Michigan Sports Betting: Where, How & Who?

Michigan Sports Betting Apps

The Great Lakes State has joined the slew of states that have legislated sports betting, after a late push in 2019. The Michigan Regulatory Reform Committee approved a certain version of the online gaming bills presented by Michigan congress.

Michigan is the 21st state to legalize and regulate sports betting in the US, and is the third state to require official league data for in-game and live betting.

The tax rate on sports betting in Michigan is 8.4 percent, which is on receipts after winnings are paid out. Compared to other gaming in Michigan, this is quite low as poker is 20% and other online gaming is 28%. Most of the revenue from taxes would go towards Michigan’s public schooling system.


Who Offers Sports Betting in Michigan?

There are three casinos in Detroit, and all are expected to offer sports betting in-house and online.

MGM Grand Detroit
Greektown Casino
MotorCity Casino

There are also over two dozen casinos outside of Detroit that will be looking to get into sports betting, but most of state’s casinos not in Detroit are tribal casinos.

Where Can I Bet in Michigan?

Once online betting is up and running, Michigan residents and visitors will be able to bet within the confines of their own mobile devices as long as bets are placed within state lines.

In addition, expect to be able to bet at the following retail locations:

MGM Grand Detroit
1777 3rd Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48226

Greektown Casino
555 East Lafayette Street, Detroit, Michigan 48226

MotorCity Casino Hotel
2901 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201

All three retail hotels located in Detroit are between Lafayette Park and Corktown, and there are two dozen tribal casinos to choose from throughout the state should they join the sports betting ranks.

What Sports Betting Apps Can I Use?

With MGM Grand Detroit being a prime location in Michigan, the BetMGM application will be a premier application choice for mobile bettors in Michigan. Expect BetMGM to be a quick-released application in Michigan.

Greektown Casino is owned by Vici Properties, which is operated by Penn National Gaming. As seen in other states, Penn National Gaming has worked with many online betting operators in other states.

Back in July, Penn National Gaming struck a deal with DraftKings to work in seven states. It is likely that Greektown Casino will strike a deal with DraftKings Sportsbook in Michigan as well, based on Penn National Gaming’s history.

MotorCity Casino is privately owned by Marian and Mike Ilitch, who also own the Detroit sports franchises Red Wings and Tigers. The obvious tie-in here is FanDuel Sportsbook, who signed a deal in August to be an official gaming partner of Major League Baseball. Given the Ilitch’s own the Tigers, that seems to be an obvious fit. With that being said, DraftKings has a partnership with MLB as well.


Michigan Sports Betting Partnerships

MGM Grand and BetMGM will be an obvious fit together, under the same umbrella for MGM Grand Detroit, so expect that partnership to continue.

The one to keep an eye on is Greektown Casino, who is operated by Penn National Gaming. Given the partnerships with DraftKings Sportsbook in other states, that is likely. But, it is not exclusive.

If DraftKings Sportsbook enters Michigan, expect FanDuel Sportsbook to follow, likely with MotorCity Casino as discussed above.

Remember, in Michigan the casinos will be required to use “official league data”, so the partnerships with professional sports leagues will happen very quickly.