77,407
September 2018$31,770,270$5,503,79317.30%$660,455
October 2018$32,837,334$1,178,3433.60%$141,401
November 2018$44,499,883$1,674,2503.80%$200,910
December 2018$41,762,048$6,174,22414.80%$740,907
January 2019$35,190,774$2,793,2387.90%$335,189
February 2019$25,148,135$2,756,43911.00%$330,773
March 2019$32,421,264$4,898,72615.10%$587,847
April 2019$19,188,763$2,057,83410.70%$246,940
May 2019$17,438,288$1,191,9676.80%$143,036
June 2019$15,190,666$1,625,11310.70%$195,014
July 2019$13,383,383$1,053,7767.90%$126,453
August 2019$19,876,370$2,884,34814.50%$346,122
September 2019$37,870,989$5,631,58314.90%$675,790
October 2019$48,019,481$12,295,35725.60%$1,475,443
November 2019$56,369,036$3,784,0716.70%$454,088



Nevada has been grandfathered in for as long as anyone alive can remember. Sports betting has been offered for decades, and people have routinely traveled to the state to place bets. Since other states have offered sports betting starting in June 2018, Nevada has still brought in nearly $33M in taxes. Mobile and in person betting is allowed in Nevada, who has just a 6.75% tax rate, which dwarfs other states.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
June 2018$286,548,295$20,173,0007.04%$1,361,678
July 2018$244,638,554$4,061,0001.66%$274,118
August 2018$247,622,790$12,604,0005.09%$850,770
September 2018$571,034,483$56,304,0009.86%$3,800,520
October 2018$528,568,873$29,547,0005.59%$1,994,423
November 2018$581,070,664$27,136,0004.67%$1,831,680
December 2018$561,859,873$44,106,0007.85%$2,977,155
January 2019$497,482,993$14,626,0002.94%$987,255
February 2019$458,591,549$35,816,0007.81%$2,417,580
March 2019$596,752,294$32,523,0005.45%$2,195,303
April 2019$328,121,212$21,656,0006.60%$1,461,780
May 2019$317,380,282$11,267,0003.55%$760,523
June 2019$322,077,670$16,587,0005.15%$1,119,623
July 2019$235,659,955$10,534,0004.47%$711,045
August 2019$287,757,296$18,733,0006.51%$1,264,478
September 2019$546,358,867$52,068,0007.39%$3,514,590
October 2019$543,552,781$47,887,0008.81%$3,232,373
November 2019$614,118,812$31,013,0005.05%$2,093,378


New Jersey

Despite going live with betting after Delaware, New Jersey is seen as the “pioneer state” after Nevada. This is what happens when mobile betting is allowed, as New Jersey has had over 80% of all bets placed via mobile applications or computers.

New Jersey has raised a massive $47.7M in taxes and is currently rivaling Nevada in betting handle month-to-month. In addition, this legislation “saved” Atlantic City.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
June 2018$16,409,619$3,458,66821.10%$337,077
July 2018$40,682,237$3,845,8809.50%$377,015
August 2018$95,634,048$9,198,2729.60%$1,038,073
September 2018$183,948,404$23,775,36612.90%$2,883,517
October 2018$260,711,301$11,686,1194.50%$1,536,282
November 2018$330,748,563$21,243,8656.40%$2,730,521
December 2018$319,173,548$20,814,2226.50%$2,695,290
January 2019$385,279,662$18,777,5824.90%$2,532,619
February 2019$320,368,087$12,732,7404.00%$1,817,553
March 2019$372,451,342$31,669,3878.50%$4,180,051
April 2019$313,719,562$21,215,7476.80%$2,817,206
May 2019$318,940,677$15,536,3844.90%$2,135,704
June 2019$273,222,975$9,701,9253.60%$1,258,541
July 2019$251,371,272$17,884,7907.10%$2,367,745
August 2019$293,594,862$25,210,3428.60%$3,327,589
September 2019$445,563,503$37,883,3758.50%$5,017,875
October 2019$487,924,504$46,393,5379.50%$5,662,148
November 2019$562,675,543$32,895,5465.90%$4,460,461


New Mexico

The only sports betting offerings in New Mexico are at tribal casinos, and those numbers are not available.


New York

You cannot bet via mobile devices in New York, and the only sportsbooks offered in the state are upstate and some tribal casinos.

New York will need to change the laws to bet online, as many from NYC, Long Island and others are traveling to nearby states to place bets.

New York only earned $700K in tax revenue in 2019.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
July 2019TBD$349,468TBD$34,947
August 2019TBD$828,152TBD$82,815
September 2019TBD$2,283,865TBD$228,387
October 2019TBD$2,233,227TBD$223,323
November 2019TBD$1,308,296TBD$130,830



The state of Oregon has been live in sports betting since August of 2019, but that was only tribal casinos. The state lottery began to offer it’s own platform for all residents in October of 2019. The table below does not include tribal sports betting numbers, but does include all from the application created by the Oregon Lottery. A 3.9% hold and 5.5% hold in the first few months in Oregon meant quite a successful month (relatively) for bettors.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
October 2019$5,603,136$218,1073.90%TBD
November 2019$17,089,383$943,6875.50%TBD



The Keystone State is set to make a ton of money on taxes for sports betting, with an incredibly high tax rate of 36% plus a $10M licensing fee, any casino that looks to operate in Pennsylvania will be paying a hefty fee to offer to one of the largest betting demographics in the United States. Since going live in November 2018, and mobile betting activated in May of 2019, PA brought in nearly $26M in state taxes and over $1.5M more in local taxes entering the new decade. Local PA sports blog Crossing Broad offers a list of the best sports betting sites available in PA.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to StateLocal Tax
November 2018$1,414,587$508,99736.00%$173,059$10,180
December 2018$16,173,090$2,007,59212.40%$682,581$40,152
January 2019$32,011,839$2,607,2158.10%$886,453$52,144
February 2019$31,500,742$1,946,8176.20%$661,918$38,936
March 2019$44,527,575$5,519,34012.40%$1,876,576$110,387
April 2019$36,769,145$4,221,48211.50%$1,435,304$84,430
May 2019$35,934,215$2,861,8528.00%$973,030$57,237
June 2019$46,334,244$3,126,3806.80%$699,319$41,136
July 2019$59,331,959$5,079,6338.60%$969,727$57,043
August 2019$109,038,051$9,887,7389.10%$2,079,106$122,300
September 2019$194,504,622$19,334,8169.90%$5,062,216$297,777
October 2019$241,186,066$19,116,7777.90%$5,082,405$298,965
November 2019$316,468,264$20,570,7726.50%$5,005,034$294,414


Rhode Island

The smallest state in the US offered sports betting in November of 2018, but there is no “taxes” in the state as Rhode Island elected to receive a share of revenue, rather than taxing it.

Mobile sports betting is legal, and Rhode Island has taken home at least $9M in revenue entering 2020.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldRevenue to State
November 2018$682,714$72,99710.69%$37,228
December 2018$13,087,999$957,9137.32%$488,536
January 2019$19,051,125$159,9780.84%$81,589
February 2019$20,686,618-$890,623-4.31%-$454,218
March 2019$23,582,716$1,548,2306.57%$789,597
April 2019$16,859,818$1,970,11011.69%$1,004,756
May 2019$18,900,152$899,1654.76%$458,574
June 2019$14,736,667$2,149,99914.59%$1,096,499
July 2019$8,321,947$827,5799.94%$422,065
August 2019$10,060,066$851,7888.47%$434,412
September 2019$22,195,789$2,516,05911.34%$1,283,190
October 2019$28,281,024$2,457,1368.69%$1,253,139
November 2019$31,465,062$2,745,5188.73%$1,400,214


West Virginia

West Virginia has been ready for sports betting for quite awhile, as one of the first to pass the law to allow betting in the state. Mobile and in-person betting can occur in the state, and West Virginia has taken over $250M in bets entering 2020, with a hold of nearly 10%.

MonthHandleRevenueHoldTaxes to State
August 2018$305,192$196,94564.50%$19,695
September 2018$7,333,626$967,31826.80%$196,732
October 2018$11,147,951$854,9747.70%$85,497
November 2018$13,826,231$1,207,3638.70%$120,736
December 2018$15,183,234$2,396,96315.80%$239,696
January 2019$19,740,035$1,400,9447.10%$140,094
February 2019$16,845,338$228,2861.40%$22,829
March 2019$15,276,806$1,837,73212.00%$183,773
April 2019$10,978,040$699,1856.40%$69,918
May 2019$9,429,073$719,0987.60%$71,910
June 2019$7,925,849$425,2165.40%$42,522
July 2019$6,944,761$694,93410.00%$69,493
August 2019$11,563,468$1,536,86413.30%$153,686
September 2019$27,508,921$4,119,45715.00%$411,946
October 2019$32,833,393$3,197,8929.70%$319,789
November 2019$35,268,743$1,884,3965.30%$188,440






Which states have legalized sports betting?

Sports betting in the United States is now legal in the following states: NV, NJ, PA, DE, RI, WV, MS, NM, NY, AR, OR, IA, IN, MT, TN, IL, NH, NC, CO, MI.

Which states have legal online sports betting?

Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Iowa, Indiana, Oregon, Michigan.

Which states have the most revenue from sports betting?

Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are top states for sports betting revenue.