Last Updated on January 4, 2021

  • The Chiefs possess the highest odds to win the Super Bowl heading into Wild Card Weekend at +220.
  • Washington and the Bears are tied for the lowest odds at +8000.
  • All odds courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook.


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It’s been a long, weird, and unusual NFL betting campaign amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’ve finally concluded regular-season game No. 256 and are headed to the postseason.

Given that a number of playoff spots were still unclinched heading into Week 17, multiple ballclubs just earned postseason berths as recent as Sunday. And with Wild Card Weekend approaching, DraftKings Sportsbook has finally provided us with the updated odds to win Super Bowl 55.

Of course, the Chiefs own the highest odds, and why wouldn’t they? The AFC powerhouse led by Patrick Mahomes and his array of superb targets won 10 of its final 11 games, with the sole loss coming against the Chargers on Sunday (Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill all sat out the game).

The Chiefs employ the league’s top offense in terms of total average yards (415.8) and possess a great chance at rolling through the AFC playoffs en route to the Super Bowl in Tampa.


2021 Super Bowl Odds Movement

Team 2/10/20 Post-Draft 2020 Pre-Week 1 2020 Pre-Wildcard Round 2021
KC Chiefs +600 +600 +600 +220
GB Packers +1800 +2200 +2800 +450
NO Saints +1200 +1200 +1100 +700
BUF Bills +3500 +2800 +2500 +700
TB Buccaneers +5000 +1200 +1400 +1000
BAL Ravens +800 +700 +650 +1200
SEA Seahawks +2000 +2000 +2000 +1300
PIT Steelers +2200 +2800 +2500 +2200
TEN Titans +2200 +2800 +2800 +2800
LA Rams +2200 +3300 +4000 +3000
IND Colts +4000 +2800 +2200 +4000
CLE Browns +3300 +3300 +4000 +5000
CHI Bears +3500 +3300 +4000 +8000
WAS Football Team +10000 +10000 +15000 +8000



And speaking of Tampa, the Tom Brady-led Buccaneers surprisingly carry the fifth-highest odds in the league (and third-highest in the NFC) when it comes to potentially winning the Big Game. This is the case despite the fact that they’re only the No. 5 seed in the conference after finishing second in the NFC South.

Of course, you could argue Tampa is better than the No. 4 seed — the Washington Football Team. At 7-9, Washington squeaked into the postseason with a division-clinching win over Philly on Sunday Night Football.

The Buccaneers-Football Team matchup on Saturday evening should tell a lot about either team moving forward.

And finally, the Bears and Washington carry the lowest odds on the list at +8000. Considering the Bears are the No. 7 seed in the NFC and Washington really only made the postseason because the other NFC East teams were somehow worse, this isn’t surprising whatsoever. It would be surreal to witness either one of these squads roll through the playoffs and hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

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